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"What is a great mind?! It's just a whim, which is dangerous and fraught with a lot of suffering. Great mind does not always mean something good. An intelligent person is not always a kind and useful person. Everything that is created by intelligent people, of course, can be beneficial, but also evil. War, poverty, conflicts, all this happened because of people who supposedly considered themselves smart. There are so many scientists in the world whose work brought so much pain and death. And most importantly, such people, dangerous people, always questioned all those who were just happy. They looked down on happiness. And therefore, they wanted everyone to be unhappy. Yes, reason requires a person simply renounce his or her happiness. And this is good?! The mind, this is real evil. The mind will never allow a person to be happy. And now it is the age when happiness is in everyone's house. So why should we give up this?"
I watched Kazimir say all this. I watched and listened to his every word. And even if I was sitting in that room, opposite the hologram, I could feel how quickly this world was changing. Yes, I couldn't do anything. I only watched the news on TV. The helplessness was driving me crazy. And even more, parting with Moonlight. How badly I wished to have my memory erased. For the pain that was in me was the result of the fact that my heart remained in the hands of Moonlight.
And then the moment came when the cameras were directed at Sennhandd, the great scientist who created immortality, who created an apparatus capable of creating any amount of food, who made the Earth independent from the Sun, who solved the problem of lack of land by inventing a technique for creating other dimensions. Yes, this was the person thanks to whom everyone lived in abundance. This was the man who made everyone equal.
What happened to this great man?

He just stood on the stage with his hands tied, with several wounds on his face. He stood before everyone, before the entire elite of this world, before the community called "Three and Seven" and before the common people.
And he stood not with his head held high, but with his gaze lowered down, like he was ashamed. As if he was guilty of a serious crime.
But the worst lay ahead of him.
Now, Kazimir was pointing at him, waving his hand and shouting, looking at him with disgust. And this is all, under a gray sky, in the darkness, in a world where the mind was already considered a disease.
"Sennhandd, I really didn't know that you would stand up for all those who wanted to hinder the whole development of this world. I always thought you were a very smart and generous person. But look at yourself now, who have you become?! Your thoughts are not pure, there is not a drop of kindness in them. You regret what you created. And this is very bad. You went against us all, and for the sake of one colleague, with whom you once shared the laboratory. Because of one person, you went against the whole world. Did you always want this? Did you really care about your reputation? Everyone loved you. And now how will you order to restore the trust of everyone? You are a good scientist, but like all great minds, you just go crazy. Now, your thoughts can only destroy everyone. And no one wants this. Perhaps you have become too old for this world. After all, the stars do not burn forever. Every bright star that kept life, dies. Do you hear?! This person could always be great! But he decided to go against the whole world, against goodness, ideal and against harmony! He decided that he could change this world by making sacrifices and reminding everyone that there was still suffering. Sennhandd chose his friend, a colleague who is dangerous to the whole world. He chose all those people who planned how to change everything, destroy everything. He chose the side of evil. And most importantly, his mind made him forget what happiness is. How can we trust this person now?"
Kazimir's speech was simply impossible. I didn’t believe what I was hearing. I literally got on the canvas of some kind of surreal picture. Into the world of dreams, where stones spoke and birds could not fly. Or maybe it was a dream?
And the worst thing was that millions of people agreed with all of his words. In an instant, they simply forgot Sennhendd, as is customary in this world. People always forget all those who once saved their lives in general, brought progress and development.
The mind, in all its manifestations, simply disappeared from this world. And now, the last was Sennhandd.
"I want to make every inhabitant of this world eternally happy. You shouldn't think about anything, worry about anything. Everything is fine. I just want all of you to be happy. Life is wonderful. And all those Wizards who peacefully watch you, they are like angels, guarding your peace and comfort. You do not need to be afraid of them. They are our angels. Without them, among us, those whose thoughts are not pure would continue to live. So please forget about all those hardships and just enjoy eternal life."
Stepping aside, Kazimir thereby allowed everyone to speak words of hatred against Sennhandd.
I stopped hearing at the moment when the screams of people turned into a single stream, which tried to destroy a person with a wounded soul.
Sennhandd's career has come to an end. Everyone forgot about him. On this, his history, his achievements, all this simply disappeared and history will never say that death was defeated thanks to this person. History will make him the worst villain. And that was clear to him.
The moment the camera zoomed in on his face, I saw two tears under his eyes. They froze there, not wanting to fall down. They were his reward for all his deeds. For all his talent.
Perhaps, for talent, people more than once paid with tears. And for the mind, only suffering.
After everything I heard, weakness, pain, disappointment, it all destroyed everything, all feelings, leaving only an empty life in my heart. I was afraid of the world in which I live. I was afraid of my own species, which seemed to me some kind of alien.

“Okinizeus, I thought you were asleep,” Lain said as she entered the room. "I brought you some books. You love to read so much. But I also love to read. And these books are my favorites."
"Lain, how long can I ask you to do what you want? I'm tired. I'm very tired."
Placing her warm hand on my forehead, she said, with the most caring expression on her face, "You're not feeling well. You just need a good sleep."
I no longer had the strength to speak and argue with her. After all, all my speeches were useless.
"Why are you keeping me here?" I asked for the tenth time.
She bent over my face and quietly replied, "Okinizeus, it seems to me that you have become a dear person to me. You are not like everyone else."
"I am not like everyone else, then I am dangerous."
"You are special. And you are beautiful. Everything depends on you. I can lift you up to the sky. Just tell me, just answer me."
Sensing that this closeness could lead to a kiss, I jumped up and this time, I could not contain my anger.
"You are just a monster! All of you are monsters! You play with people's lives! And now you have made an enemy out of the kindest, smartest person! Enough! I'm tired of you! I hate you! I hate you all! And let my words sound like the words of an offended child, but it's true! I hate you Lain."
But here, instead of calling her soldiers, who were always in the house, she showed me that she had nothing but her own ambitions and ego.
Grabbing my hand, she squeezed my palm so hard that I had to cry out in pain.
But what happened next made me, too, use my powers.
She kissed me as if I belonged to her. And even when I wanted to run away, push her away, she grabbed me and the kiss turned into a duel.
Before my eyes was Moonlight. It was a terrible feeling. I literally killed both of us.
When I wanted to push her away again, and this time with all her strength, she bit me so hard that I felt the touch of a real needle.
The blood ran down in a thin line.
“You are stubborn,” she said, although she herself was lying on the floor at that moment.
“I will never love you. Lain, you cannot be loved,” I said, realizing that again, it’s all about love.
Is it possible that all evil in some sense comes from love?
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