All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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Yes, I found the place where the races were held every day, every night. This stadium with millions of obstacles looked the same as when I first came here.
Small cars drove too fast, they burned, broke down, were hit by big robots, but they kept going anyway.
This is a crazy place where death laughs. And this time, I wanted to laugh too.
When we were stopped by a man in a fine black suit, I felt Lain's eyes from behind. She was here too. And she wanted to look at me, at my life.
I stopped being myself. My personality split for a while.
After all, I said, "I want to become a participant in this race."
The eyes of the man in the suit flashed with an impossible light. And he asked, "Do you know how to drive such a car?"
"Of course I know. So where should I go?"
"For the participants in the race, we have a special room. There, they will explain everything to you."

"Good. Thank you."
"And you are a very brave young man. I like that."
I saw a room at the end of a long hallway, but before I could step forward, Cryolalia stopped me.
"Isn't that dangerous? Are you really crazy?!"
I could feel Lain's eyes, she wanted to understand me. And in order not to think about anything, not to remember the hatred, I kissed Cryolalia lightly. It was a kiss that was invisible to both of us. But it saved me.
Yes, I must have gone crazy. But it's not for me.
Having turned into a completely different person, I was even able to deceive myself.
And in the room where the other participants were waiting, I came across a familiar face.
This was a young man who lived in Shakespeare's Dreams. I recognized him immediately. He once wanted to write books and compose music, but now, he was preparing for a new life.
Seeing me, he was frightened, but pretended not to know me. I did the same.
“I haven't seen you here before,” someone said.
Turning around, my gaze fell on the too tall man who was struggling to button a leather suit with the number "Five" on the back.

"Yes. This is my first time here."
Having studied me from head to toe, he with a grin on his face loudly, unpleasantly, said, "Guys! Look at him! And he wants to participate in the race!"
There was laughter. Yes, as always, people love to laugh at other people.
But I still did not understand the reasons for this laughter. After all, soon, in this small, iron room, that gentleman came and looking at me said, "In ten minutes we start."
"Where can I get the same suit?!"
"What about your clothes?!"
"I think this will be uncomfortable for me."
But nobody told me anything. And I realized that a suit with a number on the back is given out only to those who have become a part of this place.
As a result, I entered the arena in Theron's clothes, which constrained my movements.
To loud applause, I stood in a bright light, too small to realize how big this arena was.
“I hope you won't run away. This place is not for people like you,” said one of the participants, who was a short-haired woman.
I said nothing.

“This car is no different from the one you use everyday. Everything is simple there. A few buttons and a steering wheel. That's all. You don't have to do anything. You just have to go forward and this car will only stop when the whole mechanism is broken. All you have to do is just enjoy the ride and the feeling of life," the man in the suit said.
"I got it. Thank you."
“I can see that you are a very unusual guy. You will probably surprise us all today,” he added and patted me on the back.
In front of me were ten cars in the shape of a drop of water. They were the same color, but the numbers on each car were different.
"Ladies and gentlemen, today, we are ready to surprise and delight you! After all, we know that you came here to experience all the happiness of life. So please welcome our participants!"
When someone said these words, we all took a step forward and now I could see millions of people around.
They were so happy that I, too, began to smile and put my hands up.
Under thousands of lanterns, I stood and was proud of something that I myself did not know about.

Yes, I sensed the curiosity.
"And now, I ask all participants to be ready."
The car with the number seven was mine. And when I sat down on the soft seat, I felt a slight fear. And the way several straps immediately squeezed my body for safety, too, slightly frightened me.
The inside of the racing car was dark and cool. Several bright buttons were in front of me and the steering wheel was waiting for control.
It was a new car, just from the factory. And then I wondered how many of these cars robots produce every second? After all, now, I will break this car so that no one can fix it.
Suddenly, when everything around me plunged into darkness, I was too scared.
Somewhere the sounds of a siren were heard and then a too cheerful melody, followed by a loud whistle.
It's time for the race.
As if I knew everything, I pressed the green button and was right.
Indeed, in the next second, I already had to drive this car.
For the first time in my life, having experienced such speed, I felt fun and even freedom. I was like flying, only ahead, without any regret. Because that is what people want. To live without any regret.
Human is free! And that's great!
And when I made the first turn, I screamed. I was free! And everything was ahead of me! As never before, I felt a surge of strength that gave me new hope.
Thoughts, with this speed, flew away from me. I had nothing to hide. I got wings!
But this feeling did not last long. After all, soon, I met my first obstacle.
It was the most common fire. And I had to drive through this fire.
I looked back and realized that I was driving ahead of everyone. It gave me courage.
Too strong flame of fire quickly became perceptible, and when I was surrounded by this element, my skin began to burn. But the regeneration did its job quickly.
The terrible pain came very quickly and I just could not restrain my cry.
The whole car was covered in fire. Through a thick layer of metal, the fire reached me. For the first time, I felt death so strongly. It was disgusting. I wanted to get out of here. Every inch of my body was burning and the pain that had been in me all this time burst out.

I missed Moonlight. I was scared for him. I thought about where my mom is. And why did it hurt so much?
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