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We had a plan. Yes, finally we came up with a plan that gave us some hope.

Of course, like any other plan, this one seemed absurd and impossible. But we had no other choice anymore.
I understood that the three of us were just going against the whole world. Yes, there were only three of us. Can you imagine it? I could have asked for help from Yundoran, from Venice, but I did not want to involve them in this dangerous game.
My mother, as I understand it, has long been a part of this whole world. She was not against anyone. She just lived and did what she did best - art.
I must say, this feeling, when you and two others are against the whole world, is too incomprehensible, strange. It is a feeling of anxiety and joy because you dared to become different, not like everyone else. It was absurd, though. Our plan was just a fantasy.
And for the second hour in a row, sitting on my bed, surrounded by books and oranges, we continued to discuss our plan.
"I will read all their thoughts and if something goes wrong, I will tell you," Moonlight said. But I was against him going with us.
"You are not going anywhere. You will be waiting for us here."
"But I can't. You know that."

"I said you would wait for me in this room."
"This is my decision and I am going with you."
"Sennhandd, I think you created him especially for me. I have never met a single Wizard who was like him."
Sennhandd, despite the fact that something unpredictable was ahead of us, still managed to smile.
"Yes, he's unique."
“Unique?! I noticed this a long time ago,” I said, and my eyes rested on those red lips again.
Perhaps after reading my mind, Moonlight said, "Sennhandd, why don't you put yourself in order? We're on our way soon."
"You're right."
And at that moment, when Sennhandd left the room, Moonlight grabbed the back of my head, pulled me to himself, and I felt how millions of stars visited my consciousness.
Not noticing how I brushed away everything that surrounded me with my hand, I caught the eye of Moonlight. This look was filled with something like sadness or anxiety. And for some reason this look frightened me. For some slightest moment, I suddenly saw the future in those eyes.

"Why are you looking like that?" I asked, trying not to think bad.
"I don't know. It's just, you're very beautiful."
These words made me blush.
“Thank you,” I replied.
"No. Those who are dear to us, do not thank. This word is only for strangers."
"You are my Moonlight."
Hearing Sennhandd's footsteps, I wanted to keep thinking about the plan, but Moonlight didn't want to let me go.
And I wanted to see Sennhandd's reaction when he sees us lying in an embrace.
The very moment he stopped in front of us, showing us his dark green suit, he suddenly smiled nervously and said, "I think, Oki, you should get dressed too."
"I think so too."
It was clear from his look that he was surprised. But nevertheless, he pretended that everything that happens between us does not concern him.
An hour later, when evening came, I, combing my hair and putting on my new outfit, which consisted of a red shirt, black waistcoat and black trousers, as well as red shoes, appeared before everyone.

And how badly I wanted to read the thoughts of Moonlight, who upon seeing me almost fell.
I tried to look calm, but nevertheless, in my head I pondered our entire plan.
And the plan was as follows.
Sennhandd, after we saw all the horror that only one person created, somehow managed to steal one aquarium. Or rather, his Wizards stole one aquarium where his colleague was in. And now that he had proof, he wanted to show it to one very important person who might not like it all. And, of course, to show everyone what horrors are happening behind their backs.
In short, he just wants to present Lain in a new light. And of course, he had several Wizards who, already on the verge of death, were sent for disposal, but Sennhandd, taking them for himself, asked them to tell everyone about everything they had to do and how the Community "Three and Seven" generally works.
Yes, this plan was too naive, but nevertheless, this is all we had.
While I was pondering all this, Moonlight was already standing next to my mother, in a completely snow-white suit.
"I told you you're not going anywhere!"

"Oki, you don't need to spoil anyone's mood," Mom suddenly said.
I was still mad at her. And perhaps her too calm, indifferent appearance made me leave the house and get into the car.
“You are very beautiful today. This red color suits you very well,” Sennhandd tried to keep the conversation going as we slowly flew forward.
Mom was the only one who did not know about anything. I was scared to realize that she was no longer my mother. I was scared to realize that she suddenly decided to become a stranger to me. She even avoided my gaze.
Half the way, I sat next to Moonlight, who at times pushed my leg. But I only thought about one thing, about stopping Lain and freeing everyone.
My thoughts reached the point where my mom loudly and happily began to greet Lain, who looked as naive as ever.
There were a lot of people in the banquet hall. It seemed to me that the whole city was assembled here. And besides, there were too many Wizards and robots here.
Red tones and overly bright light bulbs adorned this whole space, but nevertheless I did not notice anything beautiful here.

On the contrary, everything was so artificial and feigned that I felt nauseous.
I didn't know anyone here.
Finding a temporary shelter from the eyes in a chair opposite a whole wall with paintings that showed simple lines or strange patterns, I became too bored.
And yes, of course, everyone was wearing masks. It was a real masquerade ball.
Seeing myself in the mirror, or rather my face covered with a black mask, I sighed heavily and dropped my shoulders down.
Watching how Moonlight speaks with Sennhandd and some other person, I did not notice that someone approached me.
"You are Okinizeus, aren't you?"
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