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It was unpleasant to fall. The icy air pressed from all sides. I could no longer breathe at all.
Grabbing my hand, Sennhandd was able to say, "Don't let me go!"
Life consists of falling in the literal sense of the word. And so, life is a journey, it is a door, it is a fall. What's next?
And then there was the pain that came at the moment when we fell to solid ground.

"Why did you create such a dimension? Why is everything so terrible here?" I asked, feeling a sharp pain in my back. I had the feeling that my entire spine had been shattered into small pieces.
"Actually, this dimension was small. I didn't create such a strange place, much less this," he said, pointing forward.
And then I realized that life is a long journey, this is a tunnel that hides another tunnel further. And human is just a wanderer who wants to find meaning in these labyrinths of tunnels.
"What kind of place is it?"
"Come on."

It amazed me that perhaps the smartest person who has ever lived on this planet believes so much what he sees. It was all obviously a trap. After all, where were all the patrol soldiers then?
But I just had to follow him.
"We'll find your mom, don't worry," he said not to me, but to himself. And I saw how much he was worried and even afraid.
“You created the Wizards and are now afraid of everything that happens,” I said.
"I am afraid of many things. Especially of what I have created," he replied.
We walked and I no longer felt the connection with reality.
Sennhandd's snow-white shirt loomed in front of me like hope. Yes, I needed hope.
How much time has passed? When did the darkness turn into light? It was all like a dream.
Too bright light suddenly greeted us with warmth. And here's another explanation for what life is.
Life is a bright light that only consists of hope.
And then, a long staircase that led somewhere up.
"Are we already dead?" I asked, trying to joke. But my question echoed unpleasantly.

"Do you hear that?" Sennhandd suddenly stopped.
Quiet sounds reminiscent of the murmur of water came from somewhere in the distance. I could not immediately understand where. But as soon as we went up the stairs, we immediately realized what it was.
Sometimes, the absence of darkness does not always mean good.
I realized this when I saw something that made me speechless and instilled hatred and fear, perhaps forever, in my heart.
In a bright, clean, warm room, which kept the sun's rays, there were real aquariums. Rounded in shape, like whole planets, their number exceeded more than a hundred.
But instead of fish, there were people in these aquariums. Yes, you understood me correctly. There were people there, among whom, I noticed Albert, Neon and those three brothers of artists who came to visit us.
All these people were in the aquariums with their eyes closed.
In identical white clothes, they slept soundly. And these long wires that bound their arms and legs seemed like snakes that are just waiting for death to come.
I could not take a single step forward.

On both sides of me were people, my friends, but my mother was not here.
"What it is?" Sennhandd asked.
Having touched the aquarium, he simply could not find the right words, thoughts.
We had nothing to say and we could do nothing.
“They need to be saved,” I could say.
They may have been dead. But even if that was the case, I saw that they were still fighting. They wanted justice, a better life, they wanted rationality, wisdom. But in return, as usual, they received only pain and disappointment.
On their calm, tired faces, I could see them saying, "There is still suffering in this world."
“This needs to be stopped,” Sennhandd whispered.
He was standing in front of a man, perhaps in front of his colleague, who was asleep. Yes, they were all just asleep.
"What happened to them?"
"I don't know. I don't know anything!" Sennhandd screamed so loudly for the first time in his life.
My heart sank in fear. What did people do with people?

Suddenly, at the moment when the water began to leave the aquarium, all these people began to wake up. They weren't dead! And it happened so quickly that I did not have time to blink an eye as all these people looked at us.
No, they were alive!
Striking the glass with his fist, Sennhandd frantically shouted out the name of the person who was looking at him as if he had seen him for the first time.
"I'll save you! Wait!"
Green eyes looked at me and then at him, but Dorian forgot about what emotions are and who he is. And all the other people, too, looked at us like aliens.
And then I realized that they did not understand anything. All these great minds were lost forever. I also knew it would happen to me. It was inevitable.
“Their memories were erased,” I whispered.
I stood opposite Albert. Opposite the person who just a few days ago walked and laughed, who drank tea with me and talked to me about books, about beauty.

And now, he paid for the fact that he once dared to think about the beautiful, about the great. But why? Who decided this world would be unjust?
"He thought differently. He was always against everything that happens in the world. He always said that he would change this world. He dreamed, yes, he dreamed of many things! Dreaming, it was his sin."
This is a terrible moment when you don't know whether to cry or be scared. Sadness and fear are two different things.
How terrible it was when I didn't know if my heart ached for all these people or if it ached for my future destiny.
"They're reading our minds now. Sennhandd, isn't that right?"
"I don't think so. This place is isolated from the whole world."
"We need to stop Lain! Can you hear me? Sennhandd, we need to stop her!"
"This is dangerous. We can lose everything."
"We have nothing to lose. Our lives are no longer ours. Don't you understand?"
These words, this conversation, these empty stares, it all broke Sennhandd's patience.

Striking his fists againts the aquarium, he turned the skin on his hands red in a matter of seconds.
The world broke him too. More precisely, not the world itself, but those people who considered themselves to be the world.
"Stop. You won't help him!"
"What is this? What?"
He was the first of us to give up. Tears flowed, only tears remained.
Perhaps I heard it then, but hearing footsteps, I grabbed his hand and quickly led him away.
Hiding behind one of the aquariums, I held him by both hands, while his face was contorted with grief.
I turned out to be stronger, I held on, I was not afraid. Because I had reasons to hold on. Love saved a frightened soul for the millionth time.
And yes, I was not wrong.
A human in white clothes entered the room. It was a young woman.
She walked quickly, without stopping, and when she reached the very end of this strange room, it turned out that hundreds more people were hiding behind the next door.

When she left, I grabbed Sennhandd by the shoulders. I wanted to bring him to his senses.

"We need to leave! They shouldn't catch us! Can you hear me? It's a fight! Stop it! Be responsible!"

How scary it is when a kind look turns into an evil look, full of anger and pain, together with sadness and disgust. How scary it is.
Sennhandd has changed before my eyes. I was afraid that I had lost Sennhandd I knew. And all because the struggle has already begun.
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