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"We just want a quiet life. A free life where each of us is happy and cheerful. But why should we allow such filthy creatures like them to creep into our thoughts and steal our freedom? Why did we allow them to enter our lives?"

As soon as Moonlight and I went for a walk along the "deserted" streets and reached the main alley, which bore the name "Great Man", we encountered a crowd of people who were trying to prove and say something.
I wanted to leave, but we were already surrounded by a lot of people. After all, it was difficult for us to move.
The iron sky stretched along the prickly edge of the skyscrapers.
Men and women, all dressed in black clothes, were looking ahead. And in front of everyone was a tall man with snow-white hair.
He was full of rage and anger, he had some books in his hands which were the continuation of his emotions.
I knew that with the advent of immortality, people became even more miserable, but now I saw that along with eternal life, anger appeared in their hearts, which was much stronger than before.

“We need to leave,” Moonlight whispered.

And somehow, that man with snow-white hair looked right at us and shouted, "You need to leave?! Well, then you all need to leave! Our freedom is not so important!"

Moonlight stared at him in silence.
"First they stole our hearts. They did everything to please us. And these beautiful faces, this cute look, of course! Who can resist such beauty! It's just a pity that they have nothing there. They are like mannequins. Yes, right! They are not people! They are a real mistake of nature! Just look, they are everywhere! And they read your every thought. Do you think this is normal? Can you really live like this?"
Suddenly, whistling loudly, this man raised his hand and in the next second two people with white masks on their faces, brought the Wizard, who was not wearing any clothes.
Standing in front of all of us, the Wizard smiled slightly and immediately got hit on the head with a heavy stick.

"Why are you smiling? Do you really think that your smile can manipulate with us?!"
And even under the blows, this Wizard stood straight.
His right arm was broken so much that I could see the beginning of the bone from under the skin. A lot of bruises, wounds, cuts with a knife, hair torn off in places, but still, there was kindness in his eyes.

The straight line of the tall figure stood in front of everyone, like an exhibit in a museum.
What if some day, I will look at Moonlight and he will become just a reminder of the past, just an exhibit which proves the existence of happy old times.
Perhaps Moonlight read my mind, following the fact that he squeezed my hand tighter.
I was expecting more speech from that person, but as it turned out, now was the time for the show.
By hitting the Wizard so hard that he could not stand on his feet, this man made everyone rejoice.
One blow was followed by another, and so on, until the poor Wizard fell and stopped moving.
Together with the fall of this creature, I also fell at that moment. I felt all the baseness of human nature. I fell to the bottom of shame and above, I saw two kind eyes that did not condemn, but nevertheless forced me to condemn myself.
The people around were like walls, they pressed and we could not move, or leave.
We had to look at what was happening.
When the Wizard's lifeless body was carried away, two people dragged another one.

A weakened body with traces of blood appeared before everyone and waterfalls of blood covered the ground, which soon was covered with poisonous drops of rain.
Everything around was plunged into darkness. Yet the remnants of nature was making everything dramatic.
They didn’t scream, they didn’t make a sound. And with every fall of the kindest creature, people screamed and laughed.
After the fifth Wizard, who died due to a strong blow to the head, five more followed, and then another and another and so, until the man with white hair raised his hand.

"Look, they are not alive! They are artificial! They did not even make a sound, even if they were in pain! And this is what they call Wizards? They are just miserable creatures who live only for some pathetic five years. And you entrusted your life to them? Your wishes? And what did they do instead? Just a betrayal in the form of reading your thoughts. Here they are, the real evil! And who created them is himself the most terrible person in this world! "
"Bring another Wizard!" a terrible cry was heard.

The raindrops slightly pinched the skin. I hugged Moonlight as tightly as possible, I wanted to close his eyes, ears, but my hands were busy squeezing his back and shoulders.
He was not afraid, he was not angry. He just stared ahead, with a face that showed no emotion.
And I was afraid to meet his gaze. I was afraid to see condemnation and resentment in his eyes.

"All these scientists, they are always the cause of our problems! Sennhandd is to blame for all our misfortune! Look what he did to us! He turned us into lifeless, cold creatures who cannot feel how life flows through the veins. We are no different from all those mountains and stones! We are the same, cold and lifeless. Sennhandd, all this time was our real enemy!"
I couldn't believe what he just said.
I perfectly understood how unfair his words and loud cries of agreement were. I knew that it was Sennhandd who did everything for this world, for all these people. He made everyone immortal, he made all diseases completely disappear. He made human immunity stronger than ever before. His inventions destroyed hunger and cold. He made of all people equal. He did everything to make people happy.

But why they have made an enemy out of him? Why did they call him the most evil, cunning and bad man?
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