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Pressing me against the wall, he squeezing my shoulders, said, "You don't understand anything?! What's wrong with you?! What does all this mean?! They know everything you think about, and they catch those whose thoughts seem dangerous to them! And you are such a person, with dangerous thoughts! You go against the whole world, you live by your own rules, you think they do not want to catch you and imprison you in their tower?! Do you really want that?!"
"And what do you propose to me to do?! Give up everything and just live like you?!"
"What does it mean to live like me? Do you think my life is a waste of time?!"
"That's not what I mean."
"You have become an ordinary, Oki. Your words, thoughts, all of this is taken from a simple novel."
"Yundoran! Did you come here to fight with me?!"
"I'm afraid for you! You're in great danger! Open your eyes! Can't you see what is happening in the world now? A patrol called "Seven Mages" are everywhere! They take people every day and no one knows what they do with them afterwards Probably they kill them. And you sit here and tell everyone that you are Sennhandd's lover. What are you doing with your life? But what about Moonlight? Have you thought about him? If something happens to you, you think everything will be fine with him? What about your mom? What about me?"
"Okay, maybe you need some time? We can continue the autograph session tomorrow!" The loud, shrill voice of the woman in red was heard.
"Yes. Good! I'm a little tired!"
"Okay. Then, tomorrow we'll come for you."
Looking at Yundoran, who stood there looking tired and disappointed, I noticed that he no longer looked as young and beautiful as before.
"What happened to you? You look like you're getting old."
"I don't know. But lately I've been feeling a strange weakness. Don't change the subject! Oki, this patrol called "Seven Mages" is hunting people like you! Didn't Albert tell you about this?"
"Tell me, why do they need simple writers? We're not bothering anyone! We don't cause any danger to society."

"You really don't understand anything."
"Wait! Where are you going?" I asked. But he just walked away from me with quick steps.
"I want some tea and cookies!"
"I still don't have a car. So we go this way."
"Are you still using teleportation?"
"Did you hear it?" I asked, suddenly feeling cold.
"I can't believe it! It's raining!"
Rain was extremely rare. But sometimes the rain surprised everyone and could last for several days. And on days like this, people used to stay at home, and yes, fear and reluctance to get wet still existed among the people.
“Well, in that case, we need to take a walk,” I said, feeling happiness and excitement. I headed towards the empty street, around which towered skyscrapers that knew no boundaries.
"Do you really want to walk? To the Alley of Doors? In the rain?!"
"Are you going or not?! You can use teleportation if you want. But I want to enjoy this scent."

Yundoran, an old friend of mine, would never leave me, and I knew that he would go with me to the ends of the earth. And that always made me sad.

Putting his arms around my shoulders, piling all his weight on me, he said, "You are a strange person. But for this I love you. Although, I need to be more careful with my feelings, if Moonlight hears, he probably will be be angry."
"And why do you think so?"
"You know why."
When we left behind an empty street that was quickly covered with darkness, I looked back and saw a single lamppost and suddenly felt scared.
The world plunged into such darkness that I became too scared and this pouring rain made everything look even more frightening.
In front of me was not the city that was familiar to me, it was something else, reminiscent of the back of a broken robot. Yes, that's how it was. Gray iron covered with water and rust.
"Oki, can you see him? It seems there is someone standing there."
I turned sharply to look at Yundoran, but instead, I saw a silhouette not far from me.
Through the interference of the rain, I could clearly see the outline of the body. And I immediately realized that the Wizard was standing in front of me. After all, only they had such a physique, thin, fragile, tall.

"Wait, he can be dangerous! It's the Wizard."
"Yes, but not human."
As soon as I took these few steps towards him, I immediately noticed that this creature was badly wounded. There were deep abrasions and bruises on his face. And it seemed that his whole body was bleeding incessantly. After all, even the raindrops were not able to wash this blood away.
"What happened to you?" I asked, stepping closer.
I could feel all the pain that he experienced on himself.
"Okinizeus, are you Okinizeus?" he asked.
His whole body was trembling so much. Taking off my jacket, I wrapped it around him and said, "It's okay. Come with me. Don't say anything."
"Do you really want to take him home? To the dimension of Shakespeare's Dreams? You know that people there are not very fond of Wizards. They will destroy him right away."
"You're right. Then we're going to your house."

"We can't leave him like that! Look at him!"
The next second, this creature simply passed out and fell into my embrace.
"Come on."

As I carried the weak body of the Wizard in my arms, I imagined Moonlight in front of me. I imagined that one day, I would carry him the same way, in my arms, and he would be dead.
Feeling the weight of this body, I felt the heartbeat of Moonlight.
Death was still around this world. And no one could drive it away. Even Sennhandd. And now, I was carrying an almost dead Wizard, and I felt the presence of death.
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