All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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Yes, such places still existed.
Bright beautiful patterns and seemingly normal fun foreshadowed a real date.
As soon as we left the entire dark city behind, we immediately found ourselves among the crowd of people.
Everyone was cheerful and everyone was smiling.
A variety of carousels were spinning and seemed so safe, even romantic, and I could not even think that this place bears evil in itself.
We stopped in front of the ferris wheel, right behind the queue.

“It's so colorful here,” Moonlight said.
The Wizards also passed by, but I could not understand if they were happy.
When it was our turn, I lifted him up and put him in the booth. Closing the door behind me, I sat down next to him and wanted to continue lighting that fire.
But there were too many people around. And everyone could see us.
Young people, Wizards, everyone here just enjoyed life and looked at the city, which was now a little below.

But we weren't here for beauty, because we saw only the beauty of each other.
Looking at how he became so relaxed, a little arrogant and sarcastic, I just couldn't control my feelings anymore. I wanted to shout to the whole world that there is the greatest meaning in my life.
“I want to see the whole world, space,” he said suddenly.
"We will see everything."
When we got down to the ground, we went on. And as it turned out, this park was very large.
"You should try that ride over there!" someone shouted, obviously to us.
And we just followed everyone.
Balloons and toys, colored robots that sang, joyful faces, all of this promised a bright future for us with Moonlight.
It was like a completely different world, where one could feel calm and normal fun.
"Look, what is this?" Moonlight suddenly asked, pointing in the direction of the screams.
The attraction in the form of many small rockets seemed ordinary, but as soon as the robot pressed the button, a real monster began to spin in front of us.

As it turned out, these small rockets were designed to be thrown upwards and thus create the feeling of real flight.
“It must be scary,” I said as I watched how these small rockets returned to their sites without hitting the ground. After all, nothing held them, not a chain, not a rope, nothing. They just flew high into the sky and hung there.
The people around us were looking up, and they weren't breathing at all. I realized that something terrible should be expected.
And at that moment, when these rockets began to fall down, nevertheless some thin threads appeared and grabbed them with a magnet. Only the rockets continued to fall down. Until they hit the ground. Yes, with such a crash that I had to cover the face of Moonlight in case broken parts fly in all directions.
But no, the rockets did not crash, although the sound was like that, as if something exploded.
"Are they alive?" someone's question was heard.
When the doors opened, the people inside did not come out at all. They continued to sit there, but their blood poured out.
People, watching the blood leaving the rockets, began to scream and laugh.

"What's going on here?" I asked.
The people were alive. But they were not able to get out of there. And all because of the fact that perhaps their bones were broken. But when they recovered, they went out, and what was most terrible and disgusting was that they were smiling.
Nobody began to wash off the blood. And the attraction continued to wait for the next passengers.
No one was afraid, no one thought about what they were spending their time on.
"Why are their hurting themself like this?" Moonlight asked.
"They are tired of their eternity, that's why."
"Tired of eternity?"
I was no longer surprised at anything. But I was afraid. And each time, my fear grew stronger. What was this whole world turning into?
“Let's get out of here,” he said.
"Wait, I want to make a wish."
"I will do anything."

"Make it so that we are far away, where there are flowers and green fields."
He closed my eyes and, touching his nose to my cheek, whispered something, but I did not hear because of loud laughter.
"Aren't you scared?" I asked when we found ourselves among the millions of small flowers.
"I'm surprised. If I had an eternity ahead of me, I wouldn't hurt myself, just to feel alive."
The dark blue sky foreshadowed rain.
“I’m afraid of this world. I’m so afraid,” I said and felt weakness approaching again.
"A few minutes ago, we were happy. Is happiness so fragile? Look at me."
Yes, Moonlight was wiser than me.
"You will succeed. And me too. We will always go forward. Okinizeus, you should always know that there is only one road in life. And this is only forward."
I was happy because I saw a smile.
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