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What is love capable of?
Only for selfishness.

Even if a whole patrol in white ran past me, even if some people ran past me, in whose hearts there were secrets. Even if a person too familiar to me ran past me, and perhaps he was in danger, perhaps the patrol wanted to catch him, accuse him that his thoughts were not suitable for this world. But I couldn't stop, I just walked forward, leaving behind my past, the broken parts of my thoughts.
Yes, there was chaos around me that evening. I may have witnessed injustice. But I couldn't stop.
Late in the evening, with blood on my clothes, I walked along a path that led me towards a small house, in the windows of which there was a light.
The door opened, everything was quiet. The artificial sky was covered with clouds. But then, it wasn't about the sky or clouds. It was about his eyes that looked at me. And I felt that he was reading my mind. I wanted him to read it. Read my every thought! Find every hidden secret in the corners of my mind!
Locking the door behind me, I suddenly grabbed the doorknob, not wanting to let it go. I stood with my back to him and felt that he was approaching me.

"Blood," he whispered, not saying the continuation of his thoughts.

“This is not my blood,” I replied.
I didn't want to complicate things, I didn't want to act like an ordinary person. After all, there was nothing in my heart that could be complicated.
I turned back and met his gaze, as a weary traveler meets the first rays of the morning sun.
I admit, then, I drowned in those big, star-filled eyes.
Just an hour ago, I saw a creature like Moonlight and he was bleeding. But why now, I didn’t want to remember it?
As if forgetting about everything, I took a step forward and did what I wanted to do.
I hugged him, burying my face in his hair. So soft, tender and this was my home.
Feeling hands on my back, I could no longer be silent.
But instead of words, I took his face in my hands and slowly touched his forehead with my lips.
In this position, I just froze.
I felt nothing but tenderness. And also security.
When I removed my lips from his forehead, I noticed that Moonlight turned a little red.
And I knew that he did not understand very well what was happening now.

Although, a minute later, I understood that he already knew everything.
The moment he squeezed my shoulders and came closer to my face, I realized that he knew more than me.

"What happened to Happy won't happen to me," he whispered, pulling me to himself.
"Do you understand the reason for my excitement?" I asked, not wanting to talk about anything else.
“A man always risks his emotional well-being,” he whispered.
In that moment, I was lost and I didn't want to be found.
The scent of oranges that emanated from the skin of his hands, because he peeled them for me, just drove me crazy.
I wandered my hands through his hair, through his soft hair.
I wandered over the skin of his face, which was burning with flames.
But I avoided meeting those red lips.

“You have become everything to me. The whole world, seas, mountains, universe,” I said clearly and distinctly.

Moonlight, in a light white shirt, dropped his head down and without looking up, still touching my hand, whispered, "How do you command me to extend this life."
It was not a question.
No, they were just words that hit my emotions hard.

"I can't promise anything. But I'll do anything for you."
"Okinizeus, I only have four years," he said suddenly.
"You yourself asked me not to mention this."
"Forgive me."
"You should never ask for forgiveness."
"Do you remember the first day, you wanted to feel my heartbeat? Now, can I feel your heartbeat?" he suddenly asked, without noticing it himself, pressing me against the wall.
Long fingers, as if they were holding my heart, felt like the awakening.

"You are my dear soul. For you, I was born in this world," Moonlight suddenly whispered so softly, but so loudly that I trembled.
"You are my everything. For you, I have lived and will live," I said in response.
Without removing his hand from my heart, Moonlight smiled slightly, but a glimmer of sadness passed through his gaze.
We stood near the window, and we did not hear how people were running past our house and perhaps asking for help.
Love and selfishness are synonymous. And it has always been that way.
And in these embraces, I have lost myself for all ages.
I didn't regret anything. And even my life seemed to me not so simple. It was worth being born in this world.
That night, I vowed to myself that I would do everything so that Moonlight would comprehend eternity. I will do absolutely everything and I am ready to take all risks. And all because of such a simple reason called love.
No, I didn’t want to let him go from my embrace and I didn’t let him go.
Through the rib cage, our hearts found each other and beating the same rhythm, we created a whole world. And this world belonged only to us.

I understood him, he understood me. I respected him, he respected me. I was gaining a home, and so was he. It was enough to spend a whole night just listening to each other's heartbeat and glowing with the joy that we have each other.
Yes, we have each other and there was no doubt or explanation.
This love was not love at all, not the kind that people had. Not the kind of love that holds on to such a fragile thing as the body. No, this kind of love was like the Moon in the sky.
It simply is, and neither I, nor he, could do anything about it.
Just like the Moon in the sky.
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