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"Let's get out of here," Moonlight whispered and taking my hand took a few steps back.
"You're a Wizard, aren't you?" suddenly someone asked.
I froze, fear completely engulfed me. And Moonlight had to speak for me. He simply and clearly replied, "No."
We wanted to leave, but when this question was repeated a second time, I could no longer be at the mercy of fear.
It happened exactly at the moment when someone's hand reached out towards Moonlight and wanted to remove the hood from his head.
I couldn't allow anyone to touch him. And without noticing it, I punched someone in the face and felt the pain in my fist.
And everyone around me turned their attention to me.

"Look, this is the Wizard! And what is it? Are you holding his hand?!" the man with blood on his nose exclaimed.

Rising to his feet, he wanted to come closer, but I stopped him by grabbing his collar too tightly.
"Don't touch him!" I said.
Now nothing could stop me. I was ready to do everything to keep Moonlight safe. I was ready for absolutely anything.
"And what are you going to do? Hit me again? So you are protecting your Wizard now!"
“Oki let's go,” Moonlight whispered.
We were in the middle of the crowd, but I felt no fear, only a terrible sense of injustice.
And I had to say it, "How can you blame the person who did everything for you. Just look at yourself. You are healthy, well-fed, eternal. And you still want to say that you are unhappy? And in general, how can you blame such defenseless and innocent creatures?"
"Listen to him! How kind he is. But it's all because this Wizard does everything for you? Does he fulfill your every pitiful desire? And now you are afraid for him? And what is it? You hold his hand so tightly. What if we kill him now? What will you do then?"
The only thing that stopped me, were words, "This is the writer! He is with Sennhandd!"
"And it really is him!"
"So it is you! I should have guessed. Maybe you are in charge of reading our thoughts too?!"

"Who needs your thoughts? As if you can think," I said. But immediately I regretted.
Grabbing Moonlight by his hood, several people pulled him in their direction so hard that he almost fell.
"Let him go!"
Through the crowd, I had to make my way with blows that got stronger and stronger each time.
The man with white hair continued to repeat something and so on until someone behind me screamed so loudly that I was afraid that it was Moonlight.
But no, it was another Wizard with a sword stabbed into his back.
In pain, he fell to his knees and looked at me. This look will forever remain in my memory. A look that was lost, frightened, and at the same time begging. But I couldn't help him. I couldn't do anything. I just had to look into his eyes as they turned into glass.
"This is what will happen to your Wizard. This is what will happen to him! You and Sennhandd! We will not let you all make us suffer!"
"Don't touch him!"
At such moments, when you need to protect someone, you can do anything. And I was convinced of this once again. I don't know how many people I hurt, but when I finally approached Moonlight who was sitting on the ground, I made a wish.

"I wish you were at home."
I thought about it and Moonlight whispered, "I'm not going anywhere."
Then, for the first time, I had to make a wish so strongly and say, or rather order, "Do your job. Do as I want it."
I put as much anger and hatred into these words as possible. And perhaps Moonlight believed for a few seconds that he was just a slave to me, just a puppet. But that's what I wanted.
"What are you talking about?! Hey you! Answer!"
I felt pain, but I held Moonlight tightly by the shoulder, so tight that my nails dug into his skin. I felt blood.
“I order you,” I said and pushed him away.
After all, I knew that the Wizards cannot refuse a wish. I knew that he needed to make my wish come true and he did it. He just disappeared before my eyes.
Having calmed down, I got to my feet and looked around. I knew that all these people would not be able to do anything to me. But I was wrong.

They attacked me. They just pounced on me like I was the most dangerous animal. But I didn't give up. I fought to the last. I fought until my hands touched a pool of blood.
"Your books, they are all about the soul, about feelings, and why do you write about this? Surely, you want to ruin our lives! To instill in us that we do not live like this, that we are people without reason and therefore must suffer! You are doing everything to make a person unhappy again! " shouted the man with white hair.
He came closer to me and lifted my face. Only now did I notice that his eyes were gray. Well, the rest of the face was imperceptible, almost ghostly.
"You and all those writers, scientists, do you want to take away the happiness we have? Do you want to take away our peace and tranquility? With your thoughts, books, speeches, you want to destroy a person! To prevent us from living, because people like you cannot live!"
I listened to him with my head held high and in my head I just kept repeating, "The main thing is that everything is all right with Moonlight."
"Is that what you call happiness? Watching people try to die, feeling the death, feel pain and weakness? Witness cruelty. Watching robots break each other? Spend whole days and nights just by looking ahead, in search for some fun? Are you afraid it will be taken away from you?"

"Boy, you do not know what you are talking about," the man whispered and added, "You think so, which means that soon they will take you too."
Then I realized that this clown was part of the community "Three and Seven".
“Three and Seven,” I said.
"That's right. It has always been that way," he said and smiled. "I will not touch you this time. But do not think that you will always talk about the nobility of soul and heart. Believe me, we have already destroyed people like you. After all, why does the world need those who think that there is nothing greater than the mind?!"
"Then I challenge you."
“I knew you'd come into play,” he said and stepped aside.
When they brought another Wizard, he took a sword in his hands and said loudly, "This is what will happen to your Wizard."
Pain, fear, hatred, how unpleasant these feelings are. But that was reality. It wasn't a hologram or a fun game. It was reality in all its glory.
When they forced the Wizard to kneel, I was so close and I could not just sit there, complaining that someone hurt me.

Quickly taking off my jacket, I covered the barely living body of the creature.
"What are you doing? What it is?!"
"Don't. Go away," came a faint voice from under his wet hair.
"You want to save him? Really?"
"Why are you doing this? Why? What did he do to you?" I asked, feeling the tears falling down onto the blood that had already frozen.
"These are the enemies. These are the ones who took all our freedom away from us. Isn't that true?"
I couldn't stand this man's voice and grin anymore. Having lifted this poor creature to his feet, I led him away. Shielding him from the blow of the sword with my body. If the sword touches me, my tissues will quickly regenerate. But just one touch of the sharp blade and this creature could die.
I didn't know how I would get through this crowd.
But I was lucky. After all, somewhere suddenly there was a loud, painful sound of a siren, indicating that patrol ships were approaching like thunderclouds.
People, as I noticed, were afraid of these ships, which looked like messengers of death.

Eclipsed the entire sky, they hung over the city. And then there was an even louder sound that made everyone close their ears.
Taking advantage of the moment, I quickly led the Wizard away and finally, when we left the crowd behind, he fell into my arms.
I wanted him to live, to open his eyes. But from his dry, pale lips, there were only such words, "Thank you. I am leaving in a kind embrace."
This was the last thing he said. His eyes never opened again. The wind blew away my jacket, as if it took away his soul. The subtle body was in my hands. He was still warm. I didn’t let go of him until his whole body turned into a stone. And even then, it was hard for me to leave him here. But I could not take this lifeless body with me. I had a responsibility and I had to leave this place.
But leaving is always difficult thing to do.
Through this whole crowd, through the soldiers in white suits, I was able to see my mother. And Lain was walking beside her.
It was too late to retreat. The game started long ago.
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