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"You have such a face, as if you were about to die," Theron said, looking at me at such a close distance that I felt uncomfortable.
"Do you want me to beat you again?"
"Calm down. I didn't think you'd be like that. But although I think I know what happened to you. You've lost your memory?"
At this moment, I couldn't contain all my tears. But as if I was offended, I answered, "I'm leaving. I'm tired of talking to you. I don't even know you."
"Okinizeus, I know what happened to you. More precisely, I think I know. I know you. More precisely, your books. And therefore, I I want to be your friend. I followed you. And all this time, you were kind of insane. You hurt yourself so desperately." Suddenly he stopped talking. He looked at me the way Yundoran or my mother looked at me.
"Why should I trust you?" This question sounded somehow harsh and unexpected even for me. Perhaps I could no longer control my thoughts after trying so many times to meditate. Consciousness was not mine.
This guy smiled slightly and for some reason became sad.

“I think I have one secret that you need to know,” he said and raised his hand to his face, touched his forehead and suddenly, a corner of the skin on his face fell down, revealing a whole iron mechanism painted in perfect black. "Now you know everything. I think you can trust me. Although, this trust does not matter."
I was surprised, but not enough to stare at his face for a long time. After all, I had to think about something else, and against my will, I began to think about the fact that I want to sleep.
"Okinizeus, I'm not a human," Theron added and pointing up somewhere, whispered, "But they don't know that. I gave myself freedom."
I shouldn't have asked anything. And I just said, "I've seen enough robots already. This world is filled with them."
"Well then, you're my friend now. I think we need each other."
"Why do you think so?"
He shrugged, and he looked too much like a common man. Suddenly, I wondered where he came from and why he ran away. And who he ran away from.
Theron, pretending to be looking for something, just turned away from me and replied, "I know you, but you don't know yourself. And in this world, a man who does not know himself always needs someone to help him to find his own nature."

The pain in my right leg, after yesterday's fall from a height, took my last strength to stand on my feet. I fell into a chair and felt like I could never get up again.
This amusement park was just killing everything in me. My heart, soul and most importantly, my pride.
"You shouldn't go to this park anymore. What are you trying to achieve?" Theron suddenly asked, but the next second, someone burst into the house and I was very scared that they were patrol soldiers.
Patrol soldiers!
The thought of them flashed through my head and I was sure that Lain now knew everything.
But the human who broke into the house turned out to be just a girl who, with a tired look, abruptly, without any ceremony, sat down on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder.
"Today was just a terrible day. Theron, I want to eat."
Even if she was sitting on my lap, I did not feel her at all. Her fragile body shivered from the cold and this too big leather jacket did not save her from the cold at all.
Raising her head, she looked at me and now, I could tell that she was younger than me. Young and already tired of everything. What an irony of the modern world.

She wiped her nose with the sleeve of her jacket and began to study my face, my hands, and when she pressed on my ribs, I just screamed.
"What? Are you in pain?"
"I found him in Happy Island."
"Happy Island? So are you one of these people who always think about death? Why don't you like this life? Tell me why? Because everything here is too strange and artificial? But this is not a reason to suffer in this scary park," the girl said and finally got up.
The appearance of this girl somehow reminded me of Venice. But no, I could not even think about Venice. My life wasn't mine anymore.
She was beautiful. But the sadness was too great in those black, tear-stained eyes. And in those slightly raised eyebrow lines, the longing lurked. Still, she was strong. I saw it.

"What's your name?" she asked, noticing that I had already begun to fall asleep.
"Strange name."

"You do not know him?" Theron asked, handing her a bar of chocolate.
"How do I know him? This is the first time I see him. And my name is Cryolalia."
Now, I quietly laughed. "Now tell me, which of us has a strange name?"
Frowning, she sat in front of me and said, "You have such a face, as if you have lost something very important."
I couldn't control my emotions. The tears wanted to be free. I couldn't do anything about it. And how awful it is to cry and at the same time force yourself to think about something else.
Emotions were directed towards Moonlight, but thoughts were towards this girl. So, I could easily go crazy.

"He needs rest. So leave him alone."
Having handed me another glass with some mysterious liquid, Theron covered me with a blanket and gently said, "Don't worry. We are new friends."
For the first time during this time, feeling a certain calmness, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
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