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My days were no different from each other. It was a simple rhythm of life. But I no longer went to that park. I learned to live like a different person. I started reading the books that Theron had generously shared. They were simple books, about simple things. These were short stories about how the rain brought joy to the farmer. Old books with echoes of the past made my heart ache.
Yet I blamed myself for being selfish. I read books in this small, iron house, while my mother was in an unknown place, Moonlight disappeared altogether and perhaps he is no longer in this world. What have I become?

In the morning, I always woke up with fright and before going to bed, every time I was afraid that tonight, I would say the name of the one I love with all my heart.
And so every time. I didn't know if I was tired. Or, on the contrary, I had the strength to fight further. But to fight against whom? Sometimes I started to forget about it.
But remembering everything, I hated all those who took away from this world those who supported, protected and did everything so that humanity was always at the top of development.
They destroyed Sennhandd. He was lost as a scientist. He will never be able to think. The ability to think was taken away from him.
The ability to think was taken away from everyone.
Lain was able to deceive everyone. After all, people believed that she was the kindest person.
And yes, as is customary, scientists have been forgotten. Again. The writers have been forgotten. The works of artists turned into simple fun when everyone was bored. And everything is as usual.
"What are you thinking about?"
Theron, a robot who suffered, rejoiced and at the same time continued on his way, surprised me with his positive attitude.
“I try to read the book,” I answered his question.

"Oki, you want to leave?" he suddenly asked.
"Someday, I will leave. But if I disturb you, then I will leave right now."
"No. I don't want you to leave. Stay with us. Really. You can always live with us. During these days, you have become part of the family."
I didn't know what to say. I think the smile is made for such situation.
"Cryolalia considers you her son. And in general, you need help, home," he continued and sat down next to me.
An iron car flew past our house with such a loudness that we felt a slight earthquake.
And so every time when the patrol soldiers "guarded" this city.
"Why fly over houses ?! Who are they looking for here?" Cryolalia nervously shouted after them.
Pulling my already too long hair into a ponytail, I drank warm water and began to listen to Theron.
When Cryolalia came out into the courtyard, he approached me even closer, whispered, "I want to propose to Cryolalia. And I want you to hold our wedding."

I was surprised that someone in this world still remembered the wedding and marriage proposals.
“Okay. I will gladly participate in your wedding,” I said.
With these words, I made Theron so happy. The snow-white smile was like the morning rays of the Sun. I felt warm in my soul from this smile.
I knew that soon I would leave this house, and therefore, I wanted to see their wedding as soon as possible and wish them all the best that could be in this strange world.
"I have a few things to do. So we'll see you again."
"See you."
After he left, Cryolalia and I sat in silence. These days, she was slightly sad. But I didn't ask her about anything.
When I finished reading a book called "The Distant Ocean", I reached for another book, and suddenly I saw among them several of my books. And also the book that was written for Moonlight.
The desire to read was gone. And I grabbed Theron's jacket, just silently left the house and, turning back, caught the gaze of Cryolalia.

"I'll take a walk," I told her, and with quick steps walked just forward.
To my surprise, the city was empty today.
The iron bridges, which created entire floors to the very tops of the skyscrapers, were also empty. Although at times, robots were running ahead, in a hurry to deliver the next order of food for the "happy" people.
The gloomy colors of the city seemed to me like a space ship.
How old is Moonlight now?
He is already three years old. This means that there are still two years left. And then, the sadness will become too strong, the tears will become ice.
Without noticing it myself, I began to think as I used to think. Suddenly, I didn't care. For a moment, I allowed myself to think as I wanted. I didn't care if Lain found out about everything or not.
The icy wind felt like small swords that brazenly cut through a leather jacket with a wolf print on the back.
I was lonely and for the first time I felt it so strongly.
Why did I run away from him that day? Why didn't I let him come with me? Maybe together we would run away. Maybe together we could find a way to find the rest.

What could be worse than regretting about what you couldn't do?!
While I was thinking about it, my legs were just going somewhere forward. And so on until I found myself in front of the iron staircase.
I decided to take a walk across the bridge and, covering my neck from the wind, I climbed up.
There was still no one around me. Although I could sense someone's gaze. I got scared. I quickened my steps, but the faster I walked, the stronger the fear became.
They followed me. High above the city, I was the only one in the bright light. The bridge I stood on stretched between two buildings. And I had no choice but to go further ahead.
I didn't know this city as well as everyone else. I didn't know what kind of building it was, which glowed with a bright, dark green light.
But when I stopped, I noticed that this big city can actually be beautiful. After all, the view that opened before me was like an ocean that reflected millions of stars.
But there was no moon among these stars.
"Who are you?!"
I said that someone was following me. Now, I was sure of it.
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