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As it turned out, I was in her house. Leaving that room, I walked down a long and bright corridor, which was completely decorated with different flowers and branches, on which little birds were sitting.
They were of different colors and each one looked just like the real thing. For a moment, I forgot about where I was and just smiled at the little bird, which, looking at me, flew up slightly and made a gentle sound.

"They are real. They just created them in the laboratory," someone said from behind the bushes.
A light blue long shirt with small cloud patterns was the first thing I noticed. And then, snow-white hair gathered in a long braid and an elongated face with expressive bright blue eyes suggested to me that the Wizard was standing in front of me. Immediately, I felt safe.
"Did I scare you? Sorry. Mistress Lain always says that I walk so quietly that sometimes she flinches at the sight of me."
"Do you live here?" I asked, and in this question I put my cry for help.
"Yes. I live here," the wizard replied and pointing forward, added, "Please, you have to go this way."
My heart was pounding so loudly that I think this Wizard heard my excitement. My thoughts screamed and asked for help, and I hoped so strongly that this Wizard would help me.
I tell you honestly how unpleasant it is to hope. Hope is like a mirage in the desert, you don’t know if it’s there, but you still feed it with your faith and hopelessness.
But no, this Wizard was just doing his job and maybe he was afraid of Lain as much as I am.
When we got to the room, where there were too many statues in the form of people and angels, the Wizard simply left silently. Taking all my hope with him.

“I did it all,” Lain said, pointing to the man-shaped statue with curly hair. "And these angels were made at a time when it was very difficult for me. Carving these wings, I regained strength. Well, I created these at that moment when I was sad. So every statue in this room is too important for me."
The statues were beautiful, I had no doubt about it, but that didn't mean that I would be able to notice something beautiful about her, just for my own salvation.
"I think your mom would have appreciated all this. Although, compared to her, my creations are ridiculous."
I couldn't talk to her anymore. I no longer had the strength.
"You need to eat. You look so fragile. Come on, sit down," she said and as if it was all a game, she just took a seat by the window.
"Are you wondering why I'm doing all this? Well, I think you'll understand me," she said and took one book in her hand.
I silently watched everything that happened.
"This book does not carry anything good in itself. After reading such a book, anyone will understand and remember what depression is. After this book, a person may lose the joy of life. He will think and doubt his life. Therefore, such books are dangerous. And in general, all books are dangerous. Maybe you did not notice this, but it’s true. Well, I am very worried about the quality of life of people. Humanity has endured illness, suffering and poverty for so long that now, every inhabitant of this planet deserves happiness and joy. And also peace. Therefore, we are working to protect this happiness. We are just doing our job. Isn't it a manifestation of good? What we are doing is not good?"
The wizard put several plates with different dishes on the table, looked at me strangely and quickly walked away. What did this look of his mean?
"Therefore, you are wrong, Okinizeus. I am not an enemy and the community Three and Seven are just guarding that happiness. Think, what's wrong with that?" she asked and with the face of the most indifferent person began to eat vegetable soup.
"But what was the fault of that scientist who only wanted to plant trees? Is he evil? How would he interfere with the happiness of others?"
Lain and I were separated only by a small round table, but at the same time, she seemed so close that every innocent glance made me uneasy.
"What was this scientist to blame! Don't you know?"
"How do I know. Well, answer it. If you know the answer to this question. I know that you perfectly understand how absurd it all is."

Putting the spoon on the table, she wiped the corners of her mouth and took several sips of water. I knew that she was angry, but nevertheless, she did not remove the mask of naivety. This was her weapon. This angelic look, this look that screamed for help, it was all part of her game.
"People who live in the past are dangerous. They can do anything. They interfere with those who want to move forward into the future. So why bring the past back to this world? Such people are dangerous. And besides, his thoughts were not the most kind. He always thought about how unhappy he is and how much he hates all this progress. All this world."
Her answer was absurd. It was real surrealism. If earlier, surrealism was only in paintings, now it was a part of modern life.
"What about Albert? What didn't you like about him? Is he also a man who lives in the past? If so, then I am the most dangerous person who has ever walked on this earth. I do value history, I live in the past. Why am I still here then?"
While I spoke, the Wizard stood in the very corner of the room and at the same time, his gaze was directed at me. I didn't know what hurt me the most, our separation with Moonlight or the surreal injustice that became part of this world a long time ago.
Lain continued to eat her vegetable soup. In front of me was the person who instilled in everyone that everyone who has intelligence is in fact insane.

