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"I see that you are a good person. I have met so few good people. You know, here, they are all so evil that sometimes, I feel like I'm drowning in the ocean, and there is no one around who could save me," Angel whispered.
"Lain was right to think that all these writers and thinkers are dangerous. After all, it all begins with thoughts. But I promise you, soon, you will be free. Soon, we will catch all those who make everyone suffer and feel superfluous in this world."

"Tell me, Mistress Lain is kindness itself?! She is a manifestation of true mercy?! Isn't she?!" Angel suddenly raised his voice, so as to give life to the words.
James, with a twinkle in his eyes and a aching heart, replied, "Mistress Lain just wants everyone to be happy. But do you know who is interfering with your happiness and mine? Those who want to take over this world with their books, their ideas and ideals. Everyone who is here, they think that they are smart and if they are smart, then they can do anything. Lain, she is the only one who cares about us all. But don't be afraid, soon when we destroy this place, these people, these writers and those who create the future, you will be happy. You will be free. "
"Is it true? I don't believe it. I don't think people like them will ever stop."
"We are working on it. Trust me, we have caught almost half of the thinkers. And now there are only those who are here. They prevent this world from being happy."
Angel, filled with colors of anger and now looked at him with fury. Clenching his hand into a fist, he said, "They write all day, read, and talk. And whenever I hear their conversation, I hear how they want to remind everyone what a soul is, what it is to love and live. They want to return everything back to the times when everyone was weak. That's what they want."
"We won't let them do it! Never!"

Angel, touching his knee, asked in a whisper, "Then what do you want to do?! I want to help you."
James, moving even closer to him, almost touching his ear, replied, "We will attack this place and take everyone who lives here. They want a revolution against happiness and immortality, they want to bring everything back. But we will stop them and then, you will be free."
"How can I help you?!"
“Just like that,” James whispered and touched his hand face. "Just wait and see how, those who are not afraid to think and hate this world, slowly disappear from this planet."

Never before have I felt the simple drops of artificial water so strongly. A hot stream of water ran down my back as I stood with my eyes closed thinking about what to write today and thinking about what kind of tenderness I created between our hearts.
Last night, after I came home covered in someone else's blood, I hugged Moonlight. And then, we spent the whole night in such a way that for hours on end we just talked about everything and read poetry. And while we talked about life, about what we experience, our fingers eagerly wanted to touch our forehead, face and hair. And so the night flew past us, filling our lives with the tenderness of words and the fact that we are together.

I learned that he has already written a whole book, but he believes that this book should remain a secret until the right time comes.
Well, he learned that from the very first we met, I had experienced a real heart attack several times.
And then, he said, "You are made up of various hormones that give meaning to your life. Well, I only consist of a heart and a brain that can work miracles. You are more alive than me. Now, I wonder what can be in common between someone like me and someone like you. A wizard and a great writer."
These words touched me too much and I knew that these words would sound forever in my head.
Yes, he was right. I am made up of hormones that made me experience what I experienced every time I saw him. But, he, or That, consisted only of the soul. And that was great. Yes, great!
While I was thinking about it, still standing under the hot water, Moonlight entered the bathroom.
And when I looked up, I noticed that this pure body was shining without any obstacles of clothing.
I will repeat once more, for I am ready to repeat it over and over again, before me there was beauty beyond the masculinity and femininity. It was a body, an entity that did not know what shame was. Because there was purity and nothing else.

Delicate muscles moved with the rhythm of his heartbeat and straight and thin hands held a towel in their hands. And the golden pattern in the shape of a wavy snake stretched down along the spine and found rest near the jaw.

"What are we going to do today?" he asked, coming closer to me.
And I said, "Take me to your planet."
"You know that I have no planet. Only this world."
"Only this world," I repeated, and suddenly I felt funny.
“Only you,” he added and smiled. It was a serious smile. So serious that I got a little scared. What if he didn't feel anything for me?
But no, his soul was able to love more than me.
To love ... Is this word for us?
“I only have you,” he whispered again and stood under the stream of water.
A gentle face, gentle hands, a kind look, I wanted to cry like crazy.

“I am the richest man in this world,” I said in response.
How I wanted this moment to last forever. Yes, there was eternity in my cells, but it was not in my life, in those moments when we were together.
But this moment was enough for me to become attached to this creature without any doubt.
I stood before him completely honest with myself and with him. And I liked the fact that there was no shame between us, there was nothing that could be between a man and a woman, or vice versa. And this gave us the opportunity to see each other's souls.
How I loved this moment of tenderness, when I went crazy from a light touch of his hand.
But as it usually happens in this world, happy moments don't last long.
When Albert and Sennhandd entered the bathroom, without any ceremony or warning, I had to scream in the most evil voice I ever had.

"Get out!" I screamed, and covered Moonlight with a towel. Although, he had nothing to hide.
Quickly dressed, I ran out of the room and they were still standing with slightly frightened faces.
"Do you know this is actually a bathroom?"
“Oki, we need your help,” Albert said.

"Higgdalph, he got caught," Sennhandd said.
"Why? Where is he now?"
"A patrol took him. And we need your help."
"How can I help?"
"We know where Lain is now. And we need you to help us get into the Magic Forest."
"Magic forest? Can't you speak more clearly? What is this place? And why do you want to see Lain? Are you going to ask her where Higgdalf is?!"
"We have a plan. But first, we need to make friends with her. Sennhandd knows her, but not so well. But we recently found out that she reads your books. And she seems to like you. So, if she sees you in the Magic Forest, she will talk to you. And then, you will find out everything from her. Just remember, Lain is very important person and she is just evil in the flesh. She is in charge here and she is more important than Sennhandd. So be careful."
"So you want me to befriend her while she does everything to catch writers like me? Do you want to use me as bait?"
"No. She won't touch you. Trust me, she likes you," Sennhandd said.

"What about you? You are a great scientist. You probably know her well and she trusts you?"
"No. There is just a business relationship between us. Well, you, you are just a new person in her life. So, do everything to make her believe in you."
"So Higgdalph is gone. And you want to find him and then what?"
"Yes. But also, I want to understand more about how this Community Three and Seven works."
“I'll go with you,” Moonlight said suddenly.
"No. You stay here."
"Because it's dangerous!" I screamed and immediately felt ashamed. "Trust me, just wait for me."
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