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Bright light bulbs and fireworks followed them like support.

And when they reached the first obstacles, the very first car, driven by a young man with silvery hair, accelerated even faster and with courage met the first barrier in the form of a fiery tunnel.

But as I further understood, it was not even a tunnel. The car drove straight into the fire.

And now, racing at breakneck speed forward, through the blue flame of fire, fragile-looking car at last passed the first barrier.

This car was followed by others, but still no one tried to overtake anyone.

It wasn’t a race at all, it was like trying to cheer people up by overcoming dangers.

All five cars continued to make circles, and all continued to drive through the fire until one of them began to burn for real. To such an extent that the rider was unable to control the car.

When everyone was convinced that all the metal of the car had burned to the ground and that the racer himself had fallen to the ground, everyone started to applaud and whistle.

Now, everyone had the most genuine happiness on their faces.

Covered in burns, the rider raised both hands up and screamed. But it was not a cry of pain, but rather a joy.

It scared me. For the first time in my life, I was so scared. And I don’t think I’ll easily forget the face of this man who literally kept burning and getting burnt, but who, thanks to immortality in the cells, was still alive.

Raising his hands in sync, everyone was waiting for the continuation, and the man with the silver hair laughed loudly and then fell.

Turning their attention to the other participants of this race, everyone started to scream and rejoice at the sight of the fact that the second car, crashing on another, broke and on three wheels, still continued to drive.

Hitting, as if specially against the wall, two cars, now competing drove forward.

Chaotic movements, like convulsions or agony, continued until both cars lost their front wheels. And even when they were technically unable to continue driving, the riders stubbornly drove the car.

Through the fire, through the mirrors, which were eventually smashed and at the end, both riders bleed from shards, they continued to drive forward.

Circle by lap, until the car was completely destroyed because of the fall, and the collision, it all went on.

It was like a delusional dream of some strange person.

I continued to sit and feel fear. I was uncomfortable with the fact that everyone rejoiced in the chaos that was happening on the “stage.”

Returning my attention to the riders, I noticed that two of them, bleeding raised their hands up and when the applause grew louder, they, dragging their feet behind them, headed towards the lights.

I couldn’t take it anymore. And so, I just got up and walked away. I was walking fast, I rather wanted to leave this place.

Behind me remained enthusiastic cries. Everyone was happy that people on stage continued to go to the meeting with dangers and pain, and all for what?

When I finally left this horrible place, I swore I would never come here again.

Once all alone on the Alley of Doors, I took a deep breath and approached the wooden bench.

Before my eyes there was still the man who was covered with all the burns, but who through terrible pain, kept smiling and screaming. I couldn’t forget his eyes. What was in them? What were those emotions?

Are people so tired of their immortality?

I couldn’t understand anyone in this world. That’s probably why I got so excited about history. Maybe before, people were much smarter than they are now.

“Okinizeus, are you OK?”

Yundoran came up to me and touched my forehead. I was surprised by his gesture.

“What was that?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what.”

He sat down next to me and sighed. I knew he didn’t like everything that was going on in this world, either. But he was such a person who does not show his thoughts, his opinion, but goes out of his way to become a part of the world. Even if he disagrees with many in this world.

“I’m sorry I brought you here. I really shouldn’t have done that. I knew you wouldn’t like a show like this. But I don’t like it either.”

“But you keep coming here. For what? Are you really interested in watching a person almost come to death?”

“Of course not! I don’t like these shows.”

“But then why do you come here? To remember that a person, once was mortal? To understand your immortality? Or are you so fed up with this eternity too?”

I knew him too well. I knew when he was silent and why.

He said, “I come here to remind myself that this world is not perfect.”

"It is absurdity.”

“You know the nature of man very well. You also know that a person is a very ungrateful being, who being happy and healthy, continues to blame his fate. You know all this. These are the people. And these races are the proof that the person has not changed at all. Now everyone is eternal, healthy, but still, everyone continues to be unhappy. And these doors lead everyone into a world where they are happy. I’m just watching them. I just want to understand each and every one of them. Believe me, I am against everything that happens behind these doors.”

I looked at him and noticed he was telling the truth. Yundoran, a man who can’t lie.

“So that’s what people are interested in. I always wondered what modern people were interested in.”

“What were the people of the 21st century interested in?”

“Many things. Then, everyone was so special.”

Embracing me, Yundoran put his head on my shoulder and whispered softly, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I promise I won’t bring you to a place like this again.”

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