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Punching everything around me, I finally let my emotions escape. Yes, I was afraid. I was terrified. Fear was everywhere.
What if he no longer exists in this world? What if he was killed? Moonlight has been lost! And that day, I could not do anything! I just ran away from him. But I did it wrong! I left him, betrayed him!
Pain and tears turned into convulsions. I could feel my skin slowly peeling off, but then return back into its place again.
In a flame of fire, I spent an eternity.
But finally, when I got out, I saw another obstacle in front of me.
Too strong, too tall robot with red eyes, stood in front. I slowed down. I wanted to completely turn back, to run away. But it was too late. I am a participant in this race until only ashes remain from this car.
And when someone's car reached this robot, I realized what awaited me.
The robot, shouting and then hitting the ground with its fist, lifted the car and threw it back. And so on until the wheels of this car stopped moving.

The people around were shouting and laughing.
It was sheer madness.
Is this how the ideal world looks to Lain? And to all government? Now I understand why people who have not lost the ability to think and live wisely turned out to be the most dangerous. This world needed fun. The mind is a defect.
I became aware of this reality as never before. Vomit reached my throat, hatred ignited a new flame.
Accelerating, I rode straight at this robot and when I met its eyes, I gritted my teeth and gathered all the hate into fear.
During all this time, I got used to fall from such a height. But in truth, it was just awful when I fell to the ground. This blow was the hardest that I have experienced.
Feeling my bones break, I closed my eyes and experienced several more flights and falls.
It was only at such moments that I could allow myself to cry. Lain wouldn't understand why I was crying.
I had to play my part. For the future. For my dream.

The next few obstacles, which were not so painful, I passed with ease. But when sharp swords began to fly at us, I just closed my eyes and face.
Now, everything around was covered in blood.
I have experienced all kinds of pain. And after sharp swords which pierced me, I got tired of all this madness.
The car gradually turned into ash, into a broken thing.
And this meant that soon it would all be over.
Unfortunately, I don't remember what happened next. I just passed out from the terrible pain. But when I woke up, I saw Cryolalia and Theron in front of me.
I was still in that iron room.
The pain was everywhere. I couldn't even make the slightest movement.

"Do you really like all this? Do you have any idea what you are doing with your life?" Theron asked and lightly hit me on the shoulder.
"I wanted to stop him. But he just left!"
"What's going on with you?! You were a great writer!"

Well, he did mention my past.
But the pain made me scream and so I ran away from the answer.
"Okinizeus, tell me how we can help you? We know it's hard for you. Let us help you."
It's time to tell them everything.
But instead of words, I just barely raised my hand and brought my finger to my lips.
With this gesture, I wanted to tell them that I need to be silent.
Cryolalia wanted to say something, but Theron understood everything and said, "I think he needs some rest."
In dreams, we can be anyone. And this is the whole danger of dreams. Every time I fell asleep, I thought that Lain was reading my dreams. I was afraid that she might find out that I have always seen Moonlight. This fear was too unpleasant to be true. And so, waking up, so as not to become insane from all this, I just pretended that I didn't care. After all, I shouldn't care.
This time, I fell asleep so deeply that I did not see any dreams. So this is what the race participants are experiencing. Does it really mean fun for someone?
When I opened my eyes, I saw broken glass in front of me, as well as broken cars that continued to drive forward. I heard the screams of people, and laughter, which was a reward for them.

No one can understand how scared I was.
And disappointed. Yes, I can talk about my disappointment over and over again. Because that is everything which is left for me.
In the end, no one won that race. But all of us brought a lot of happiness for the audience. This was supposed to be a victory. Yes, perhaps this is the reality in which I live.

The meaning of life: to bring happiness into someone else's life.

In order not to be too suspicious, I began to think. After all, the new Okinizeus should have already formed a new personality. And I started thinking about the simple things that happened to me during the day.
These were the people, faces, words and emotions that I experienced.
And gradually, I turned into a different person. I was able to transform into a different person. This meant that soon, I would be able to act according to the plan. Although, this new plan was too dangerous and I was not sure about it.

When the pain passed, I was able to get to my feet and drink cool water. And I didn't even notice that it was morning. I only noticed this when Theron burst into the house saying, "Sennhandd is almost dead!"
I almost dropped my glass and almost fell.
“I found out that Sennhandd is now unconscious. Now, he is in that prison for dangerous people,” Theron continued.
"What are you talking about? How is that? What is his mistake?"
"Cryolalia, don't you remember that day? After all, he was accused that he and his ideas went against the whole world. He was recognized as an enemy of society, who only wants to make everyone unhappy and take everyone's peace of mind. He just wanted to free other scientists from prison. But he was recognized as dangerous to society. And his inventions were considered unnecessary for humanity. Now, he will live forever without memory and consciousness. And what did he do wrong? He just made everyone immortal and strong. It doesn't mean anything! Of course!"
"This is unfair! Sennhandd is the kindest and most sincere person. I always loved listening to his speeches. And I never thought that he was dangerous for this world. This is Lain's decision? She allows herself too much. Someone must stop her."
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