All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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"Your name is Okinizeus, isn't it?"
But I should have remembered my name, right?
And I replied, "Don't follow me. Or you'll regret it."
There was a quiet laughter.
Here, I needed to show aggression and irritability.
Turning back, I grabbed him by the collar and lightly hit him against the floor.
"What do you need?" I tried to sound as rude as possible.
The light face became a little scared. And from the level of his fright, I realized that this person is not so bad. This look was too kind for this world. But I didn't feel sorry for him.
"Do you always do that? Without knowing the person, you want to hit right away?!"
I wanted to leave him. But he didn't let me go.
"Wait! You're a writer!"
"I do not know what you're talking."
"Okay. Wait, you!"
"What do you need?"

Among the people who were like the waves of the ocean, we stood, trying to stay in one place. But someone grabbed me by the hand and I could lose this person.
The eternal party was like a storm, but he still managed to take me out of this storm.
“I know one quiet place. Come on,” he said.
Perhaps I had to leave this park, or even a little more, and after so many falls and burns, I would just break.
"Here, this direction. Careful," he said and led me a little further away from "Happy Island".
The place he took me to was a small iron house, which may have once served as a warehouse for new robots. And this house was not far from the park. In an abandoned part of town where dead Wizards could be found.
I tried not to look at them, fearing that I would remember Moonlight. Or worse, see his body among all these tortured creatures.
"Why did you bring me here?" I asked, taking a step forward into this house. But it turned out to be a cozy place with loads of chairs, pillows and books.
Taking off his coat, he tossed it aside.

He had a muscular body with dozens of tattoos. I noticed a tattoo of an eagle on his back. And the hair, which was yellow and black in places.
I started thinking about his appearance.
"How do you know my name?"
He gave me a strange look and stretching out his hand to me with tattoos of birds that flew towards his shoulder, he said, "I am Theron."
I should have shook his hand, but I wasn't the same Okinizeus anymore. And so, I just stepped aside and then completely, carelessly fell into one of the chairs and put my feet on the table.
But that didn't bother him.
"Isn't it harmful to spend so much time in this crazy park?" he suddenly asked, pouring something into a glass.
My body was still aching so badly because every bone was broken.
"People are happy here. So am I. I love being here."
I shouldn't have said anything. And I just turned my back on him.
"Well, in that case, I had a different opinion of you."

"Why did you bring me here?"
“I just know you. But I think I figured out what was going on. So you can relax,” he said and sat down next to me.
It seemed to me that in this strange, small house, I was safe.
Looking into his eyes, I tried to see in them at least some clue that everything was good with Moonlight. My imagination allowed me to see the message in his look. For a moment, I felt better.
Not thinking like I used to think was too hard. I needed to be distracted.
And I grabbed the glass from this guy's hands and just emptied it. The acidic and at the same time bitter liquid really made me forget who I am. Dizziness took my mind to the stars.
Resting his head on the pillow, Theron watched me. I felt it. Thoughts kept getting into my head. Reaching for the jug, not wondering what kind of drink it was, I poured myself another one and emptied the glass just as quickly. Then again and again and so on until I just fell asleep.
Have they read my dreams? And could they find out that I remember everything just from my dreams? I did not know that. But to my happiness, these days, I stopped dreaming altogether, well, or I just wanted to think so.

How much time had passed, I did not know. But I fell asleep so deeply that when I woke up, I felt relief and even the pain passed.
"And you are very strange. I knew that you were strange. But I did not know that you were that strange."
I was covered with a blanket, and when I wanted to get up, I noticed that I was not wearing a shirt.
“Don't be alarmed. I just helped your wounds heal. See, it's just a cream,” Theron said, holding out his shirt to me.
"What is this drink? Why did I fall asleep? And how long did I sleep?"
"Stop asking. Better eat."
Perhaps due to the fact that I looked strange, he continued to look at me with curiosity.
Thoughts about Moonlight, all of this came back to me again. I knew that soon, I simply would not be able to play this role. But is there any point in continuing to do all this if the one who is dear to me no longer exists?
"Are you okay? You look like you're going to die soon."
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