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"They will not catch us! We will think about what we want, we will think for the sake of development, for the sake of knowledge! They will not stop us!"
"First, they removed scientists from this world, and now ordinary people. Why doesn't anyone stop her?!"
"What if they take us too? What to do then?"
"Luca is the son of Kazimir. He will be fine. But as for us, we must hold on. We must be strong and fight. Nobody has the right to prevent us from thinking. And from who we are."
I could hear these voices at that moment when the girl with whom I was dancing ran away from me and I had to sit on a cozy sofa with several people I did not know. These people now and then wanted to start talking to me. But all my attention was directed to those people who were sitting near me.
Through the darkness and the too bright light, I could understand that there were five or a little more people there.
As I knew, Kazimir's son would go against him. I was sure of this from the very beginning, when I first saw him.

I wanted to go up to him, but something held me in the place where I was.
"What are we going to do? You know everything. Your father must be telling you everything. So tell us what to do to stop it all."
I saw Luca but I didn't hear his answer.
"Yesterday they took my mom away. I don't know why. Nobody knows. They didn't say anything. They just came to our house and took her away."
"I'm sorry."
"What's going on. Where is freedom now? Who is free in this world?"
I could hear their grief and pain. But there was nothing I could do. I just sat and waited for someone to save us.
“Why are you so sad? I watched you all this evening and you never smiled,” a man with green hair suddenly told me.
“I’m always like that,” I replied.
"What is the reason for your sadness?"
"The girl," I said, pretending to be the same as everyone else. Indifferent.
"Well, what age is this?! Now is the time when girls can no longer hurt anyone. It's good. But I know that the reason is different."

I continued to look in the direction of Luca, and with every second I wanted to get up and go to them.
"My name is Tommy. And this is my best friend Sam."
"My name is Oki."
"Nice to meet you, Oki. So, do you want to sit here? Or do you want to come with us?" Tommy asked, giving me a friendly push.
"I'm fine here too. But if you want to lock me in a room and then force me to fight a robot or a Wizard, then you won't succeed," I said, feeling a strong urge to laugh.
I didn't restrain myself and just started laughing. Never before has the laughter been so unpleasant. It was like a poison was inside my soul and with every cheerful cry I turned into someone terrible. Someone evil.
After all, an evil person is one who is unable to distinguish the laughter of pain from the laughter of happiness.
"You're a weird guy."
I just couldn't stop and soon, my laughter became so loud that Luca finally noticed me.

"Okinizeus, is that you?" he asked and immediately hugged me. Without letting go of me, he said, "I was looking for you. After what happened. You were taken by Lain. Everyone said that now you are lost forever, but I kept looking. I knew that you were somewhere near. What happened to you? How were you able to escape?"
My stomach started to ache and it was hard for me to breathe.
"Why are you laughing like mad? Did you drink something?"
"He started laughing so harshly. I don't know what's going on with him," Tommy said and added, "Is he your friend? Don't leave him alone. What if something happens to him."
"Okinizeus, get up. Bring the water!" Luca screamed so loudly that his voice caused a headache.
But the icy water really helped me. After all, soon, I calmed down.
There were even more people in the hall and therefore the music became even louder.
“Let's get out of here. I need to talk to you,” he said and helped me to my feet.
Today, the weather was too cold. An almost winter wind was everywhere. Although the climate on Earth has changed a long time ago, nevertheless sometimes people remembered what winter is.
Winter forced everyone to wear heavy coats and oversized jackets. And still, no matter how science moved forward, a person couldn't stop feeling cold.

I was wearing only a thin leather jacket and the same trousers. Therefore, when I went out into the street, I began to tremble so much that I stopped feeling anything.
“Are you cold? Put this on,” Luca said and put his cloak over me.
Now, I could think clearly. The cold brought me back to the reality.
"Where is everyone else?" I asked.
“I want to talk to you,” Luca replied and grabbing my hand, led me away, towards the broken bridge.
With the coming of winter, this whole city became even more unpleasant and scary. Now, this city looked like the remains of something old, something too horrible.
“I don’t know where you were. I don’t have time to ask you. You know that Lain, my father started to control everyone’s thoughts?! During these days, the patrol took so many people that I’ve lost count.”
"I heard yes. It's terrible."
"What? Okinizeus, you don't care? What if they took your mom?"
"They cannot be stopped. You saw everything with your own eyes. They are the government."

"What?! You're not going to do anything?!"
“What can I do?! I already spent too many days trying not to think at all. I meditated so much that now I’m learning to think again. Luca, I hope you succeed. Kazimir is your father after all. Maybe you can change something, but I can't help you. What can I do?"
“You've changed a lot,” he said. His voice trembled, either from the cold or from the urge to cry.
"Forgive me."
"Wait. Why did Lain let you go?"
I didn't care anymore, so I no longer worried about what I think. And I answered as it is.
"I mean, the Wizard helped you? And Lain thinks that you lost your memory? But then why don't you try to hide it? Why are you telling me this? What if they take you away?"
"Luca, I have to go. Good luck."
"Wait! I don't want to let you go. I was looking for you, you know? Please help us. You are the only one in this world who still lives with your heart."
"I said I can't help you. What can I do? Go to Lain? Tell her to stop reading minds? Luca, face it, we can't go against this system. Have you seen Sennhandd? Even he couldn't go against everyone. He's just dead now. And you think that we, ordinary people, can change or stop something? Don't live in a fairy tale."

The further I got away from him, the more he shouted, "Please!"
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