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"A person should be happy. A person should laugh and enjoy life. The age of heavy and sad thoughts has passed. Now, a person does not have to use his or her mind in order to survive. This is what evolution wanted. Yes, this is evolution. Immortal people, happy people, this is a new kind of people who have freed themselves from the shackles of their mind. But the world still cannot reach the ideal. And all because, in this world there are still those who raise their minds and interfere with all their speeches and ideas that everything is wrong."
"And you are a great writer?! He's just a deceiver! He interferes with the development of society! People like him have always been the cause of all disasters. Just remember all those writers whose books have badly influenced young people! And what are they trying to achieve?! Just recognition. And control our brains! Writers have always been nothing. They impose their own thoughts on other people. This is real selfishness!"
"We need to remove all such people! We do not need those who write poetry, books, and science is also turning into something that will soon spoil the quality of our life! We need living people who only want to live and be happy!"
"Take him away! Until he influenced the thoughts of our children! What kind of future awaits us if people like him continue to write and force everyone to read this absurdity?!"
"Mister Kazimir, why are you silent!"
"I really don't know what to say. It's too hard with these smart people. In fact, they're not smart at all!"
"And who is this man?! He, too, is one of these dangerous people?"

"This is a scientist. And he wanted to change this world more than once, insisting that the way everyone lives is wrong. He wanted to plant trees and revive the oceans and seas. He wanted to return this poor planet back to its former state. Can you believe it?!"
"Such people are dangerous because they live in the past. And they pull the humanity, all progress back. They want to bring everything back. But it's good that Lain led the community Three and Seven. Without her, everything would be different."
"Yes, you are right. After all, even this great Sennhandd is not the same as before. He has changed. I would not be surprised if he wanted to create viruses and make a person weak again. Yet every scientist always wants to destroy. These great minds are dangerous. And I would like Lain to remove all such people. They are not needed in such an ideal world. They prevent everyone from living!"
I remembered all these words of the people who surrounded me then, and I also remembered the sound that was the result of a strong blow. It was the sound of broken ribs.
And also I remember well how I was thrown to the side of the table, like unnecessary thing. But I did not feel the pain. All I was thinking about was Moonlight.
I was afraid that someone would hurt him and to prevent this, I fought like a real warrior. There were forces in me that I did not know about.

And believe me, it's awful when you can't do anything but just look at the one for whom your heart beats and lives. Then I asked myself, "Who am I without Moonlight?!"
And the answer was obvious, without him I was nothing. It was agreed.
But I realized it too late, because if I had understood it earlier, I would have taken him and run away from here. I wouldn't risk that. But as usual, I, a true person, realized this too late.
At the very moment when they took me away, and he was left, with my two wishes, all alone in this world.

I want you to be safe.
I want you to never find me.

These two wishes may have been my last.
And I repeated them over and over. Until I woke up in some room. To my surprise, it was too cozy and beautiful room.
The very first thing I noticed was the fountain, which was literally in the middle of the room.

A fountain in the shape of two swans occupied almost the entire room. But around these swans were simple walls with many paintings.
Feeling a headache, I was still able to get to my feet, and only now I noticed that I was lying on the bed all this time. And then I realized that someone did not want me to spend time in an uncomfortable atmosphere.
The dark green walls had a beneficial effect and soon I was able to think clearly.
I was caught by patrol soldiers in white. They brought me here. And now, perhaps they will put me in an aquarium and erase all my memory.
I didn't have time for panic or fear. I just held on to all the memories about my soulmate. What will I become if they are taken from me?
Back on the bed, I covered my face with my hands and noticed that my hands were covered in blood.
Why is it still necessary to use brute force in this world?
To my surprise, I was calm and even indifferent to anything that might happen. I didn't even budge the moment Lain entered the room.
"No headache?" was her first question.

"Even if it hurts, it's okay."
"Have you always been so indifferent to yourself?" she asked, handing me a glass of water.
Feeling the coolness of the artificial water, I suddenly felt disgusted.
"Tell me, do you like this water? Sometimes it seems to me that I am drinking some kind of poison."
"That's all we have. But better water like that than no water at all."
"Tell me, why Science can not create water like it was before? Why they can create different dimensions and other impossible things, but they cannot create water. Or do you interfere with them? You will say that this is dangerous. Because after all, they want to create something useful, something that will change the world for the better. And you are against of everything which can be better. Because you are the part of community, government or how do you call it."
"You don't know where you are and still want to talk about it?! And you are really special. You know that?! Yes, you are special and wonderful. I understood this immediately when I saw you. You seem to live in another world. And you don't care about other people at all. Because you're just special. That's your strength and I am wondering about what are you capable of," Lain said as she circled around the fountain.

She was still wearing that black dress and the same color mask in the form of butterfly wings. And she seemed so small that I could easily lift her and still not feel the weight.
Yet it is true, fragile-looking people are the strongest.
"What are you going to do next? If you want to destroy my personality, then go ahead. Don't keep me waiting."
“You are also brave. It makes you even more beautiful,” she said and sat down next to me.
The cylinder-shaped room began to spin slowly due to the headache, which slowly turned into nausea.
Suddenly, Lain took my face in her hands and pulled me to her. No, she wasn't going to kiss me, she was just staring at me. Running a finger across my forehead and down to my chin, her eyes suddenly filled with tears.
“You are so unique,” she whispered and placed both hands on my shoulders. "I want to kiss you."
"You can put me in the aquarium and take my memory away, but please stop."
"You are really special. No one in this world remembers love as much as you do. No one can love the way you love. I admire you."
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