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Rain, it was the only thing that accompanied me to that lonely artificial tree, near which I felt a strong nausea.
Before my eyes was that Wizard, who was now lying on the asphalt a few meters away with a desperate expression on his face.
This image of him stuck in my memory, slowly turning into the face of Moonlight.
I was afraid, yes, that was the only truth. Fear was in my heart. I was afraid that soon, I would lose the only one with whom my soul felt harmony.
With each thought, the nausea grew stronger and I felt weakness in my legs. Falling to my knees, I closed my eyes. People walked by me, shouting, laughing and touching my back.
What did they mean by that? Why don't people just start living their lives? Why don't they just pay attention to themselves and not to a stranger?
The crowd was still around me. I knew they wouldn't just leave. But I had to get up and leave, follow my mom.
Why was she with Lain? Where did they take her? Could it be that she, too, will be taken to that mysterious place where they keep all the "dangerous" people?

What will happen to Moonlight?
How hard it is when your heart contains those who are dear to you. But it gives strength. Yes, I was able to get to my feet and look into the eyes of the one who wanted to hit me so badly.
"You are that writer, aren't you? The one who despises all people? Why are you looking like that?"
Through the heavy rain, I saw only two eyes, which were completely blank. No, these were not human eyes, and certainly not animal eyes.
They were the eyes of emptiness.
"You're weird. Are you crazy?" a woman's voice was heard. "Writer Okinizeus, favorite boy of the great Sennhandd. And you are worthy of each other. Both of you are just as arrogant and strange."
This woman in a bright red leather coat did not know me at all and at the same time she could say so many things about me.
"I know people like you. You are the very person who believes that he can change this world. Which means that you are crazy. You are a crazy person and you are dangerous. Why do you look like that? I know what I'm talking about. You are crazy because you protect these filthy creatures. You consider them equal to us humans. Look at me! "
I couldn't say anything. I just stood and looked ahead. Although, I had to go.
And only when these words were followed by a strong blow to the face, I was able to wake up. More precisely, someone helped me.
"What are you doing? Go away!"
It was Sennhandd.
"Representatives of an elite society, but in reality they are just monsters. Your hour will come soon," said the man and wanted to spit in my direction, but could not because of a strong gust of wind.
My head ached like never before, my whole body trembled, my heart ached. I could not stay on my feet.
"Oki, what's wrong with you? Are you feeling bad?"
"They took my mom. Go find her. Please."
Suddenly I began to weaken so much that it seemed to me that I was close to death. Never before have I felt such weakness.

"Get up. Okinizeus, we have to go! Please get up!"
Sennhandd, with long hair, was like a kind wizard who knows no evil. His clear face suddenly made me smile.
"Find my mom. Find everyone."
"I won't leave you here."
I don't remember what happened next, but when I opened my eyes, I realized that I was in the car.
We flew somewhere across the empty sky. Black clouds seemed like frightening signs of what was to come.
My head was still aching and it was hard for me to breathe.
“Here's the water,” Sennhandd said, handing me a bottle of cold water.
Having emptied the entire bottle, I felt better.
"What's wrong with you? Are you feeling bad?"
"I do not know."
"A colleague of mine has also been feeling weak these days."

"I wonder what that could mean?"
"I think I know where they took your mom and all the people."
"Did you find them?"
"Where are we now?"
Sennhandd looked at me. Despite the whole situation, his eyes were too calm. And this calmness passed on to me.
"This is not the sky of the earth. This place is part of one abandoned dimension. This is the first dimension that I created. It was an experiment and therefore everything is so dark, primal."
"Sennhandd, where is my mom?"
"Somehow I heard Lain talking to someone about this dimension. And it seemed strange to me that she closed this dimension and prohibited to use it. And then, one of my Wizards was able to track the patrol and so I found this place."
"It's too easy. Lain wouldn't work in that dimension. It's probably a trap."
"This is my only guess. So just sit and hope that this is the very place where the patrol soldiers bring all the dangerous people."

The dimension in which our car was, looked like space. Dark, cold, mysterious. I didn't like this place. But I was sitting tightly holding on to the seat.
And of course then, I didn't know that I had already become a player of this game.

"Don't worry. We'll find your mom. Don't be afraid. Everything will be fine. We'll stop Lain," Sennhandd said.
"Why did you become my friend?"
"You've already asked me about this."
"I'm interested."
"Should friendship have a reason?"
I tried to speak so as not to give vent to my emotions, which simply made me suffer like never before. I was torn to pieces thinking about my mother, about Moonlight, about all the writers who have been my neighbors all this time.
I wanted to cry because I was very scared.
"How's the Comet doing?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

Sennhandd suddenly became serious. From his glance, I immediately realized that his first Wizard had left this world long ago.
"He's dead, right?"
"Tell me, how does the Wizard feel when he dies?"
"Nothing. He feels nothing."
"Tell me, what is life?"
Sennhandd did not answer this question. Although he was a great scientist who conquered death, he still did not know the answer to this question.
“You don't know,” I whispered and fell into silence.
We flew like an eternity through this darkness. My legs began to freeze, and in general, I began to feel weakness all over my body.
The eyes suddenly closed by themselves.

Mom, how much these words mean. And how many of those who do not know what this word keeps in itself. Mom!
“We are here,” said Sennhandd's voice woke me up.
All life is a journey. I realized this when I saw an iron door in front of me, which was just the beginning of some kind of building in the form of a train.
All life consists of different doors that lead to different places. I realized this when I saw how Sennhandd opened the door with the help of some ingenious equipment.
"Do you really think it's that easy? It's definitely a trap," I said.
"Come on," he said quietly and bravely entered the incomprehensible room.
It was damp and too cold here. My teeth began to chatter and later, I felt how painful it was for me to breathe. There was a real frost here.
It really was a tunnel that led to the monster. I knew perfectly well that this was a real trap. And how could Sennhandd believe this?
Even if the tunnel seemed endless, yet, we finally reached the end.
And as expected, there was another door ahead. As soon as we discovered it, some force pulled us down and the next second we fell somewhere.
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