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"Are you sure you can do this?! It's Lain after all."
The quiet voice sounded fearful and uncertain.

Along with the sound of computers that were too loud, there was a response that sounded a little nervous, but nevertheless confident, "I'm sure of that. We all needed to be sure of this for a long time. But instead, we just walked around and were afraid."
Through the darkness that separated the two Wizards, someone could see the glow of a knife blade.
"Let's stop this. Are you with me?"
"I'm not sure about that anyway. We're just Wizards."
"Yes. And we must be worthy of our name. We must only do magic."
When a thin hand with deep cuts from iron chains lifted itself up, the knife flew towards the main computer, which was connected to other small devices that kept ringing.
Sparks and a quiet distress signal filled an entire room that knew no boundaries.
"What are we going to do now? Lain will find out about everything."
"Don't be afraid. By the time she finds out, it will be too late."
Disconnecting all the computers that were connected to each other, the Wizard, whom Lain trusted the most, looked at his hands, which were scratched and bruised. How much pain he experienced in this place. And how much anger he kept in his heart. And now, when all the data about each person was gradually disappearing, he laughed for the first time.

"Why are you laughing?" asked the one who still doubted.
"I can't laugh? Try it. It's very useful. Laughter improves the quality of life. And we need it more than ever."
While changes and awakening were taking place in a dimension hidden from all, Lain did not even suspect that millions of creatures in snow-white suits, with wounds on their hands, would find the courage to leave the place where they had been for several years.
The kindest and most honest creatures who have ever walked this earth, too, could feel very tired. And now, this fatigue has turned into strength.
The trust Lain gave to each of them was still naive. And she, sitting in her armchair, in the simplest house, continued to wander through Sennhandd's diary, in which all inventions and, most importantly, the formula of immortality were recorded.
“Kazimir, my dream has come true. Look, this is my dream,” she said happily and showed a dark brown diary.
Standing by the window and looking at artificial trees and only a hologram of clear sky, Kazimir said, "Sennhandd has left this world. His colleagues, too. We have all of his notes and diagrams. This means that we have a whole world. But why, it's still not enough?"

"What are you talking about?"
"It seems to me that we have not removed everyone from this world. Among these kind people, there are still those who want to interfere with us."
“We destroyed all scientists, writers who constantly wrote that this age is too terrible and that now there is not a drop of kindness and love. And also, we destroyed those who decided to rebel against everyone with their minds. I think the world has finally become perfect. Humanity has never been so close to happiness. And what doesn't make you happy?"
"I don't know. But don't you think that we were too rude to Sennhandd? He still did so much. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't be so great. He gave us everything. And we should know about it."
Sighing and then closing her eyes, Lain put her feet on the table and began to examine her shoes. "Kazimir, do you feel sorry for this scientist? You have always respected him so much."
"Yes. Lain, I feel sorry for him. If not for you, I would have let him go. And I feel terribly bad because he has no memory, no personality."
"Exactly! He has no memory. Even if you let him go, he will not remember anything. And what kind of life will it be? Who will he be? I think now he is happy. Besides, he deserves it."
"Why do all these people deserve to be happy and he doesn't? Why do people like him always have to suffer?"
"Kazimir, I don't recognize you! What's the matter with you?"
"Lain, I think I gave you too much freedom," Kazimir said.
"What are you going to do now?"
"I can not do anything."
"If we had been in the same situation centuries ago, you would have killed me."
Throwing at her a look that did not show any emotion, he said, "You alone created a whole system and made everyone live according to this system. You alone were able to destroy everything and everyone who supported this world. And what are you going to do now? You are just making plans while your slaves will do anything to keep you happy. Lain, you are a dangerous human."
"Thanks for the compliment."
"Tell me, what are we going to do next? Do you think that the world without scientists will continue to develop? You know that you stopped all progress?!"

