All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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There was no tenderness or romance in this action at all. It was harsh, unexpected and slightly rude, even vicious.
Sweetness and an electric current ran down my spine. This was the last straw, because I could no longer hide everything that was in my soul.
I kissed him back.
Our thoughts got confused, my breath found its way to his heart, and made him make a slight sound like a sigh.
Earlier, more precisely, from the very moment when I saw this Wizard, I imagined this moment as the most tender in the world. But now, hearing the books fall to the floor and the small table overturns, I saw myself from the side.
I hugged him tightly, and at the same time eagerly followed the movements of his head and face.
I no longer needed anything but to feel Moonlight. I was the richest person who ever lived on this planet. Because, I was holding the most wonderful creature in my arms, and at the same time I fell into too tight embrace.
Once on the carpet, I stopped and just looked into his eyes. He smiled.
"So what do you understand today?" I asked.
“This is it,” he replied and touched my neck lightly. I shivered.
"Tell me, how do you feel?"
“Storm,” he replied.
I hugged him tightly and laid my head on his heart.
"Isn't that enough for you?" he suddenly asked.
I knew what he meant.
"No. It's not like that."
"But people are made like that ..."
"What is happening between us is wonderful. I have always dreamed of beauty. I was able to connect our souls and hearts. This is beyond all my expectations and dreams."
"But I can't make you happy."
"You just don't know how you make me happy."
"Wizard and the great person," he suddenly whispered in my ear.

"You know, from the moment I saw you, I wanted to kiss you."
"Yes. I have never felt such feelings."
Moonlight, suddenly pressed me to the floor, bent over my face and said, "Then, I knew nothing about people. But when I saw you, I wanted to protect you. I wanted to do everything to make you smile."
"So it was love at first sight?"
"Love at first sight?"
"You're right. This is not love."
“It's like the moon in the sky,” he said and kissed me.
Feeling his hands under my shirt, I didn't stop him. I knew he needed to study me completely.
“Our muscles feel the same,” he said, drawing patterns on my back. "I know how people love each other. But I can't love you like that."
"The way people love, it's all about body. In the end, what can a person give to another person? For me, such love has always been weak. Perhaps I want too much to be different from everyone, but it's true. For me, love is something more. And you just give me this wealth. Moonlight, you are perfect."

Falling on his back next to me, he turned his head in my direction. Now, I suddenly felt ashamed.
"Why are you ashamed?" he asked, clearly reading my mind.
"You took off most of my clothes. People usually feel ashamed at such moments. Plus, you look at me."
He suddenly laughed.
"What's so funny?"
"You. Always you."
"And what does it mean?"
"You know, I got scared when you sent me home."
"I know. But I would be even more afraid if you were by my side."
"Tell me, you won't stop, will you?"
"Lain needs to be stopped. She has all my friends. And besides, she wants to destroy all the people who, according to her, prevent others from living in peace."

"I want to help you."
"This is my wish."
"It's dangerous. Plus, no one should know about you."
"Do you remember you told me that I was independent of you? Now, my time has come."
"You are my everything. I can't risk you. Besides, I don't even know what I'm going to do. How will I go against the whole world?"

And then I realized that Moonlight loves too much to press me to the floor with all his weight and sit right on me.
Feeling the tense muscles in his back, I buried my face in his shoulder.
"I appeared in your life. And that is not in vain."
"Moonlight, you are the whole universe to me."
I must say that his skin was more fragrant than any flower that grew around our house. Soft, tender, sweet skin just made me forget about all that I went through today.

"You are my everything. And the everything is not enough."
"And you are mine," he replied and again pressed a sharp kiss on my lips.
He kissed, touched, as if he was in a hurry. There was a certain greed between us, but perhaps I, too, waited too long to find a home like this, between two hands, and in the eyes of full fire and something else.
“Let's take a walk,” he said suddenly, putting his shirt back on.
"Where do you want to go?"
"Doesn't matter."
"Let's go."
The night was cool, but the beads of sweat on our backs did not freeze, and our hearts continued to make us feel the fire.
We just walked without any goal. Somewhere ahead.
But we did not hold hands, because as soon as we touch again, we would create the strongest greed among ourselves. Better was that we walked close to each other.
Although, as soon as we were in some strange tunnel that led to another part of the city, we grabbed each other and the fire continued to burn.

It surprised me that Moonlight looked so humble, but now, he was completely different. And believe me, he made me experience something that no one would ever experience. With just one touch on my hand or collarbone, he made me fly from happiness to the moon.
But the lack of kisses certainly did not threaten me.
"What do you want to reach my soul?" I asked.
Moonlight just laughed viciously.
“You are just incredible. You are love itself in the guise of a person.”
"Where are we going?" he suddenly asked, stepping aside.
"Probably in the wrong direction."
Now, I didn't want to let him go. We walked in an embrace and we didn't care.
His elongated hair reached my face with the wind, and inhaling their scent I did not notice that we were in a deserted part of the city.
And at every step, at every corner, we stopped in order to continue studying each other.
Yes, it was a real dance.
With this pace, we have reached the brightest place in my life.
Amusement park!
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