In a crazy world, intelligence is a defect.
This is the truth that has existed throughout the entire existence of mankind.
She replied, "Albert, he was dissatisfied with this world. His thoughts were always hard to understand. You know, he is the kind of person whose heart and soul are constantly crying. Perhaps this is why he is dangerous."
I couldn't listen to this weirdness anymore, and I just said, "If you want to put me in one of the aquariums, go ahead. I'm so tired."
Making such an expression, as if she was sorry for me, she touched my hand and shook her head. "I don't want to treat you that way. Okinizeus, I really like you. You are a unique person. I don't want to make an enemy out of you. Trust me."
"If you like me, then let all these people go. They are not evil. You just have not seen the real evil. You have not seen how people live now, what they spend their time on. They have become cruel and they have no heart. Is this normal for you? It seems this world has forgotten what good and evil are. Do you really think that if a person still knows how to think and be rational, then he is dangerous? You know that this is not true. What do you want?"

"What is the most important thing in this life?"
"Development and the ability to think with your own head."
"The most important thing in life is happiness."
"Isn't it the greatest happiness to be able to think and use your mind to improve your life?" I asked, once again caught the strange look of that Wizard. The problem was that I didn't understand what was behind that look.
Lain, spreading her fragile, small shoulders as if it were her wings, said, "All evil, throughout the ages, was the result of thinking. Do you think I don't know history? All the bad things that have ever happened on earth are the result of the most simple thinking. And not simple thinking, but when a person imposes his ideas and thoughts on other people. The mind is not always good. And what are the most dangerous people? Those who want to create their own world. Scientists, artists, writers, even poets, after all, they all want one thing, and that is to destroy all peace and happiness. They want this world to be immersed in chaos and in a feeling of incompleteness. All that development is not enough for them, and because of this, they want to create something new. And that always leads to bad things. All the conflicts in the world, everything that made people unhappy, it is because of those people who use their mind. Don't look at me like that, yes, I know, the mind is good. It's nice to be smart, but perhaps the mind destroys happiness. With all those books, because of the effort to change something, this ideal world that we have can simply disappear in the blink of an eye. We can easily go back in time and again plunge into suffering."
"Tell me, do you really believe in everything that you say? You say that all scientists are evil? Just because they want to change, improve this world? You say that writers are evil because they make people suffer? Do you really believe this? Without such people, this world would not exist! Do you know that?! "
She wanted to silence me, but I continued, "Who are you to decide everything? Okay, maybe you can catch all the dangerous people, that is, smart people, and then what? Do you really think that this world will develop without them. Do you really think so? What kind of world will it be? Lain, do you want to create a world where no one can think, cannot read and understand how lucky he or she is, just because they have immortality in their blood?"
"And you like to argue."
I knew I was just wasting my time. But the anger that I felt haunted me. But alone, I couldn't do anything.
"Okinizeus, you just don't understand anything. What's wrong with just living and being happy? Look, this is a new century. A new world. And in this world, a person no longer needs to think day and night. You don't have to torture yourself thinking about how to survive. Isn't that wonderful?"

"For the sake of happiness, do you want to forget everything that makes a person moral? Well, go ahead. But without the ability to think, this world will return to primitive times."
I got up from the table and headed towards the door. I couldn't talk to her anymore. As I walked forward, I expected someone to stop me. But no, I got to that strange room and continued to hope that Sennhandd could stop this all.
But I didn’t know then that it was up to me to stop all this.
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