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"Lain, everyone calls her that. Yes, her name is just Lain and that's all that everyone knows. Just her name. For many, she is a simple person who is part of the most ordinary Scientific council of SCIBMAG. But for those who are on this council, she's not just Lain. She's a filter."

"Filter? What does it mean?"
“Everything passes through her. Every invention that I created, every thought of every scientist, everything in the world passes through her perception and approval. She is like a filter. She decides what is good and what is bad."
"And how did she become like this? How did she achieve such an important position in society? And at the same time, how does she manage to keep her identity in secret? I thought you were the most important scientist in this world, who decides the entire future fate of mankind."
"Lain, she's the secret of this world. I don't know anything about her. She just appeared when I was just starting my career. Back then I was a young man, just a child and I was so busy with my ambitions that I missed many important moments. And one day, when I had already become a scientist, Lain came to SCIBMAG. All we knew about her was that we should listen to her. Thus, the mysterious Lain took over the most secretive department of SCIBMAG."
"And what is this department?"
"This department later became known as Community called Three and Seven."
"I need to become her friend. At the very moment when she wants to destroy all the writers of this world?"

"She likes you, believe me. She reads all your books and follows the news. Plus, she always asks me about our relationship with you and whether we are all right."
"And what are you telling her?"
“I say everything is fine between us,” Sennhandd replied and stopped the car.
"Why are we stopping?" I asked, noticing that we were hovering over some field, where all the grass simply burned down a long time ago.

Suddenly, the car plunged into darkness. The coldness reached us too fast. Such a sharp change in temperature scared me. I felt something ominous in this darkness.
Albert, who was sitting behind me, whispered, "We're in place."
Without turning on the light, Sennhandd touched my hand and said, "You must go alone. If she sees us together, it will not be so good. You better go alone. We will wait for you here. And remember, you are a simple writer. Try to gain confidence by telling stories about your life and your books. And try to think less. No, you just have to think less. And if you do think, then think only about the good things. Think about how beautiful she is or think about me. But just don't think about what you always think about when you are with Moonlight. Don't let her find out what kind of person you are. And in general, try not to think. You understand me, do not think!"

"Where do you want to send me? Why does it seem to me that you really want to get rid of me? And Sennhandd, why do you want me to think of you? You know, you are just a friend to me and in general, I still hate you. For all the Wizards."
"Okinizeus, do you understand me? Don't think. Your thoughts will be read every second. And Lain will be by your side. She should not find out who you are. And in no case, do not think about Moonlight. She should not find out what's going on between you," Sennhandd whispered like a snake.
"Yes. I understood everything. If I get out of there safe and sound, although no, Sennhandd, if something happens, then don't leave Moonlight alone."
“Everything will be fine as long as you don’t think,” Albert said.

I took a dangerous risk, and as a writer whose books are about the human soul and what life is, I risked so that Lain could easily decide that I was dangerous to all of humanity. Namely, by the fact that I try to remind them of what it means to be a human, and not an eternal robot who can only look ahead and enjoy cheap entertainment.

I was taking a dangerous risk, I was going to meet the most dangerous person in this world. And now, my main task was not to think.
Yes, this is what this world has come to, because in order to survive, you just need to not think. Thoughts are evil! That's what's important now. And this made me wish to meet an alien and just fly away with him to another planet.
But here I am, walking along the empty and cold steppe, which led me into the dungeon.
And after a few meters, I was already standing opposite the iron door, which was right in the middle of the steppe. This gray door led into some kind of tunnel that looked like a train. And as soon as I knocked, a voice was heard repeating, "Your name."

"Okinizeus," I replied not knowing what else to say.

And then after a few more seconds the door opened.
But there was no one behind the door and I had to walk myself to the very end of the corridor, beyond which was a noisy and cheerful banquet hall filled with different people.

I found myself in a completely new place for me. More precisely, in a new world, where beautiful people and mysterious dancers were living their amazing lives.
Loud music did not allow anyone to speak here. But here, perhaps, the words were superfluous.
The aroma of flowers and fruits, as well as various drinks, for some reason reminded me of the Far East, which I read about.
The dancers, who did not know time and fatigue, were not going to let me go. But I liked their faces, which were so happy and alive that soon, I, too, began to feel the rhythm of the music around.
And only a small fraction of the thought of Moonlight made me feel impossible happiness and I became a part of the dance.
Whirling under the bright light, along with the beautiful people, I saw the face of Moonlight in front of me. Yes, I was happy. Only now I realized this.
But thoughts away!
Coming to my senses, going down to earth, I remembered that I needed to find a woman named Lain.
But the search did not take long. After all, she was sitting directly opposite me. On a leather chair that looks like the throne of some king.

She sat surrounded by the leaves of small trees that surrounded her. And also, there were grapes all around her.
In a black suit, in a black shirt, with perfectly styled short hair, with a serious but relaxed face, she sat without the slightest movement. As if she was the very muse of the artist who told her not to move.
As I got closer, I noticed that her face was just beaming with kindness. And these eyes, this look, is she really capable of doing evil? After all, this is a young and naive face, a true symbol of innocence and great kindness.
She looked at me with a slight smile on her face. I must admit I was a little surprised by what I saw in front of me. Surely Sennhandd described the wrong person to me.
But as soon as she spoke to me, I realized that it was she, Mistress Lain.
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