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Who is Lain?
After a strange meeting with her, I still could not calm down. Everything worried me. I was worried about my friend Higgdalf, and also worried about what is happening in the world now.
Following what was said on the news, people completely lost control of themselves and they began to abuse Wizards. They had been cruel to them before, but since they learned that these creatures read minds, violating all human rights, people have changed completely.
Community called "Three and Seven" wasn't a secret now.
I was worried about the future. I was frightened by the fact that now, outside my window, crowds of people were raging, shouting about their rights, demanding the former freedom of thought.
The sounds of a siren, the voices of robots, the artificial sounds of shots, the soothing voices of some people, all of this shocked me so much that I have been unable to write anything for several days in a row.

The only thing that could comfort me and bring me back to my previous state was the embrace of Moonlight.
Pulling me to himself, he touched my neck with his nose. I felt ticklish, but pleasant.

“I know what you're thinking,” he whispered in my ear.
Suddenly, I wanted to touch those lips that barely touched my ear.
But I didn't. After all, we don't have to rush.
"So you read my mind whenever you want?"
"Yes. I just can't stop," he whispered, and in that whisper, I suddenly heard a hint that made me wish for another touch. But no, there is so much time ahead, I have no reason to rush. After all, what was happening between us, required patience and painstaking and long hours of daydreaming.
"Can't you stop reading my mind? It sounds so strange, you know?"
"You are interesting, sad, and besides, you are like the moon in the sky to me. So how can I stop?"

Laughing, I covered my face with my hands, and at that moment, when I relaxed and trusted the moment that was now between us, Moonlight suddenly laid his head on my chest.
My fingers tangled in his hair. Well, I, too, got entangled in feelings which were like the waves of the ocean. We were drowning, but we were not afraid, because these feelings gave us immortality.
"I would also like to read your mind. But I don’t know you at all. Who are you, and what you love, what are your interests. I don’t know anything about you. All the time, we’re talking about books, about mine and about the ones you read. But we never talk about you. You are still a mystery to me."
Lifting his head, he looked at me.
"Even now, what is this expression on your face? What are you thinking? What are you experiencing? What do you feel?"
"You know me well. I am your reflection, or rather, your part. You know yourself well, so you know me well too. Does love work like that? You find someone in whom you see yourself and therefore you feel comfortable and this comfort is called love."
"You think so?"

"Yes. Although I don't know. Or maybe I do. Love is when you can't stop reading someone's thoughts and at the same time experience something strange."
"Well, now we are talking about love, as people in the 21st century talked about it."
He laughed and blushed slightly.
"You are right. Love is comfort. But perhaps this is something else. Something more. And in our case, I call it - just like the Moon in the sky. All feelings, you and me, we just are and should be. And there is nothing you can do about it."
"Just like the moon in the sky."
I understood what all these looks and words of tenderness meant. I admit, I experienced a rapid heartbeat every time I looked into his eyes. But I'm human. And he is a Wizard. There was a difference between us. And there is a big difference. But who cares? If I felt good, if I felt comfortable and calm, if my heart screamed - I am happy!
I was in love. And I could not imagine my life without this creature who was drawing patterns on the skin of my hand.
Feeling these fragile, slightly feminine shoulders, feeling the warmth of the life that flowed through my veins, I experienced pain, aching, slow, but still I decided to ignore this pain. Yes, because we have so much time. And perhaps I will never experience this pain in reality.
"Tell me, how do you block my thoughts from being read?"
Now, starting to examine my eyebrows, tracing them with his fingers, Moonlight replied, "It's easy. When I'm around, I can feel extraneous waves that want to penetrate your head. And I just interfere with them. It's hard to explain."
"My treasure knows how to protect my thoughts! You are my protector," I said, experiencing an impossible happiness. Yes, there is still happiness!
“Your thoughts are too great for anyone to read.”
"You speak so beautifully. When will you allow me to read your book?"
"No. It's not time yet."
"Well, I have to go now. Time to continue my book."
Suddenly, his face changed and became a little angry. But how handsome he was when a black veil of anger covered his delicate features.
“Sennhandd is here,” he said quietly and gave me a slightly condemning look.

I wanted to grab his hand and run far away, where no one would find us. Nobody, absolutely nobody. But in this life, sometimes, a person must do what he does not want to do. And this is perhaps what gives some hidden and slightly unpleasant meaning to life.
I couldn't run away, leave everything behind. I was attached to those people who surrounded me. Although, they didn't force me. Yet an interesting phenomenon, this life.
Letting Sennhandd in, who already managed to become the rival of Moonlight, I poured some tea and tried to calm my heart.
"How are you doing Moonlight?" Sennhandd asked.
I stood near the window and looked through the prism of happiness at Moonlight, who continued to look evil. But this only gave him an impossible charm.
And I must say, today, Sennhandd was wearing the most ordinary clothes. The simplest jeans that were made centuries ago and the simplest plaid shirt.
And that long hair danced slightly in the wind.
"Sennhandd, you look so tired. Has something happened?"
He grabbed a hot mug of tea with such greed, as if his hands needed warmth.
“You're probably wondering why I sent you to Lain,” he began. "I know it was risky."

"Don't worry. Nothing happened to me. Besides, if she wanted to do something to me, she would have ordered her Patrol to take me long ago."
Looking at the plate of cookies, Sennhandd said, "I sent you to protect you."
"Protect? Do you call that protection?" Moonlight suddenly screamed.
And yes, he was capable of a whole range of emotions, even without the presence of hormones.
"Lain really loves your work. She asked me to introduce you to her. And if I hadn't, she would have thought it was weird. But now, after talking to you, she won't doubt you. She has trusted you."
"Wait, how do you know that she trusted me?"
"Do you remember that Wizard who sat in that room?"
"He read her mind."
"Did he read her mind? And what was she thinking?"
"Mostly about you. And trust me, she trusts you. It's weird, but she likes you. And I want to take advantage of it. It's time for this Lain to leave her throne," Sennhandd said suddenly, clutching the spoon very tightly.

"So you want to use Oki? Do you want him to face the danger? You are the smartest person in this world, so why did you suddenly become like that? You know that Patrol is catching all the writers and all those scientists who are doing something to change this world. You know all this. The fact that Lain simply cannot stand those people who have not forgotten how to think and how to be human. And knowing all this, you want to send Oki to such dangers?"
Moonlight's voice grew rougher and his eyes filled with real fire. But somehow, I couldn't stop smiling.
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