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Sennhandd, meanwhile, simply could not stand still. He was nervous and now, everyone noticed it.
"I trust you Okinizeus. I believe that you are a good person. After all, in our world, it is so hard to find good people," Kazimir said. "Now, we live in such an age when you need to be careful. Happy, but careful. After all, there are not so many good and kind people around us."
I listened to him attentively, while everyone around me began to dance again. Now, we were alone.
"And why has this age suddenly become dangerous? Have you found what makes this world dangerous ?!" Sennhandd asked.
Kazimir, standing next to Lain, suddenly changed and became more serious than he was. This was very bad sign.
"The world is always a dangerous place. After all, there will always be those who want to implement their own rules. After all, there will always be those who will go against, disturbing the peace of other people. Let's take, for example, all those people who thought they were someone, who supposedly would be able to change this world. But in reality, these people only interfered with the happiness of other people. They inspired them that this world and they themselves are imperfect. And therefore, this world is not yet ideal. As long as there is reason and thoughts, the world will be a battlefield."

As long as there is reason and thoughts, this world will be a battlefield.
Perhaps this was the motto of the modern world. Yes, the mind has become something of a disease, a defect.
“There are so many people in this world who are so ungrateful that they are ready to go to any lengths just to inspire others with bad things. This is not fair. Humanity has finally achieved eternal happiness, but some writers, thinkers want to destroy all this."
"Be afraid of the one who thinks. I've always told you this."
At that very moment, Sennhandd and I felt that we were alone against the whole world.
"Lain, we have erased the memory of many dangerous people and look at the world. Has the world become calmer and safer?! Of course it has! Yes, perhaps all evil comes from those who think that he is smart. Mind, that's what creates evil. Smart people are dangerous people. It has always been that way. They are always arrogant and in fact, they don't know anything."
"You are right as always. But that's why, I am doing everything so that this world exists in harmony."
"Sennhandd, you know that scientist who desperately wanted to improve the quality of robots?! So, now, he is in a place where he can not interfere with all his thoughts. I think you noticed an improvement in society. People people him, with their ideals, are dangerous."
"Did you erase all memory simply because they were not thinking like everyone else? Just because all these people wanted something more than living their lives in an empty place, looking at how human fantasies are becoming more and more absurd?! Now, it means that science, soon will soon become a mistake, a defect? This is hour goal," Sennhandd said. It was hard for me to hear his voice, which sounded so weak, as if he was already dying from all the madness around.
“Sennhandd, I’ll tell you a secret, the world doesn’t like too many smart people. The world needs only one hero, one genius, one leader. And what is more important, people need happiness."
"So, all those people who are already dead, they were all superfluous? All those who worked at SCIBMAG, were they dangerous? But what about all those writers? They didn’t do anything bad?! Where are they now? Sitting in aquariums, without a single hope of becoming a person again?! " Sennhendd's scream made everyone stop.
Lain, realizing what was going on, smiled slyly and looked at me.

"Sennhandd, what's wrong with you?!"
That's it, I could no longer stand and be silent.
"We know what you are doing. We have seen everything. So this is what role you have chosen for yourself! I wonder what people will think when they see this!"
Yes, I was the first to open the curtain and show a man who was swimming in some kind of liquid.
"This is a man, a living man! And now, he is nobody! You have taken everything from him. And most importantly, you have taken away from him the right to his own thoughts! Do you really think that this man is capable of causing disorder? A disorder in the world where people want to die! It would be better if you looked at all these people! They are real evil! Have you ever seen their faces at that moment when the innocent Wizard was dying? Can you still call all these people reasonable?! Really for you, reason, mind, became a disease?! "
These were my words and I did not think at all about what they might lead to.
After all, after what I said, two men came up to me and they wanted to grab my hands. But Sennhandd, completely losing control of himself, hit one of them, and thereby pushed me aside.

"In this aquarium, my friend! He is my colleague! We created many things with him! And now look at him! He has no memory! He is simply dead! Even if his heart beats, he will never be the same again! Lain, Kazimir you are just monsters! And I refuse to be a part of SCIBMAG! I won't listen to you anymore! Stop it! You've played kings too long! Look everyone! They kill everything in people!"
"Sennhandd, I'm afraid you'll regret what you said!"
"I'm afraid you'll regret it!"
"Grab him! Someone!"
Indeed, the disorder was created by those who still knew how to think. And since he knew how to think, then he could fight back and go against everyone. Now, I understood why representatives of Homo sapiens, now, in aquariums.
The patrol soldiers began to attack almost everyone, tables began flying in all directions. But Kazimir and Lain simply disappeared.
Amidst all this chaos, I saw my mother at the very end of the room. She sat so calmly that I realized she was no longer my mother. Yes, I realized it for the second time.
She is not my mother! Not my mother!

"I won't let you mock people like that! A reasonable person will win anyway!"
Amid Sennhandd's screams, I tried to find Moonlight. And the further I went into the depths of the crowd, the more I felt the pain from the fists of people. Yes, they attacked me. After all, now, I was perhaps the most dangerous person.
"Moonlight!" I had no choice but to scream.
And at that moment, when my gaze fell on the man in white, who was trying to take off Moonlight's clothes, I grabbed a knife and rushed in his direction.
I didn’t notice how I struck. But when I felt the blood on my hands, I realized that now, I am a dangerous person.
"A writer wounded a man! A writer wounded a man!"
"Moonlight! Are you okay?!"
"Yes," he said, and grabbing my hand, he ran somewhere.
But it was too late to run.
"We knew that people like you were nothing but trouble. Smart people always want to rule the world. And how can you believe in art, literature and science after this!"

"Science feeds you. Science has made you all immortal. But what are you doing? You see enemies in scientists, danger in writers!"
"Okinizeus let's go."
"Take him away! Patrol!"
I couldn't be myself anymore. Using my fists, I threw myself into the world where we were all just savages.
It's too boring to describe the fight. After all, what can be but cruelty?
I felt pain, people rushed at me, I fought back.
Moonlight, I had to protect him, I was so afraid that something would happen to him. And yet, I knew that this was our last moment. I should have kissed him by any means, hugged him, and only then, I could die in peace.
At such moments, a person becomes a real monster. Perhaps yes, love makes a monster out of a person.
I was beaten, but I also hit. Transformed into a warrior, I created a path towards Moonlight.
But I only managed to touch his face. And that was the last thing that kept a person in me.
I loved him, I realized it then. My love was made for him. But I couldn't keep this love.

"I want you to be far away from here. And you will never find me. This is my wish," I whispered. It was my wish, my last wish.
I couldn't be strong anymore. Yes, the crowd, the society was winning. A person cannot do anything when the whole world is opposed to him. I knew it and it hurt.
"Patrol! Get him out of here! And do everything so that he no longer interferes with normal people!"
“I wish you never knew me,” I repeated and possibly injured Moonlight.
But when my hand no longer felt the skin of his face, I destroyed all the good that was in me.
I wanted to see him fulfill my wishes and disappear. But I was the first to close my eyes and felt the cold breath of death and unbearable pain due to the electric current.
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