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"Are you sure he's not dangerous?!"
"Look at him. He's barely alive."
"It's not good. These are all signs! Rain, darkness, barely a living Wizard. These are all signs of what is coming!"
When we finally reached Yundoran's house, I didn't have time to think about anything other than the safety of this creature.

Putting him carefully on the sofa, I lost all my strength and fear completely took over my mind.
I was scared as never before. And instead of that wounded face, I saw the face of Moonlight.
"Where I am?!" the wizard whispered.
Wet hair completely covered his face. And through his thin shirt I could see numerous wounds that bleed incessantly.
"Yundoran, bring a first aid kit!"
"These clothes need to be taken off. I'll bring clean clothes."
As I brushed the hair off his face, I could make out his expression and features.
It was an adult Wizard, who probably had only a year left to live.

"Yes. You're right. I only have one year left to live," he said, clearly reading my mind.
"Don't speak. Be quiet."
“Okinizeus, thank you,” he said suddenly, grabbing my hand.
"What are you thanking me for?"
"You are kind."

When I took off his shirt, this thin material immediately ripped right on my hands.
It was clear that the owner of this Wizard did not waste clothes and time on him.

"He needs to take a shower. All these wounds need to be washed."
"Yes you are right."

The wizard, continuing to lie on the sofa, still exhausted, looked somewhere ahead and his gaze was empty. This look frightened me.
"Okay, what's wrong with you? Can you hear me? Come on, help me carry him to the bathroom."
It turned out that this creature was too frightened, and when I wanted to leave him alone in the bathroom, he quietly whispered, "Please do not leave me alone."
And now, standing under hot water, in the pool of blood, the Wizard closed his eyes and made a sound similar to crying.
I wanted to go up to him, but I just couldn't.
I just looked at this fragile body, which trembled under the water.

"What's your name?" I asked.
"I have no name. My master did not give me a name."
"I do not know."
"What happened to you?"
“A lot of things happened to me."
I could see a cruelly altered body that did not know a single drop of tenderness. A body which kept the echoes of all evil, anger and hatred.
“I guess I wasn't that good,” he whispered.
Could the Wizard cry? And the answer was yes, he could. I saw tears that burned hot water.
"My master never liked me. And as I understand it, I was bad because I am a mistake of nature. Because I am not a woman or a man. Because I have nothing there."
It was hard for me to hear all these words. Words that were torn from the heart, along with blood and with the remnants of a weakened soul.
"You are not a mistake. It is not true."

"You are very kind. You are too kind to be true. I have never seen such kind people in my life. People ..."
I went up to him and touched his face.
This broken nose reminded me of the pain that lives in each of the Wizards. Even in Moonlight, even in me.
“Forgive me,” I said.
"What are you asking for forgiveness for?"
"For everything that happened to you."
"It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself. Never."
When the blood and dirt left this body alone, I covered him with a towel and he suddenly fell into my arms.
I knew that words had no meaning, I knew that very well, and therefore, I let this moment just go with the flow, washing away thoughts with tears.
I cried, and cried hard, as if it was Moonlight who was trembling in my arms.
What awaited me in the future? After four years?
"Sorry. I'm probably wasting your time," he said, stepping aside.

"No. I'm glad I found you."
How quickly the Wizard could heal from the mental suffering and trauma of the past.
As soon as I showed some kindness, a radiant smile appeared on the face of this creature.

"From now on, your name is Happy," I said, trying to keep the smile on his face for as long as possible.
"Yes. It's your name now."

Slowly going down the stairs, I could still feel him trembling. But most importantly, the wounds on his body stopped bleeding. The bruises were too scary to be true, though.

"Are you better?" Yundoran asked, covering him with a blanket and pointing towards the fireplace.
Seeing the flames of the fire, Happy shuddered and fell to his knees. And once on the floor, he covered his face with his hands and began to repeat something, but the words were incomprehensible.
But as soon as I touched him, he began to convulse and now, he screamed from the very real pain.

"What is it? Look at me!"
Realizing that it was because of the fire, I shouted, "Put out the fire!"
Trying to calm him, I whispered, "It's okay. It's okay, I'm here."
Grabbing my shirt, Happy closed his eyes. I was afraid that his soul had left this tired body. But no, he just calmed down.
"What did this creature have to go through?"
"I don't know Yundoran. I don't know."
Maybe at that very moment he fell asleep, but for a few minutes, everything around him sank into silence. I wanted him to have a wonderful dream that would heal his soul.
Sitting not far from him, Yundoran and I did not turn on the lights, we just sat in the dark. Both he and I were equally terrified.
"This has to be stopped. This cannot go on any longer."
"And what will you do? Go against everyone? How?"

"We need to stop all this."
I felt nothing but anger, which was like a fire, and it burned so much that I could no longer tolerate everything that was happening in this world.
“I will write a book,” I answered Yundoran's question.
"What? Do you think you can change this world with a simple book?"
"No. But that's the only thing I can do to get everyone to hear it."
"All this is dangerous. All this will lead to bad things."
When I heard Happy start to move, I turned on the table lamp and saw his smile.
"Don't smile if it's hard for you. Never do that."
"That day, I heard your speech. Do you really consider us equal to humans?" he suddenly asked, looking at the shirt, which was clearly big for him.
"You are ideal beings and the world does not deserve you."
"You are really very kind."
"What happened to you?" Yundoran asked, placing his hand on his knee.
Sadness covered his face like a veil and only then he replied, "He made me do a lot of things. I fulfilled his every wish. And still, I was a mistake in his eyes. And only when I was in his room, on my knees in front of him, he said such words as: this is amazing, you are amazing. And these were the only words that I heard. Kind words. But when I wanted to leave, he began to beat me, insisting that I was a mistake."
"What kind of wishes did he have?"
"Different kinds of wishes. He wanted a lot of different things, he wanted different food, and he also wanted to travel. But his main desire was not to feel lonely. And in this regard, I always helped him."
"Did you do everything?"
"Have you read his mind?"
"I read it. But his thoughts were confused. I never could understand them. At times it seemed to me that he had no thoughts at all."
"So he used you as ..."
I sat down next to him and hugged him.
And when Yundoran left us, I asked in a whisper, "What is your master's name and where does he live?"

"No. You must not go to him! No way! Okinizeus, you must not go to him! Please!"
"Hush. Okay. I won't go. I just asked."
Looking around, he was afraid that his master was somewhere nearby, he quietly whispered, "Please do not look for him."
"I won't. Calm down. You're safe."
I knew that I could trust Happy to my best friend, but nevertheless, I was still afraid to leave him here.
"I have to go home. But I will come to you soon. You are safe here. Yundoran, he is my best friend. Fear nothing."
"Your kindness, this is hard to believe."
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