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Laughter overshadowed all my senses. I allowed myself to laugh, because I had no idea about what was happening right now.
"Are you funny?! Why?"
"Aren't you funny?! You're weird, Lain. Very weird."
I looked at her and tried to understand her. But she closed herself off from all people. For a moment, it seemed to me that I could talk to her and she would understand me.
"What do you want from me? And what are you trying to achieve?!" I asked, having noticed a small painting. There was a man and he had tears on his face and was holding a small bird with his right hand.
Resting her head on the pillow, she closed her eyes and said, "I'm so tired."
"Why do you need all these people? They do no harm to anyone. Tell me, why do you need all this? You have Albert, Neon in that prison. They are my friends. And I know them. They never hurt anyone. So why are you doing all this? Let them go."
Still with her eyes closed, she just sighed. Lain was acting as if she herself was the prisoner.
I continued, "The most dangerous people are those who waste their time, who like cruelty and fun. What does future hold for such people? Aren't you scared? Do you think without scientists, this world will survive? Just because you said so?!"

"Tell me what is humanity?!"
I went up to that painting and now, at close range, this man reminded me of Higgdalf.
“Answer my question,” she said, lazily opening her eyes.
"What is it like to be a human? This question is more important," I replied and continued, "This is the ability not to betray yourself, your thoughts and goals. And also, this is the ability not to interfere with others' lives. But nowadays, to be a human doesn't require to be good. Good is just the color of life."
"Good is just the color of life. It is beautifully said. I told you that you are a very talented person?" she asked and somehow imperceptibly approached me.
Feeling her embrace, I wanted to step aside, but she was much stronger than I thought.
In her arms, in those thin arms that clasped my back, I suddenly heard a quiet, weak cry for help. For a minute, Lain became a simple person who was just as afraid as I was.
She whispered, "I could love you."
"I couldn't answer your love."
"I wouldn't have expected an answer."

She touched my hair and then the corner of my lips, where there was dried blood.
"Why are you so desperate to go against the whole world?! Don't you think it's dangerous?!" she asked, looking at me with such tenderness that I had never noticed in her eyes.
She seemed so fragile and afraid that I refused to believe that she was the cause of all evil and injustice.
"I don't want to hurt you. Okinizeus, you are the person who has become important to me."
"Why it seems to me that the whole world revolves around me?! First, friendship with the greatest and smartest man in this world, then I became the most popular writer, then the enemy of all mankind, and now, Lain herself says these words to me."
Squeezing my hand, she came closer and said, "Probably yes, for many you become the center of the whole world. You just have such a talent. Some people are beautiful, some are successful, but some people know how to be the center of the whole world."
I was tired of this play and I was tired of everything that was happening. And I asked, "Lain, what do you want? Just tell me, explain and do what you wanted to do."
Still looking innocently at me, she quietly said, "You will always see me as a villain, won't you?"

"Why do you think so?"
"What can I do so that I am not a bad person in your eyes?" The question was too stupid for her. And at that moment I realized that she was just playing.
"You're saying that on purpose, aren't you?"
As she began to unbutton my shirt, she burned my neck with her breathing and whispered, "I don't want to hurt you. I can make you the king of this world."
I couldn't take it anymore. I felt as if I was some kind of thing and it was unpleasant for me. Pushing her aside, I didn't regret anything.
"Stop it all! Stop Lain! What are you doing anyway?" My scream sounded so loud that a soldier burst into the room.
“It's okay. Mr. Okinizeus is just tired,” Lain said in response to the soldier's angry glare.
"Okinizeus, I like you. I like you very much. In you, I found my weakness. And now the decision is yours. You can become a king, or you will live forever in water, without personality and hope of awakening."
"What kind of monster are you?!"
"Hush. Don't scream. Otherwise, everyone will think that I really am a monster."

I could no longer endure everything that was happening. And being in the same room with this person was so unbearable that I was ready to throw myself on the walls to free myself. But no, I knew that in this world I was only a small bird.
Having driven myself into a corner, I no longer thought about anything. I did not care. I knew what lay ahead of me.
"Get up. You don't have to sit on the floor."
"Enough. Please stop it all! Let all my friends go. And Sennhandd, what will happen to him now?"
"Sennhandd? He'll be fine. Don't worry about him. He's the smartest person in the world. Although, his mind brought him straight into the aquarium."
She used her too kind and scared face to manipulate me. These eyes are always covered with tears, this facial expression, it all made me weak. And she knew it.
"Why don't you want to understand that I am doing all this for you, for your mother and in general for the sake of everyone. You don't want to live in a world where there is only peace and harmony? You really do not want such a peace? Just imagine the world without dangerous people."

"Tell me, when a smart person was considered dangerous? Do you really see in those who are still able to think clearly, the most real criminals? They are now the main danger?! Tell me at least one excuse that will prove to me that you are right, that yes, simple writers are dangerous to the whole society! Or a simple scientist who just wanted to plant trees is dangerous like any criminal leader! Tell me! "
"Are you hungry? Shall we have dinner together?"
"There is no point in talking to you. You just lost your mind."
As if not understanding me, she left the room and left the door open.
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