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I was afraid for Cryolalia and for what she just said. She could have been taken for these words. But what could I do?
I said, "Don't worry about it. It's not your concern."
They both looked at me as an enemy. But this look immediately became full of tenderness and understanding.
"Okinizeus, how are you feeling? After what happened yesterday, I think you won't be able to walk now," Cryolalia said and deliberately stepped on my foot.
“It was really dangerous. Resolved, from this day forward, I will be your friend who will protect you,” Theron said and put his arm around my shoulders.
Why were they so kind to me? It has been a mystery to me until now.
"If Theron has decided something, he will do everything to make it work. So, Oki, I don't think that now you can go to that park and participate in races."
I just smiled and felt weak.
"What are we going to do today?" Cryolalia asked, covering me with a warm blanket. Once, I with my love were sitting under the blanket and future seemed so bright to us.

"I think we should go to the market for groceries. I want to get as many fruits and vegetables as possible."
"Wait, can you eat?"
"I can eat some foods. But not all. Yes, I was created that way. Although, I don't know why I need this function. I still can't get useful vitamins."
"Come on. I don't want him to start talking about the meaning of life again. You are a robot and you are beautiful. I love you. Just know this and live on."
"Oki, why are you looking like that? Did you remember something very important?" Theron suddenly asked me.
"No. I just see love for the first time," I said simply and tried to smile.
"I think you might have felt it one day too," Theron whispered. His gaze was too piercing. If someone said that robots have no soul, then that was a lie. After all, he had a soul and I saw it through his bright eyes.
"Come on. Hurry!"
Taking my hand, Cryolalia ran forward.

Once upon a time, I walked in this market with Moonlight. Among oranges, apples and other fruits. Once, he tasted orange for the first time. And I smiled when he made a surprised face. He was the purest, ideal, simplest and at the same time wise creature. More precisely, the Wizard. Yes, Moonlight has brought magic into my life.
But now, nothing remained of this magic.
Meditation turned me into someone unstable. Every now and then I bumped into passers-by and constantly felt sleepy.
"What's the matter?" Theron asked me this question for the tenth time.
"I'm fine."
"Stop repeating the same thing! I can see everything!"
"Theron, why are you so worried about me? I said it was okay."
"Look, I know who you are. I love your books. Once, you were a great man. You were a great writer. And you could change this world for the better. You almost changed this world. But I don't know what happened to you afterwards. What's wrong with you? You can tell me everything."
I knew that I would have to tell him everything. And so that no one could see us, I hid behind boxes of apples and made a gesture that said that we should be silent. To make him understand me better, I knitted my brows and tears appeared on their own. I showed him that I was suffering and that I could not speak.
"I don't know what you're talking about. But you're already getting on my nerves. I'm tired of your strange words. You're preventing me from being happy!" I exclaimed. It wasn't me, now he knew it.
"Sorry," he said, and we continued our shopping.
For the first time during this time, I began to worry that someone would see and recognize me.
There were so many people around that almost everyone seemed familiar to me. And I saw Moonlight everywhere. In every Wizard who passed me, I saw him.
It was hard for me, but I tried to smile, talk and even laugh. While Cryolalia told us different jokes. Yes, I created the illusion of happiness, like all these people.
Humanity wanted to be happy that they destroyed everyone who created this happiness.
The irony was too dire.
"Should we go to the cinema? We haven't been there for so long. We were only there when we went on a date."
"What do you think? Would you like to see a movie?"

"I didn't think people were watching movies now."
"It's rare, of course. But yes, there are still films in this world."
"Okay. Come on."
"Tell me, when will I have a car?" Cryolalia asked, holding Theron's hand. She was really very beautiful. And her beauty was in her sincerity. She wasn't afraid of her emotions. And she didn't create the illusion of happiness.
"Do you want to fly? I thought you didn't care."
"I'm tired of walking all day."
"Then I should surprise you."
I listened to them and it became pleasant to me. With them I found my peace and strength for the future battle.
I needed to be happy to win this fight.
People were walking and running, and I smiled at them. But in return, I received only a slightly angry look.
Suddenly, I saw someone! Yundoran!
When our eyes met, I smiled and just walked by. Our shoulders touched, but none of us stopped.

It was weird. After all, I felt his gaze, which was directed at me. But I didn't turn around. I just walked forward.
My world was crumbling before my eyes. But I just smiled. After all, this world demanded that everyone must be happy.
Happy and ignorant.
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