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For the first time I felt how important it is when you have friends who create one small world. In this world you can find home, comfort and kindness. But without this small world, the whole world will seem dangerous. Although, the whole point is always in thinking.
Already on schedule, waking up in the middle of the night, I took out my small notebook from my pocket and began to write everything down.
Separating what I write from what I think about, I suddenly felt like I was looking at myself from the outside. Yes, I write everything down. But at the same time, I do not know what I am writing about. This is the result I wanted to achieve. Lain was losing.
I wanted to write about Moonlight, about plan that still didn't exist. But I ended the page by writing about my mother, Yundoran, and Sennhandd.
And in the end, about my new friends.
Lain must lose. I have to save Moonlight, find my mom, and remind everyone of what justice is. Yes, I took on too much responsibility. But there was life in me and I wanted to direct this life in the right direction.

After writing everything down, I put the notebook back in my pocket and continued to sleep. Sleep was coming so quickly and so easily now. Probably due to the fact that I meditated almost all day.

The next morning, I was awakened by someone's gaze. And yes, I was not wrong. Cryolalia was staring at me.

"Good morning, Okinizeus."
"Good morning."
Noticing the modest breakfast at the round table, I immediately felt hungry.
"I prepared this for you. Theron said you need to gain strength."
"Thank you."
“You might be wondering who I am,” she said and sat down next to me again. She seemed to enjoy staring at strangers.
"Yes. I'm very interested in this."
"In that case, I think I should tell you everything. But first, you have to eat it all."

It was a fruit salad and a few chocolate bars. As well as hot water. But I ate it with a good appetite. And these chocolate bars turned out to be not chocolate at all, but a variety of dishes.
The first bar of "chocolate" tasted like vegetable soup, while the other chocolate bar was actually chicken with tomato sauce.
"What it is?" I asked.
“This is a simple food that has been turned into chocolate. More precisely, in the shape of chocolate. It’s very convenient. No need to cook. Any food is right here,” she said and pointed in the direction of a large cupboard.
"How long have you been living here?" I started asking.
A girl named Cryolalia looked fresher and happier today. I just noticed that she had long red hair. And she loved to wear oversized clothes.
Folding her hands in front of her, she raised her head and replied, "No. We came here not so long ago. And before that, we lived on the other side of the planet. And before that, we lived in the sky. More precisely, above the Earth. Don't ask me about this time. Those were our most difficult and unpleasant times."
"I see."

It was easy to talk to her, and I liked the fact that she was calm and at ease.
"Theron and I have seen a lot. And we've been to many places. But nowhere, we haven't felt at home yet."
"Theron, he told me that he created freedom for himself. He fled from somewhere?"
"Yes. Before, he was a servant, then a fighting robot. He even was someone's husband. Many people bought him, sold him. He broke down, but he was repaired. And in the end, he just got tired of living like that and he decided to become free. A robot that has a personality and a right to life. So, he fled the house of his last owner, who always forced him to carry him in his arms and do the cleaning."
"And then, you met each other," I said to myself.
Cryolalia laughed with a sigh and said, "Perhaps this is the whole story. We are ordinary travelers who have been looking for a home for many years. Now it's your turn. Tell us about yourself."
"I don't know where to start. I don't even know who I am."
"Have you erased your memory once?"
“I don’t know. My whole life was spent here in this park. So I can’t tell you anything. Perhaps because my life has always been boring. You know, it happens when you are eternal. "

I was lucky she didn't ask further. This girl was really very educated and understanding.
Smiling, she said without a drop of hatred and hypocrisy, "In any case, I am very glad that you are with us. Make yourself at home."
"Thank you."
"Would you like to take a walk? I know one forgotten place," she said, and as soon as I wanted to follow her, she stopped me and said with a displeased look, "You need to change your clothes. This jacket is covered in blood. I don't like it."
"And what should I wear?"
"Theron has a lot of clothes. Wait."
When she brought the clothes, I didn't think that she herself would want to put all this on me. And when she saw my body, which didn’t look very good, she said, “You have a beautiful face. But these bruises and wounds are just terrible. From this day on, I will make sure that you never go to this strange park again."
Having dressed in all leather, for the first time during this time I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't even recognize myself. Moonlight surely wouldn't like it all. I looked as if life was slowly leaving me. And this empty and even frightening look made me laugh.

"What's so funny?"
"Is it really me?!"
"Well, who else?! Let's go."
It was the first laughter during this time. And that laughter helped me to gather my strength a little.
The tight leather pants were a little uncomfortable and I could barely walk. But as soon as I was outside this house, I just had to go quickly. Cryolalia walked very quickly.
"Wait! Cryolalia!"
"Comb your hair. You look like a monster."
Gathering my too long hair into a ponytail, I straightened this tight jacket and began to meditate. This practice was getting better for me. And with every step, I again ceased to feel myself.
I was so immersed in meditation that I did not hear half of what Cryolalia told me. Only when she pushed me slightly did I come to my senses.
"What's wrong with you? Are you feeling bad?"

"No. I'm just tired."
"You often get tired. It worries me."
"Don't worry. I'm fine. Where's Theron?"
"Probably looking for his friend."
"Yes. A long time ago, he lost one close friend. They were created together, in the same laboratory. But then, their friendship was simply stopped. Many years have passed, but Theron is still looking for his friend. Theron and I, we still carry the past in us."
"I'm sorry."
"What are you sorry for? You mean Theron? Don't worry. He's strong. I know him. Even though he doesn't have a heart. He's still incredible. You know, I love him. And he knows that. He loves me too. I don't know why I'm telling you all this."
We walked fast and I didn't know where she was leading me. Abandoned houses surrounded us from all sides. And the smell of blood was everywhere. After all, from that park, all the rivers of blood flowed in this direction and stopped only in front of the walls.
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