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His eyes were almost yellow. He looked like a robot or a Wizard. But the anger in his eyes said that he was a man.
"What do you want from me?"
"We need you."
Noticing a strange look, I was visited by various thoughts that hinted at something.
We were alone in this room, and this man began to slowly approach me.
"What are you doing?"
"Do not be afraid."
Now, I started to panic. But I was lucky because that girl saved me.
"What are you doing? Leave him alone. I told you to just check how he is," she said.
The guy hit the wall with his fist and quickly left the room.
"He's always like that. When he sees a handsome man, he gets mad," she continued.

"What kind of place is it?" I asked.
"You will find out soon enough. And I hope you are strong enough." Having said that, she just walked away.
For the next few minutes I sat in complete darkness until as many as ten people entered the room.
I knew it was useless to resist.
Long corridors without any light accompanied me and when they pushed me with force, I fell face down on the ground.
Because of the hair that covered my face, I could not see where I ended up. But the air here was fresh and warm. For a moment, it seemed to me that I was among the trees and mountains.
But that was just another dimension. And I was the main guest of this place.
As always, there were only spectators around, who were expecting a grand show. How tired I am of this world becoming one big stage. Why couldn't immortals find other things to do other than just sit and look ahead, waiting for the fun?
Nobody told me anything, didn't explain. I just stood in the very center of the circular field. Among all the people around me, I wanted to find Lain or my mother, Yundoran. But everyone was unfamiliar.
There was only silence and nothing else.
I got bored and shouted, "Why are you looking at me like that ?! What do you want from me?"
They all remained silent.
"What kind of place is it?!"
My voice sounded a little strange and this whole room, which looked like the most ordinary shoebox, absorbed any sounds.
Faces without emotion looked at me as if I had done something bad to each of them.
There was a door in front of me and I decided to try to open it. But as I expected, the door was closed. There was another door at the other end of the room.
I felt like a clown and I felt terribly unpleasant from all these judgmental looks.
After a few minutes, I was tired and just sat down on the floor.
Whatever happens, I didn't care anymore.

But somehow, I constantly felt the presence of Lain and Moonlight. Therefore, I continued not to think.
I already started to fall asleep and suddenly, one of the doors opened and a tall person, or rather a robot, pushed someone out and that someone fell to the floor.
I knew right away that it was the Wizard. The thought arose in my head that it was Moonlight. But I knew him well. Every pattern, every inch of his skin, everything. It was a different Wizard. But nevertheless, I helped him to his feet.
His face was bruised and he could hardly stand on his feet. Every now and then I needed to support him.
He was shivering and at the same time he had a strong fever. Every touch brought him great pain. Such pain that I could experience it too.
"What happened to you?" I asked him.
From fear, he has completely forgotten how to speak.
It would be a mistake to show everyone that I feel sorry for him. And I walked away from him.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Laughter Room!" A quiet voice was heard. "Today, we have a surprise for you! We have found a special person, with a kind heart and beautiful appearance. And today, he will become our star. Meet Okinizeus!"
They announced my name and it was not a good sign.
At that moment, when I wanted to go to the door again, I felt two hands on my back and I was forcefully pushed into the center of the room.
“Don't pity me,” the Wizard whispered in my ear. Those gray eyes, which had long since lost their brightness, looked at me once more and those bleeding lips tried to show a smile.
"What are you talking about?"
“If you want to get out of here, then don't be led by the emotion,” he added and punched me sharply in the face.
Despite his weakness, he had enough strength to make me fall.
Then I realized that I had to fight him. Yes, it was another fight that amused people so much, making them happy. Only this was a fight between a man and a Wizard.
"Stop please."
But this Wizard has gone mad. And blow after blow, he began to attack me.

Wizards turn out to be much stronger than humans. I only realized this when my head hit the wall so hard that I could hear an unpleasant ringing in my ears.
People were still sitting without any emotion.
"Don't run away. Don't pity me!"
"I do not want to hurt you!"
When I flew towards several people who were sitting separately from others, in leather chairs similar to a throne, I noticed Kazimir among all.
He was here and he was smiling, talking about something with some young man.
Now, I needed to play my part. If I endure all the blows, it will be suspicious. And the next time the Wizard wanted to come up to me, I struck the first blow.
The wizard no longer wanted to fight me and he pretended to be in pain.
Hitting him was just agony and torture for me. But I couldn't stop. I turned into a monster and when he was in too much pain, he fought again.
The fight became real. I could taste blood in my mouth. It hurt me more because it hurt him. But the look of Kazimir, who did not trust me, made me use all the fighting techniques that I know.

Too strong fists flew in my direction, too thin but dexterous arms wrapped around me, while his legs tried to strangle me.
I still couldn't fight him.
My punches were clearly weaker.
I let him break my nose, ribs, and my arm, all for the sake of making everyone think I was too weak for this fight.
Lying in my own pool of blood, I just played a role and heard people laughing. They found it funny. But why?
"Think of Moonlight. If you want to see him again, please win this fight," the Wizard whispered so quickly that at first, his words seemed like a simple stream of sounds, but when I understood him, I wanted to ask. But he didn’t allow it.
How did he know about Moonlight? Could it be that he is here too?!
Feeling that my bones were regenerating, I grabbed this Wizard by the hair and pretending to hit him, I managed to ask, "Where is Moonlight?"
"I don't know. But he's around."
"What do you mean next?"

This Wizard did not answer my questions anymore. These people just won't let me go. To end this battle, and the suffering of this unfortunate creature, I gathered all my strength and struck the last blow, which made him cry out in terrible pain.
"Sorry," I thought. I didn't care that my thoughts were being read. I felt like the worst person in this world. And perhaps from now on, I will always think so.
How quickly a person can become the most terrible, evil person. But what scared me most was that I could never be the same again. After all, my conscience will not allow me, which will now reproach and condemn me for an eternity.
People shouted at me, they waved their hands, and Kazimir smiled. How terrible a person's smile can be.
They expected me to continue.
And I didn't recognize myself anymore.
I suddenly didn’t feel sorry for this Wizard. And all for Moonlight. Yes, I sacrificed one Wizard to save another.
Love makes us selfish. Love makes our hearts cold, scary, and turns our souls into a repository of hatred and despair. This is what love does to a person. But if a person can endure all this, then at the end he will be rewarded in the form of happiness.

I became a monster who knew nothing but love.
My hands were covered in blood, I stood over a being who was trying to stay alive. I was still scared, but most of all, I wanted to be happy.
I needed to stop. And when he looked at me through blood and pain, everything was destroyed.
At such moments, when the conscience becomes unbearable, the person ceases to understand anything. And in the end, the memory itself is erased. This happened to me.
After all, I did not notice how I ended up in that room, all alone. In Theron's clothes that were dyed red.
It was the color of shame, weakness and pain.
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