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"What does all this mean? Answer me!"
A man in a snow-white suit, reminiscent of an astronaut's suit, continued to sit motionless, as if he was a real robot.
With his eyes closed, he seemed to be meditating.

"Answer me! Now!" Albert screamed, kicking the chair.
"He won't say anything. Can't you see? He will be silent, no matter what we do to him. This Lady Lain scared everyone. To such an extent that they are all speechless. I just wonder how she scared them so much! Now, family means nothing to a person. Neither love, nor friendship. So how could she scare them?! Just look at him. He's like a statue. Are you even alive? Maybe it's a robot? Maybe we should should inside?! See, if there is a heart."
Neon, brought the knife to his face and even when the cold blade slightly slid over his skin, the man continued to sit without the slightest movement.
"What is this? What game are you playing?!" Albert screamed and nervously stepped aside.
There were only a few people in the large room, and all of them were looking at the new guest they had caught last night. And now, holding him hostage, they were not going to let him go.
"You took five of our writers and as many others who have not done anything wrong in their entire lives. So why did you not like them? What were they thinking about?" Venice asked, lifting his chin.
When he saw her for the first time, the man smiled slightly, but that was the only thing he did. A simple smile.

"What do you do with all those people? What are you up to anyway?" Venice asked.
"He won't say anything," Neon muttered and left the room.
"Well, if you don't say anything, then I think we can call Angel."
Venice, with a smile on her face, stepped aside and waved her hand.
And in the next second, a tall man with an incredibly handsome face entered the room. His beauty was so incredible that the man in the white suit raised his head and did not take his eyes off the man who was heading in his direction.
Angel, a robot who had lived in Shakespeare's Dreams for ten years, was the one who was always ready for anything in order for the people to live well.
But this did not mean that the Angel is a simple robot. He had all the rights to life. No one was holding him here. He was free and independent.
But he was comfortable here and every person of this place was like a part of the family for him.
Dressed in a perfect black velvet suit, he walked slowly and smoothly, like a swan that floated on the surface of calm water.

"Now, he will tell us everything. In front of Angel, no one could sit still. It doesn't matter if it is a man or a woman," Albert whispered.

Coming closer to the man in a white suit, Angel bent down in front of him and looking into his eyes, which glittered, said, "You want to tell us everything. You want it. Am I right?!"
His voice sounded so quiet, so gentle that any person could forget about everything in the world and even about the threat.

"What's your name?" Angel asked, kneeling in front of him.
And those eyes, black as night, could make them say anything, because the person prayed that this look would not look away. And those thick eyebrows, which were slightly raised, giving innocence to this thin face, with a straight nose line and lips red as rose petals.
But the most memorable thing about this face was that it always expressed one emotion, namely, innocent kindness, which could make any evil weak.

"My name is James," the man replied, after a whole night of interrogation.
"Nice to meet you James. My name is Angel."

“I have no doubt that you are a real angel,” James said as his pupils increased significantly in size.
“I told you,” Albert whispered and smiled slyly.
Angel untied James' hands and feet and said, "Would you like a cup of tea?"
Suddenly changing his expression, James, the man of community called "Three and Seven", nodded his head smiling.
While James was delighted with what he saw, Angel threw a quick glance at Albert and winked, pointed his head towards the door.
“It looks like it's time for dinner,” Albert said and followed after a few seconds.
"We are here," Angel said quietly, pointing forward to the very end of the long and too bright corridor.
And only when they were in another room, in which there was a large round table and many chairs, Angel slightly changed his expression and became more serious.
As the mesmerized James sat down at the table, staring at the plates full of food in front of him, Angel asked, "You must have a hard job. I can see that you are very tired."
"Yes. You're right. My job is not too easy. But I have nothing to complain about. I like my job."

"But I hope that your work does not take your time from fun and relaxation? After all, what is the most important thing in life? You know?"
James looked at him questioningly, still unable to take his eyes off him.
And Angel, sitting not far from him, slowly, as if on purpose, poured fresh tea into a small dark green mug with red patterns in the form of roses.
"The most important thing in life is to be able to rest and have fun."
Suddenly, loud laughter echoed throughout the room. James, relaxing his shoulders, sighed and said, "You are right. Rest and fun is all we have in our time. After all, what else does one need to spend an eternity on?"
"You are absolutely right. But I, for example, don't have any time for fun. In the morning I have to cook breakfast for everyone, then lunch and dinner. And so, all day long I try to please everyone. But I'm not complaining, no it's just that sometimes, I really want to have fun, to be glad that I am alive and that I have an eternity ahead of me," Angel said, making a sad expression on his face.
James, too, with a glimmer of tears in his eyes, touched his hand and quietly asked, "So why are you here? Why don't you leave this place?"

"After all, each of us belongs to a place. And sometimes, you can't leave this place."
Upon hearing this answer, James suddenly became completely sad, to the point that Angel was ready to get a handkerchief in case he cried.
"Tell me, why can't we just live happily? Why is that? Is happiness so inaccessible? And why is this world so cruel for such a wonderful and kind person like you? You know, you are the first kind person I have met."
Angel smiled and, as if feeling ashamed, lowered his eyes.
"Each of us is still unhappy. Even if everyone is immortal, even if everyone has the best health. Anyway, everyone on this planet is still unhappy. Me too. What do we need to do to comprehend the art of happiness?"
"I am sad that in our modern age everyone still suffers and experiences fear. I, too, every day I am afraid that my peace of life will simply disappear in one moment," Angel said, and these words sounded like it was hard for him to breathe because of the pain in his heart.
Not paying any attention to the fact that several people entered the room, James pushed the mug aside, moved closer to Angel and now, confidently taking his hand, said, “This world is still cruel. There is too much suffering here. Everyone thinks that with immortality eternal happiness came into the world, which is available to all of them. But this is not true. Every second, they do everything to make a person remember that his soul is still subject to the fragile stream of time. Every day I ask myself why I do this, why do I bring so much suffering and pain to ordinary people? And all this is because I was told to do so. And then I realize that I have no value in this world. I'm just doing my job. And you too."
Taking advantage of the moment of weakness of human nature, Angel lifted his doll eyes and tilted his head to one side, and simply let his tears go.
He used everything so this person would tell as much as possible and he succeeded. After all, he had the most terrible strength - beauty.
Namely, kind beauty, which kept in itself both masculinity and a drop of femininity.
And as everyone knows, a person can never resist beauty.
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