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Suddenly, the Wizard took advantage of his talent and in the blink of an eye, two glasses of orange juice appeared on the small table opposite him.
And Lain said, "You are like a person who likes orange juice."
"Really? Why do you think so? I didn't tell you about my preferences," I said and many thoughts sounded in my head, but I stopped them. Although, over time, it got harder.
"Look at me, what do you think is my favorite fruit?" Lain suddenly asked, and there was a hint of mischief in her voice.
I looked at her as she told me to. I noticed that she was much smaller than me. But still, near her, I felt small. Almost an insect.
"I think you like pomegranate."
"Pomegranate?! And why do you think so?"
"I think you like all shades of red."
“You're right. I like red. But I don't like pomegranate. My favorite fruit is orange.”
"Just like mine."
Suddenly, she came up to me and took my hand, led me towards the sofa with many pillows.

Without taking her eyes off me, Lain handed me a glass of juice and expected me to take a few sips.
The cold juice made me flinch a little.
"I have always admired writers. And artists, of course. Your mom is an artist, isn't she?!"
"Yes. She is an artist and sculptor. But, alas, this talent has not passed on to me."
"Your hands are so thin. And those fingers are so graceful."
Lain held my hand and looked into my eyes. She definitely wanted to know my thoughts. But no, I won't give up so easily.
Silence hung over us. And my hand continued to be in her hand. The wizard continued to smile. The whole world was slowly going crazy.
"Sennhandd told me that you really like the History. I think you like the times when people were different?" she asked, letting go of my hand.
"No, I just love reading the history of mankind. I was always interested in how people used to live. But there was nothing good, only suffering. But now, thanks to my Sennhandd, everything has changed. He removed all suffering from the life of every person."

“Yes, every time I think about how people lived in antiquity, I feel sad. But I don’t like to be sad. And I don’t advise you either. Sadness spoils everything. Fun is what a person needs. Fun, happiness, joy. These are the three rules of human life."
"You're right."
I knew that I need to ask her about Higgdalf and her plan. Although, it was impossible. Why did Sennhandd send me to her? Everything was so strange. But I couldn't just ask her about Higgdalf.
"Don't you have any wish?" she suddenly asked. "There is a Wizard here, so why did he only grant my wish?"
"I have everything. I have no other wishes."
"And you really are very different from everyone else."
"You are wrong. I am a simple man."
“Don't trust anyone who says so,” she suddenly whispered in my ear.

Sitting so close to me, she continued to stare at me.

Leaning her head on the back of the sofa, she, looking at the ceiling, said, "Although I am talking about about happiness, I am not happy." With a sigh, she continued, “I have no one to whom I could trust. With whom I could talk. But now, I think, everything will change. Okinizeus, for some reason, I want to trust you."
I didn't know what to say and I said, "I really don't know what to say."

"I like you. Okinizeus, do you understand what it is when you like someone? Do you feel the same for Sennhandd, or, more precisely, did you?" she suddenly asked, while she was saying this, her right hand was walking along my back.
I felt a little embarrassed and even unpleasant. And what was the most terrifying is that I couldn't afford a single thought. And soon I felt that my consciousness wants to leave me.
"Do you want to visit my place?" she suddenly asked in a whisper. And then she added, "Or do you like it here?"
I looked at the Wizard, who continued to sit and smile. And instead of his face, I saw the face of Moonlight. Feeling Lain moving towards me, I almost jumped and stepped aside.
"What are you doing?" I asked and it sounded a little rough and loud.

"Do you want me to tell you a secret?"
"I think it's time for me to go."
"You've heard of Community Three and Seven, haven't you?" she suddenly asked.
Trying not to show any interest, I simply replied, "There are rumors about this society."
"And what do you think about controlling people's minds?"
“People’s thoughts aren’t that interesting,” I replied, trying to look serious and calm.
Lain broke into laughter and made that same expression on her face, which was so innocent and naive that for some reason I felt sorry for her.
It seemed to me that she was just a victim. It was impossible that this pure look, begging for help, was full of cruelty.
"Please don't go. I've never had someone I could just talk to. Please don't go," she said, looking away.
I didn't know what goals she was pursuing. But I felt sorry for her and I didn't want her to suffer.
“You don’t need to ask me like that, as if I mean something. A person is not worthy to ask him for something,” I said.

"Yes. I know. It's stupid. It's just that I haven't spoken to anyone for so long. I really miss good and understanding communication with a person. If you only knew how much I suffer from loneliness. And when I saw you, I realized that you are the person I can trust."
"It's dangerous to trust."
"But I can trust you?!" she asked.
I could easily think that this is just a game, a trick. But looking into her honest and tired eyes, I knew, believed that it wasn't like that.
"I don't know. Mistress Lain, I really don't know if you can trust me."
"Would you like to hear some secret?! You know, actually, I'm part of that Community called Three and Seven," she said suddenly. And she said this with such sadness, as if she did not want to accept the truth.
I should have put on a surprised face. Although I was already surprised. Why is she telling me this? Why?
"What?" I asked.
"Yes. It's true. But that's all I can tell you. For now."
"It must be a secret, right?"

"I trust you."
It was time to ask her about other things.
“Among my friends, there are many who were allegedly taken by patrol. But I don’t believe it,” I said, laughing nervously.
Lain, without changing her expression, touched my hair and quietly said, "It's true. But don't be afraid. They only catch those who are considered superfluous in this world. On the contrary, you decorate this world. You are beautiful, kind and talented. Nobody will harm you."
It scared me that she was changing the topic of conversation so abruptly. And also, I didn't understand her emotions. She was sad, nervous, angry and incomprehensible.
I doubted that she is even a human being.
"They are my friends. And I do not think that any of them are superfluous in this world. They are all good," I said.
I felt like she was hypnotizing me.
"Right, they're good. Maybe too good."
I didn't understand her.

“Okinizeus, keep writing and make this world brighter,” she said and just got up and walked away. She left the room, leaving behind only a series of questions.
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