All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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Today, I realized that I have a lot to learn about this world.

After yesterday, still seeing in front of me that race, which probably ended with the fact that all the participants came close to death, I could not understand what I was experiencing.

I had mixed feelings.

And now, in this early morning, after a strange dream, I was standing in the middle of my room. My reflection in the mirrors seemed like strangers to me.

Surrealism has long taken the place of realism.

The city outside seemed unreal to me. What if it was like a hologram, like that forest?

In that case, are all those people real?

I raised my head up to look at the sky. And every time I did, I hoped I'd see at least a little piece of open sky.

But all I saw were flying cars, small starships, flying alien-shaped machines that once stirred the minds of people of the past century.

Where did all these people go? Did they have things to do in other dimensions? On other planets?

Suddenly, I became interested in the lives of everyone around me.

While I was standing in the middle of the room, which had only one bed and one table in the corner, and of course, whole columns made of books, my mother managed to enter unnoticed and just as discreetly, leave on my desk a parcel.
When I came back to my senses, I buttoned up the red shirt and pulled my shoes on my feet.

Having gathered my hair in a bun, I looked at myself again and only then, I noticed a small box on my desk.

I knew who the package was from. I was well aware of all these patterns, as well as the material of the box itself, which looked more like a perfectly created box for decoration.

Having opened this quickly, I noticed that there was a small iron sphere at the bottom of the box. And once I touched this sphere, I heard Yundoran's voice.

"Dear friend of mine, and the love of my life, you have become the lucky one who will be rewarded with such a rare prestige - to be my guest. In my house. I know it's too luxurious, but for my love for you, I've decided that you're going to enter my indiscreet possession. I hope you accept my invitation. I know you're just going crazy right now. Visit me as soon as you're ready. I'll be waiting for you. Today."

When his loud voice stopped speaking, I took the sphere in my hands and felt the weight of this heavy object.

As everyone calls "Sphere - Postman," is a substitute for letters that people have sent to each other in the past centuries.

But even such a sphere, now, was considered an outdated fashion, which everyone began to forget.

And only a man like Yundoran could put such a small sphere in such a large and beautiful box.

Putting the sphere on the table, I threw on myself a leather jacket and left the room in a good mood.

Walking along a long corridor, completely made of mirrors, I, whistling an incomprehensible melody, reached the kitchen, where today, my mother was cooking something.

"It was sphere - Postman from Yundoran?" she asked, slicing apples.

"Yes. And today, I'm going to visit him."
"It's wonderful. You shouldn't have stopped talking to him. He's such a good friend. And you see, you finally remembered that you were young. You don't always have to spend time in your room or in that weird library with strange people."

"Strange library?"

My mother looked at me and frowned her eyebrows and said, "What kind of clothes are these? Maybe you should wear that beautiful jacket.”

"No. I'm so comfortable. Besides, it's Yundoran."

"Wait for me, I'll take you to his house."

"No. Mom, I'm going to use the teleportation.”

"Teleportation? This thing will never get you where you wanted to go. Let's use the car."

"Mom, I want to take a walk a little bit. You told me yourself that I needed to go out into the city, to people."

She came up to me and patted me on the head. Today, she looked very calm and gentle.

Working in the kitchen could really make her a gentle lady. But in these eyes, I have always seen a sharp mind and courage that no one in this world had.

"In that case, go. And be careful. If the teleporter takes you to some incomprehensible place, call me. I'll find you," she said and kissed me on the cheek.

Leaving the house, I headed towards the gate.

Perhaps the only thing I liked about this house was that it resembled a palace from antiquity, with all these sculptures and fountains. And it took me exactly five minutes to reach the high gate.
Turning back to look at the house in a modern style, that is, with high windows and with slightly shiny walls, I suddenly felt as if when I returned here, I would not be the same.
I didn't know why I had this feeling, but I kept going.
Now, walking on the perfectly flat asphalt that absorbed any sound, I found myself in the middle of the city.

I know what cities from the 21st century looked like. After all, then, too, there were skyscrapers in the world. And now, perhaps, nothing much has changed. But this, apart from the Rings of the Earth, which were just like that of the planet Saturn.

Why did people create rings for the Earth? These rings were actually used to transport all sorts of things. That is, it was the same rails on which trains used to go.

Oddly enough, I liked to go and look at these rings, through which, I could see starships that created the image of blood flow.

The city, in all its greatness, opened before me. And with every step forward, I discovered a new world.

With the advent of eternity, iron clouds hung over all the houses, creating the eternal evening.

And to my surprise today, I liked this landscape. Suddenly, I remembered everything I read about. All those cities, all those people who may have walked these streets, too.

Beating the rhythm on the asphalt, I could feel my heart beating. The feeling of life has never visited my soul before.

I was walking through the crowd, through faceless faces, and I didn't care that I was different.

When I reached a place that resembled a station, I stopped and at the same second, I was approached by a robot in the form of an ordinary person. But I realized it was definitely a robot. I understood it from his golden eyes and his smile. By a sincere and kind smile. A human couldn't smile like that.

"Do you need help?" he asked, continuing to smile.

"Yes. Please tell me how do I get to the Crystal part of the city?"

For your information, this city was divided into two parts: crystal and amber. I lived on the Amber part of the city, and my friend on the Crystal. And I still didn't understand what was the difference between these two parts.
The robot made a thoughtful expression, then looked at me, replied, "In that case, you need to enter that door and press the top button, and then when you see the bridge, you need to press the number two."

"Thank you."

"Good luck to you," he said and smiled broadly. I felt warm in my soul with such a sincere smile. As it may sound, but sincerity in our age could be seen only on the face of the robot.
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