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Kazimir, casting a glance at Sennhandd, hit him on the back with all his might and laughed without the slightest sound.
"Your writer is very smart and he knows how to see through everything."
“I think you can notice things too,” I whispered, considering that this “kind” man walks in the middle of cruelty and injustice.
"You are right. This woman just does not give my heart rest. But I am afraid of her," he said, and at that moment, I had to tell millions of reasons that one should be afraid of her. "Perhaps it is strange for me to speak about such things right away. You see me for the first time."
"No. I don't like it when people talk about what they don't want to."

"You are so much like my son. He is the same as you. He also writes, only poetry."
"So that guy is your son?!"
"I don't know who you are talking about. But here he is!"
The young man who spoke to me a few minutes ago about freedom and about the window came up to us and fixed his gaze on me.
"Luca, have you already met the great writer of our time?!" Kazimir asked, tapping his son hard on the back.
"The great writer of our time?!" I asked, trying to understand what kind of person this Kazimir was.
"Yes. Young man, I see talent from the outside. I'm still a minister of progress. How strange it sounds. But still, I notice everyone who is able to become part of the progress of mankind. So you should never doubt that you are not the great writer of our time. After all, I must admit that you reminded everyone of what books are. And now, everyone has one more thing to do in order to spend their days."
"In order to spend their days. Yes, everyone wants to waste their time. Kazimir, have you seen that amusement park where people want to fall from a height and bleed?" I asked, feeling the anger that was directed primarily at Lain.

Kazimir did not even pretend to be surprised, but his son Luca replied, "Yes. I saw this place. It's disgusting."
"Hush," Kazimir said.
"And so, in this world, all progress is the work of Sennhandd and of course Lain. They are both great scientists and they never let people down. They know their business. Therefore, I can be a happy and calm minister. And of course I can be lazy," he said and laughed loudly. How could such a small person be so loud that even the music seemed quiet?
"I don't know anything about Lain. She must be a very good scientist?!" I asked, wanting to know his opinions of her and how well the community "Three and Seven" are hiding their existence.
Kazimir, tired of standing on his feet, sat down with a crash on a chair and his son wiped the sweat from his forehead.
The people around us continued to dance, not paying any attention to us. Everyone didn't care, everyone wanted to experience as much fun as possible.
And Moonlight, he stood not far from me, at the table and he did not stop looking at me. And in my mind I said, "It's okay."

But under such close attention, I felt weak and those eyes were attracting me to him. What power does love have?
"Lain, she's a replica of Sennhandd. She's smart, brave and always taking care of everyone. She's like a mom," Kazimir replied.
“My dad doesn't know people at all,” Luca said, looking seriously at all the people who tried to make themselves feel dizzy from this strange dance.
And Lain, too, looked more cheerful than ever.
"Let me ask you, how do you spend your days? I hope you are not overburdening yourself with work?" I kept asking.
Kazimir, at the same time, answered my questions as if he was a student on an exam. I was frightened by his obedience to answer questions.
"All my job is to talk to scientists from time to time and observe how people live. That's all. I don't think I'm in that state to complain about life."
"You're right," Sennhandd added.
"Sennhandd, what's wrong with you? In the last days, you've been kind of sad."

"Mr. Kazimir, you have always loved justice and you have always been concerned about the well-being of every person?!" Sennhandd began with a question.
Kazimir, without the slightest hint that he was surprised, seriously replied, "Of course. If this is not so, then what kind of minister am I?! People's happiness is the main concern of any person who holds such a post."
In his response, I heard something that made me trust him. Maybe he was that hope, the one who still remembered the existence of justice.
“Mr. Kazimir,” Sennhandd began, but Lain's loud voice cut him off.
"Dear guests! I am very happy that you are all here!" she began by standing in the very center of the room.
A white, light dress distorted her image, making her kind and innocent, and this smile, look, simply deceived everyone. And people, looking at her, simply could not help smiling.
Seeing me, she smiled and said, "Today, I was able to gather all the outstanding people who are trying so hard to change this world for the better. Yes, it is. You are all working to make this world a real home for human. And so that a person would never want to find a home somewhere outside this planet. Yes, space travel is more and more popular with every day, but still, this planet is our real home. And I, as part of the scientific council, want to do everything for the humanity. This masquerade ball is arranged in honor of the willpower and stubbornness of human. Everything around us, all this happiness and fun, this is what we have all achieved. After so much suffering, humanity has the right to be happy forever. And this great happiness exists thanks to our friend Kazimir who is almost our father. He always supports us and if it were not for him, there would be no science. Mr. Kazimir is really the man who carries the entire planet on his back. Just like Atlas."
Listening to her, everyone just looked at her with such delight, as if everyone was in love with her.
And now, when Kazimir was standing next to her, she laid her hand on his shoulder and continued, "Mister Kazimir, if it were not for you, I would not have had the courage. You know that?!"
Blushing, he replied, "Lain, you are exaggerating everything too much. This is the merit of scientists. More precisely, yours and Sennhandd. And I'm just watching you."
"All these merits are not only mine, a lot has been done by my colleagues. Lain and I are not the only ones in the Scientific Council," Sennhandd added and I noticed that he was ready to tell the whole truth and show the aquarium that was behind the wide curtain. And yes, people became so lazy and indifferent that no one dared to come up and take a look at what was behind the curtain.

The situation became more and more surreal and ridiculous. Feeling the touch of Moonlight, I shivered slightly. Now was not the time for that fire that I had experienced many times.
And how hard it was to smile at everyone who looked at me. But I didn't even know where my mother was.

“You're right. Sennhandd, you never forget about your colleagues. You are a really great man,” Kazimir said.
And yet, I was amazed that everyone looked at them so attentively and quietly that no one spoke. I could not understand all these people in any way. Or did they deliberately create an absurd environment around?
"Sometimes, all good is done by the one who stands aside. And the evil is done by the one who stands right in the center and smiles at the same time," Sennhandd added.
Luca came up to me and whispered in my ear, which slightly made Moonlight angry.
He whispered, "This Sennhandd, it seems he does not like people. But I always thought that he is the person who cares about every living being on this planet."
"Trust me, he has his reasons for not liking the few people around him now."

"It's Lain, isn't it?! She's not who she says she is?!" Luca suddenly asked and again mysteriously left.
"Did you see that performance of one actor? He jumped from a height and at the same time managed to paint a picture during the fall!" someone shouted and everyone around them began to laugh loudly.
"Mr. Okinizeus, what do you think about this?!" Kazimir asked, although I did not hear even half of what was said.
And I had to ask, "What was the conversation about?!"
"Mr. Okinizeus is always in his world. I'm wondering what he's always thinking about," Lain added, looking pointedly at me.
Sooner or later, she had to understand, to notice that they cannot read my thoughts. And I think right now, she realized it.
"What are you thinking about? The next book?" Kazimir asked, grabbing my hand and placing me in the spotlight.
"I think of a lot of things," I replied.
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