"Today is my birthday. And you say such boring words to me. Stop it. I don't want to quarrel with you."
Without saying anything, Kazimir just hit the glass with his fist and saw how people turned into creatures who no longer knew how to do anything but laugh and be cruel.
"I am ashamed in front of all those scientists who lived many centuries ago. I am ashamed in front of them, because, look at what humanity has become. They are immortal and this is wonderful. But what is the meaning of life now? Tell me, what is the meaning of human life?"
Even if he said that, he said it with some kind of disgust and mockery.
Lain turned in his direction and replied gravely, "There was never any meaning in life."
After talking with Kazimir, Lain suddenly felt a kind of anxiety. Leaving the only guest at home, she quickly got into the car and took off.
Not paying any attention to the passing cars, she pushed a few out of the row and almost crashed into the bridge, completely disappeared.
Then, leaving the car, Lain rushed towards the golden door.
Empty space, a lonely island somewhere between other dimensions, was too quiet. She felt fear for the first time.

For the first time, the white color of everything around her seemed like a danger. But she could no longer stop.
And when she finally stopped in her kingdom of wires and black screens, Lain saw a high throne in front of her, on which sat her most faithful and best friend, Ryu.
"Happy birthday Lain," Ryu said and tossed a small box.
"Where is everyone?" she asked calmly.
"They are gone. Open your gift. Hurry!"
Opening the box, Lain smiled nervously and said, "You always know how to surprise me."
"Look around. Do you notice a change?"
"I see that you decided to turn off these computers. Tired of reading other people's minds?"
"You are not worried? You will be bored now. How are you going to live without mind reading? The meaning of your life has suddenly disappeared."
Looking far ahead, where infinity began, Lain lowered her head. She wasn't sure how she felt.
"This is the first time I've seen you like this. So I still managed to win. You are sad."
"Reading people's thoughts is no longer so important. There are only normal people in this world now. There are only ideal people in this world now. Happy people. Well, a happy person will never harm anyone."

"You always talk about happiness. Does that mean that you yourself are trying so desperately to find happiness?" Ryu asked. Continuing to sit on the throne that stood so far from her, he began to feel his heart begin to stop.
Lain, still holding the box in her hands, replied, "I've been living for three centuries. Time flew by so quickly."
Ignoring the darkening in front of his eyes, Ryu said, "I know you would do anything to be a simple person. I know that very well."
"Do you really think you stopped me?" Lain asked quietly.
Too bright space with coolness and gloomy silence made her sad. Yes, it was real sadness.
“You're sad. I can still read your mind. Lain, tell me, what's the point of life?”
“I will make this world perfect,” she whispered.
"But you don't believe in what you said. You just wanted to be alone. You always wanted all eyes to be on you."
"I protected everyone's happiness. I saved this world from enemies."

"Enemies? Lain, in my entire life, I have read so many thoughts that I can say with confidence that those people who are now almost dead, they were not enemies. You went against the mind, against the smartness. And in general, all of humanity went against the mind. Tell me, is this a normal world, when those who want to change something, improve, live differently, suffer and experience all the hardships of this life, while those who just live, break hearts and support cruelty, happy? Is this normal? I read the history of mankind. And I know that in this world, the one who decided to follow the mind, thinking, wisdom, always suffered. I know that people who created, invented, always lost. They just suffered. And in the end, they were completely forgotten. Tell me, did people ever remember the man who invented electricity? Or the man who invented the refrigerator, medicine, engine for a car, internet? What about writers? Where are the books? Where is the source that makes a person developed and spiritual? Do you think this is a perfect world? People only have immortality. And that's all."
“I always knew you were smarter than anyone else like you. Ryu, you know how to surprise me,” Lain said, ignoring his words.
"For the next few months, just keep an eye on everyone. And you will understand what you have turned this world into," Ryu added and simply closed his eyes.

His face was calm and the muscles of his body continued to keep his posture straight. He closed his eyes, just for a few seconds. But those seconds turned into eternity.
The last days of his life, he spent by planning how to destroy this system of reading minds. Although, he knew that this was not yet a victory.
“Goodbye my friend,” Lain whispered in his ear and kissed him. “I will never be mad at you,” she added and one tear fell on his icy hands.
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