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This question was asked by a woman whose face was covered by a black mask shaped like a crow's beak.
“Yes. It's me,” I replied, immediately catching Moonlight's gaze. I knew he was jealous. I saw it in his eyes, which were looking at me through the snow-white mask that so gently covered his thin face.
"My name is Clara. Yes, you haven't heard of me. I'm not that famous," Clara said and laughed, so vaguely, like she said some kind of joke.

I noticed that she had rings on each finger with huge stones of different colors.
"I love all of your books. They are unusual. Of course, some of them are strange. But nevertheless, I like them all."
"I am pleased to hear that."
Placing her heavy hand on my knee, she smiled as if she were in pain. It was not a smile. It was a spasm of pain.
"At such a young age, you write about such difficult things. Tell me, don't you get bored of yourself? No, I don't blame you. I'm just curious. Thinking about such hard things is incredibly damaging to your mind."
This woman, like everyone else, read my books simply because, in their eyes, I was Sennhandd's friend, lover, whatever they thought. And what he liked, everyone liked.
And I wanted to ask, "What do you think about all that I have written in a book called - Travel?"
Clara laughed again and she was lucky, because we were interrupted by other people who recognized me and started asking for my autograph.
I must admit, everyone was beautiful and smart, and I even believed that all these people were sincere and kind. But in fact, these hands, which held out my own books to me, have already hurt Wizards many times.
Looking at them, I was surprised about how person can look cultured and intelligent, after he or she managed to be a monster.
Could it be that culture is just a deception in order to seem worthy of the whole society?
"Okinizeus, you are so handsome. You are just very handsome," one nice girl told me. Suddenly, I had the thought that I had already seen her.
This long hair, this small face with incredibly beautiful, blue eyes, and this tender voice. I really saw her somewhere before.
Noticing my interest in remembering her, she came up to me and whispered, "Can I dance with you? I hope you can dance?"
"Of course I can. Except, I don't think I will have time to dance."
"So you refuse me?"
And the moment she smiled, while closing her eyes, I remembered where I saw her.

She was the same person who was in that amusement park. And she was the one who, being covered in blood and wounds, screamed and waved her arms. Then, she looked so happy, as if she had received some kind of award.
Perhaps at that moment, she recognized me too, judging by the fact that she took a step back.
“I think today all the ladies will expect you to dance,” said the young man who looked like a student. Round glasses, a brooding look, and a long black cloak.
“I think so too,” I replied.
"Are you tired?" he asked.
For some reason, I saw in him a certain resemblance to Yundoran.
“Let's get out of here,” he said, mysteriously walking away through the crowd of people.
Stopping in front of the window, he said, "I always notice that when people want freedom, they go to the window. It doesn't matter when, it can happen during a conversation or just like that. A person always looks out the window. Perhaps he feels free."
"What book are you working on?"
"You were wrong here. But still, you are right."
"In that case, what verses do you write?"

“You're right here,” he said, continuing to stare into the void where one old robot stood. "I write poetry in order to live. But you will not like my poetry."
He looked at me mysteriously and just walked away.
And when I was finally alone, I looked at how the lonely robot stood in the pitch darkness, looking just ahead, maybe at me.
For some reason, I felt pain while looking at this robot, which, moreover, did not have one arm.
Science has taken so many steps forward, but still no one is able to fix a broken robot.
"Are you okay?" Sennhandd asked.
"Are you afraid?"
"Lain and all are already here. And Kazimir wants to meet you."
"He's the minister of progress. Remember? He's all our hope."

"How do you know that he will believe you? And how do you know that he will do something? Do you think he is not like everyone else?"
"I do not know. But I hope. I know that he is a kind person. And that's enough."
"You seem to be the smartest person. But do you still believe in kindness?"
"And what can I do? Only those who believe in kindness will survive in this world."
"Perhaps you are right. Show him to me."
At the very moment when I noticed one short man, people immediately began to dance and the noise of music filled the whole room.
"Come on."
Moonlight, sitting in the very corner of the room, was my light. But instead of him, I chose a fight, a game.
Kazimir, the minister of progress, watching Lain dance, swayed nervously from side to side.
“Kazimir, let me introduce you, this is Okinizeus,” Sennhandd said.
He acted a little nervous and was afraid that this man with a thin mustache and perfectly round eyes would notice it.
But no, he smiled kindly and said, "Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you. And I also read one of your books. That book is about love. And now I just can't sleep."

From the manner of his speech, I also thought that he was a kind person.
"Yes, our Oki knows how to use words."
“After your book, I can't stop thinking about one person now,” Kazimir said, pointing at Lain.
"Do you love her?" I found the courage to ask, although this question has probably not been asked for several centuries. And if someone heard me, he or she would be surprised and would not understand me. But it's good that no one heard this question.
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