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Looking at me like that, as if she didn't understand what I was saying, Lain said, "I hurt you. But I don't want to ruin your life. I really like you. I'm interested in you. But what can I do with you?"
“There is no place for me in this world anymore,” I said and thought about what Moonlight would do if he heard such words.
Getting up off the floor, she straightened her black jacket and tie.
“Okinizeus,” she said only my name and headed toward the door.
It was only when the door opened that I noticed that the Wizard was standing behind it. Noticing the blood on my shirt and on my lips, he became sad and it seemed to me that he felt all the pain that I was experiencing.
"Save me," I thought as my gaze was fixed on his lost gaze. But the door closed and I could only think of Moonlight.
On the same day, or rather the same night, I slowly began to fall asleep. And the clear features of Moonlight's face appeared before me like bright rays of the sun.
But my sleep was interrupted when the door quietly opened and someone's hand closed my mouth so that I would not scream.
In the dark, I didn't know who it was. But it was definitely not Lain's hand.

"Quiet, don't be afraid," came a calm voice.
Still not removing his hand, the voice continued to whisper that it was hard for me to understand who it was.
"She ordered me to do everything to make you forget about your life. She wants you not to remember anything. Hush, don't be afraid. But at the same time, she wants to let you go. I don't know what she's up to. But she does not want to keep you here or in a cell. You must not scream or try to run away. Now I will take my hand away."
"She wants to let me go? Probably in order to catch me again later. She loves games. So come on, why are you standing there? Do what she said."
When this someone lit a small lamp, I saw that it was that Wizard. And in his hands he had a strange-looking device that reminded me of the shape of a spoon.
Looking at this device, he said, "This device is able to make you forget about everything."
"I expected this."
"You don't care? Why?" he asked.
"What can I do?"
"You don't wanna fight? You just wanna give up?"

This question surprised me a lot.
"You just want to surrender? Is life for you just a phenomenon that can be neglected? Okinizeus, I read your thoughts. In them, I always saw one Wizard. He is very important to you. So why do you give up everything just like that?"
"This is some kind of trick? She asked you to ask me about it? In that case, you're just wasting time. Do what you have to do."
Throwing that apparatus aside, this Wizard came up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders, whispered, "You must run. Just run and don't just give up."
I didn't believe his words. I knew Lain was watching me right now.
“You don’t believe me,” he said, as if I wounded him right in the heart. “Well then, I'll change everything,” he continued and closed the door. "Okinizeus, make a wish. Make a wish that you want to be far away from here."
"What? Are you serious?"
"What have people done to you? You don't even know kindness when you see it."
"You can speak beautifully, but you shouldn't play like that. I know it's all Lain."

"Just make a wish. Say it! Just say that you want to be far away from here."
Now, he was just hurting me by squeezing my shoulders.
"Okay. I wish to be far away from here. I wish to be at my mother's house."
Looking at me, the Wizard took my hand and closed my eyes with his other hand.
I smelled a light breeze and then the scent of rain, perhaps the ocean. And when he opened my eyes, I really stood in my room, only in an empty room.
"Lain shouldn't know about it. Yes, I let you go, but only after I erased your memory. From now on, you shouldn't think the way you always thought. Think about something else. Yes, it's hard. But Lain will follow you, your thoughts. You must think like that, as if you don't know anything, you don't remember, and everything is new for you. You must try if you want to live and save the rest. You must not think! Okinizeus, this is your last chance."
"Why are you doing this? Why?"
"I don't have time to live. My time will come soon," he said and added, "I have to leave. Good luck, writer Okinizeus."
"Wait, what's your name?"

"Remember, you are not the person you used to be. Remember this until the right time comes," the Wizard said and simply disappeared.
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