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The room in which I spent too much time was empty. My things weren't here. As if I've never lived here. My bed, my desk, books, none of that. There was only silence and darkness. In this room, empty and cold, as if death itself settled and waited for me to leave this place.
I didn't understand what had happened.
But when I left the room, I realized that the whole house was empty. There was nothing here. Mom's office was also empty. All the furniture, all the dishes, everything has disappeared.
Suddenly, this house became a stranger. Only the mirrors still said otherwise.
My scream only left an echo behind.
There was no one in the house. My mom may have disappeared, or she just left. After all, nothing kept her in this house. Indeed, in this world, feelings could not keep a person.

But I love her. Therefore, I wish her happiness.
But taking everything away, just like that, it was unpleasant to disappear.
And then I remembered that I shouldn't think the way I used to think. I do not remember anything. But what if, they already realized that I remember everything. And I spent all this short time thinking and being nostalgic.
Fear took possession of me again. And I had only to wait for the patrol soldiers.
"They can't read your mind while I'm around. Have you forgotten about that?"
Moonlight, my hope, my life, my dream saved me again and took me out of the hands of fear.
I hugged him so tightly that it seemed to me that I hurt him.
"Are you all right? I've been far away for too long. Forgive me."
"You were at Lain's, weren't you? I could read some of your thoughts. But it was hard to do, we were at different ends of the city."
"You're just incredible. Come on, we can't be here."
“Wait,” he said and kissed me. This kiss brought me back to life.
"Now let's go."

We entered the trail where we were doomed to wander. To danger. We both knew that. But this danger saved our love. And I will do everything to never leave this path.
I had left this house several times already, but now I knew that this time was the last. All the good memories, our first meeting with Moonlight, funny moments, the smile of my mother, all this remained within the walls of this house, which has already become a ghost.
"I don't know where your mother is. When I came here, she was gone. Sorry."
Holding his hand tightly, I uttered words that completely made me an egoist, "I have only you. And that is enough for me."
But as soon as I left the house far behind, tears covered my whole face. The past did not want to let me go.
My legs did not want to walk. I tore off all the roots, and like a tree, under the influence of a strong wind, I fell and there was only an abyss ahead.
"Okinizeus, we have to go. Hurry."
Now, Moonlight was my heart, my soul. I was just a puppet in his hands.
Empty streets, forgotten houses, the remains of an ancient city where old, unnecessary Wizards wandered have become our home.

And the weather, as if on purpose, covered everything around with cold and frosty freshness. Shivering from the wind, which felt like nature's cruelest weapon, I gasped as tears froze on my face.

“Okinizeus, let's go” Moonlight said, not letting go of my hand.
How fast he ran forward. It must be hard for him. Near him was a weak person, the result of emotion and feelings. I felt so, as if I was an obstacle for him. My weakness was dangerous for both of us. I could not place all responsibility in his hands. I just couldn't do it. After all, if I did so, I would destroy all humanity that was in me.
Stopping between two skyscrapers, near a whole mountain of broken robots, I looked into the eyes of Moonlight. This look has saved me more than once, but this time, I wanted to be the one who would save him.
"You don't have to come with me. They'll be watching me. Lain won't let me go just like that. She just wants to see what I do. She thinks I have no memory. It will only be dangerous for you. So leave. Live this life in safety. If they catch you too, I don’t know what they’ll do to you. And I don’t want to know."
"But you haven't done anything wrong. You are innocent."

"Have you heard the news? You know everything already well. People like me, with my thoughts, interfere with the happiness of other people. The mind has become a dangerous weapon. You will be dangerous if you think too much. This is reality. And I don't want you to be the part of this reality. My reality."
"Don't say what you don't want to say."
"It will be dangerous for you with me. Understand me, please, and leave."
I knew he wouldn't just leave. And so, the only way out was to run.
Fleeing from that one being that was my everything, I was the most insignificant person on this earth.
Through the cold, I ran forward, and the wind pulled me back. I heard the quick steps of Moonlight, but I was faster. Because, I was desperate.
"Stop! Don't run away! Okinizeus!"
His voice was just killing me. That moment, I regretted that Sennhandd had invented immortality.
I didn't know where I was running. But leaving Moonlight, deleting him from my life was the most correct decision at that time.
I ran, but my strength was leaving me, the wind took away all my tears and now Moonlight was already very close.

"Don't do that! I won't leave you alone. You know that!"
Never before has the voice of such a gentle creature been so rough, full of anger and pain. How afraid I was of that voice. And this fear became my wings.
When I reached the place where there were many people, I wanted to hide among them.
It was hard to run through the crowd of people, but no one paid attention to me. It was me who had to become the wind to find the way forward.
I didn't hear the voice of Moonlight anymore. But I knew that he was running after me.
Stumbling, I kept stepping on people's feet, but they did not notice me. They walked in different directions.
When it became easier to breathe, when my body got used to this run, I was able to leave him far behind. Now, nothing can stop me. And in my head there was only one word, "Sorry."
But suddenly, I stopped. At that moment, when the sounds of helicopters were heard, the sounds of sirens and loud voices.
Something happened. And now my heart was already broken into millions of pieces.
Moonlight, it was too late.

I looked back and saw that he was surrounded by several soldiers. We were only a few meters apart, but even this distance seemed like a distant planet.
I was not able to act immediately, I did not rush to save him. Instead, I just stood and looked into his eyes, at his smile.

"You are my Everything."

I heard the thought of Moonlight. Yes, I could read the thoughts of this creature. And that was the last thing left of him for me.
The world has separated us. This world took from us everything that was dear to us.
And in the blink of an eye, Moonlight just flew away, leaving me alone. It took me a few minutes to realize everything, that had just happened.

They took Moonlight.
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