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"I know all this. But Lain really won't do anything wrong for Okinizeus. She believes him. It's weird, she doesn't even believe me. He's the first person with whom she was able to smile and not think about work. Trust me. So let's take this opportunity to understand what she wants at all and why she created a whole network of Wizards who read minds. Why does she need the thoughts of every inhabitant of the planet? She has already taken many of my friends from the scientific council. They just disappeared. And I want to stop it. She's clearly going against the human mind. Okinizeus, I know you don't like what is happening now. So let's understand and change this situation together. This cannot continue. What kind of life is it when you can't think freely? Tell me, did all those scientists who lived many centuries ago dreamed of such a future? Is this what humanity wants?"

"These are your problems. Not ours. And besides, it was you who created all the Wizards," Moonlight said, glancing around nervously in response to the noise outside the window.
In such moments of anger, black circles appeared around his eyes, as if drawn in pencil. A wonderful creature!
"She destroys the existence of those who do not know how to rejoice, who do not know how to be happy and chase after fun. Those who have not yet lost the ability to think clearly. And what do you want me to do?"
"Okinizeus!" Moonlight suddenly screamed. "Do you really want to risk?!"
"I don't like what is happening now. And I would like to change all of this. Moonlight, trust me, I will be fine."
"People always says so ..." he suddenly fell silent.
Sennhandd continued to warm his hands on the already cold mug of tea, quietly said, "This morning, they took Albert."
"Yes. They took him. I saw it myself. And I think I know where they are taking all the dangerous people."

"In that case, they are gonna take you away too?" Moonlight suddenly asked.
And yes, I was right, I don't know him at all.
"Yes. I'm in danger too."
"How did she manage to become so important? Has she always been like this? You know her better than anyone else. Tell me about her."
The sunset lights turned into the night and I turned on a small table lamp. The room was incredibly cozy and I wanted this comfort to last forever.
“Lain, she was always in charge. Before, she was part of the scientific council SCIBMAG, but then, she became a separate community. While she was the part of scientific council, I always thought that she was just a smart person who cares about this world. She always shared common interests with me. But then, when science reached a new level, everything became different. She began to work outside SCIBMAG. None of my guys knew what she wanted to do. We thought that she just organized a laboratory separate from SCIBMAG. But no. She decided to become a filter. Later, when I created new inventions, I was ordered to send them for verification. And a whole group of people, people of Lain, took all my work and just left silently. So, I realized that now, scientists have no freedom. Every invention, every idea is tested by community Three and Seven. During this time, Lain managed to deny several of my inventions. And I noticed that she is against everything that is useful and good. They like robots, various machines, improved Wizards, in short, everything that makes people happy but empty. Community Three and Seven versus Reason."
"Do you think all this is done by one Lain? Maybe Community Three and Seven is a whole group of people who have been watching us all this time?"
"Of course Lain is not alone. She's just pretending that their community is no different from SCIBMAG. In fact, there are a lot of people out there who do everything to destroy the pure name of a person."
“It's too dangerous. Going to the monster's lair just to understand what's going on with the people who have been taken away. You don't have to put yourself in danger,” Moonlight said. I know his words carried malice, but it all made me smile.
"Everything that is happening now with all writers and scientists concerns me too. After all, everything is clear. They want to exterminate all those who value and put reason above all that fun. These people act against the mind and power of thought, words. Therefore, I cannot just sit and watch."
"Does a person always do this? Chasing the danger, in order to feel death?" Moonlight asked and stood up abruptly and left the house.
"Tell me, what Wizards feel? Can they experience feelings, like humans?" I asked.

Sennhandd, leaning on the back of a chair, sighed heavily and replied, “Wizards are capable of the greatest love. Not like people. Their hearts are full of kindness and generosity. And if some wonderful feeling for someone has arisen in the heart of the Wizard, then this is forever. They know how to love, even better than humans."
"And you gave such ideal creatures to the power of human?"
"Do you still blame me for this?"
"Yes. It hurts me to realize how people treat them. Recently, I found a Wizard on the street who was bleeding. And he told us about all the terrible things that his master made him do. He had wounds on his body that refused to stop bleeding. He was completely broken. He is four years old. And he ran away from his master. But at the same time, he still hasn't forgotten how to smile. Tell me what kind of pain you created?"
"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."
"I want to make this life a real miracle, for one Wizard. Sennhandd, I want to do everything for Moonlight. And I want you to know that he is the meaning of my whole life. What you suggest to me, I mean, become Lain's friend and help you find your friends is really dangerous. I am not afraid for myself. I am afraid for Moonlight."
Sennhandd broke into laughter. It was very nervous laughter.

His cheeks turned pink and his eyes filled with tears.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing. It is just very interesting. This is truly a unique case. But do you remember how you wanted to send him back?"
"Don't remind me of this. It wasn't me!"
Suddenly we both felt funny and warm in our souls.
I realized that this person had already become so dear to me.
“I have to thank you. For creating such a beautiful creature. Thank you,” I found the courage to say this.
But these were the last calm words that I uttered. Before what started next.
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