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When I told my mother that scientists of the SKIBMAG laboratory need my help, she just shone with happiness.

"Finally, you will leave your room. I'm so happy. It's all thanks to your friend. We need to get him a cup of tea. Maybe next week? What do you say?"

"Yes. It wouldn't be a bad thing. Well, I have to go."

"Wait. You should take the car.”

"No. I'll use the teleport or I'll walk."

"Again, this teleport. But it's so dangerous."

"Nothing like that.”

And just look at me, I, such a lover of reading and spending time alone, suddenly began to leave the house every day and now, I'm heading to the most prestigious place in the city.

The SCIBMAG Laboratory, which full name is: Science Beyond Magic, is the place where miracles happen.

There, collected all the minds of planet Earth. And of course, all this is happening under the leadership of Sennhandd.

I didn't know much about this lab, but one thing I knew for sure, there, scientists are trying to combine magic with science. And I had no idea what they were doing there. But I was interested to know.

Thinking about all the magic, I still did not understand much. And while I was thinking about it, unnoticed, I've already reached this lab.

The tall building in spherical form, very much resembled the moon. There was no one outside the building. And even if it was in the middle of a bustling city, it was still very quiet. It was like I was in a very different dimension.

Are all the impossible things happening in this spherical building?

As soon as I got closer, a door suddenly formed in front of me out of nowhere.

Without thinking, I just took a few steps forward and was already standing in the middle of a spacious, snow-white hall.

Despite the fact that the building had no windows, inside there were real sunlight, which created whole columns, and looking at them, I felt the blessing and generosity of life.

Epically falling down, the sun's rays created a sense of greatness and victory.

Suddenly, I wanted to dance, and I remembered the masquerade ball that was in the 19th century. And I didn't even notice that there was no one around.

The lab was cool and fresh. And also, my intuition told me that I need to look at every corner of this place. Without any reason.

Remembering the words from the book, Alice in Wonderland, I went ahead to meet adventures.

The snow-white tones of the walls and ceiling everywhere were accompanied by sunlight, which now created patterns. I reached out to the sunbeam and felt the warmth. I wanted to scream, but I remained quiet. But I immediately wanted to sing. And then, I couldn’t remain silent.

I didn't know the songs, so I started to turn all the words that came to my mind and eventually I created my song. The words of which were: "Through the sun's rays I step forward, to meet my fate. Through the sky, the beautiful Moon sparkles and here I am looking for you alone."

I didn't know why this combination of words, but I kept singing, and I didn't care that everyone could hear me.

Once in an empty corridor without a single door, I raised my hands up and froze. I didn't know the reason for this behavior, but I felt happy. And this has been extremely rare.

"Good afternoon."
When I heard someone's strange voice, I wanted to run away. But I decided to look towards the place from where the voice sounded.

There was a tall man in front of me. But it was hard to call him or her a person.

This creature had extremely correct facial features, black hair that was perfectly combed back, so it seemed as if they were artificial, large black eyes that glistened brighter than sunlight, a perfectly straight nose, and a thin line of lips. But the most interesting thing in the appearance of this creature, or rather on the face, were three golden patterns.

Two small circles on the temples and one pattern in the form of a vortex on the forehead.

These dots, patterns, gave the creature an unearthly look. And when I lowered my eyes just below his chin, I noticed that this creature had two diamond-shaped patterns around his neck.

The garment on this creature was a white robe that emphasized the slenderness of the whole body.

It was only then that I realized that this creature was the creation of this laboratory.

“Can I help you?" he asked, looking at me in surprise.

"Yes. I came to meet Sennhandd and Eva."

"They are expecting you. Follow me."

The voice of this creature was very pleasant and quiet. And I was curious who he was.

Following his tall figure, which was silently moving forward, I noticed that he had a thin braid, which was the same length as the spine.

I don't know why, but I was interested to know who he was, what his name was. But I didn't have time to ask, because we were already standing in front of the glass cabinet.

Noticing me, Sennhandd quickly ran to the door and said, "Okinizeus, why are you standing here!"

"Hello," I said, and that was all I could say.

"Comet, thank you. You can go," Eva said.

"That's his name, Comet," I muttered.

"What did you say?"

"Professor, so you need help?"

"Yes. Please sit down."

When I sat down at the table, right across from Eva, I wanted to say hello to her, but she completely ignored me.

Focusing on the book, she sat silently.

Sensing a surprised look of Sennhandd, I just smiled at him.

Looking around, I noticed that the office was not as comfortable as in the hallway. There was only one glass table and a lot of chairs.

The strange silence strained me a little, and I felt awkward.

As I understood, the great scientist Sennhandd was a very shy man, which was extremely rare in our time. But I liked that trait of his character.

"We're probably taking his time. Maybe let's get down to business?"

Sennhandd, making a surprised face, simply nodded his head.

"Okinizeus, all we need from you is your knowledge of history. I don't think we should go into detail and explain to you why we need this. Better, just everyone will do their job. It's still a laboratory, so some things will be kept secret," she said, and at the same time, her facial expression was very strict and serious. This woman was more courageous and braver than any other man who lived in this city.

Since I loved people who didn't like to waste time on words, I gladly agreed, though I was curious about who that creature was with a very beautiful face. A calm face.

"I think we should still let him know why we need his help," Sennhandd said softly. Raising his eyes, he looked at me, but at the same time, his gaze wandered, somewhere in the corners of his thoughts. "Now, we are working on how to improve the lives of everyone. You can see that now people are no longer people. They are just immortal beings, ready for anything to decorate their eternity. And sometimes, it scares me a little bit. And to change that, to change people's lives, and quality of life, I want to better understand the whole history of humanity. And perhaps, using all this knowledge, to make the right decision of what to do next. After all, none of us wants an immortal man to become a man who will spend eternity by being unhappy."

I was surprised by his words. And I said, "I didn't think you were the one who thinks of such a simple thing as happiness. Do you really care about the happiness of others?"

Sennhandd laughed sharply. And I noticed that when he laughed, he was getting much younger.
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