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When I was child, I always wanted to do something good for this world. But I didn't know what I could do. Reading about people when they lived and tried to be healthy, I always thought that if it were not for Sennhandd, I would have invented immortality. I imagined how I conquer death and all diseases. As a child, I often liked to imagine my future that way. In the image of a brave man who will do anything in order to develop and improve life.
But over the years, I started to lose myself. I lost myself until I met Moonlight. But now, I lost him and with him also myself.
If I had met myself in the past when I was a child, I would have been ashamed.
The blood of innocent Wizards is on my hands. I have a difficult past and a terrible future on my shoulders. In my thoughts there are only echoes of the past, only the clear face of Moonlight. Well, in my soul there is nothing.
I let this world turn me into such a person. And who is to blame now?

And how much I wanted to see my mother. I wanted to drown in her arms.
But she was still nowhere to be found. She left my life in the same way as other parents leave their children. There are no family values ​​in this world. There is nothing in this world.
Luca's words were still ringing in my ears. I left him all alone that evening. He asked for help, for support. But I just left him. Because I am no longer the brave person.
And now, the only place where I felt even more worthless was the roof of this iron house.
While several ships flew over the city, in search of new "dangerous" people, I felt the frosty wind on my skin.
I could hardly think. Thoughts have become nothing.
"Sad again?" Cryolalia asked, throwing the blanket in my direction. "Why are you torturing yourself like that? Maybe you can tell me what happened to you."
Today she was beautiful as always and as always kind and intelligent. Once, I also had such qualities.
"I have nothing to tell."
"Theron and I are waiting every day. Many weeks have passed, but we still do not know you. We see that you are in pain. We want to help you. But how will we help you if you are always silent. And only in a dream, you sometimes scream."

I looked at her. Into these living, kind eyes. They reminded me of my mom.
"What? Why are you looking like that? Do you want to say something?"
I knew that I was superfluous here. And that I have been living with these wonderful people for too long. I should have said something. I had to tell them everything.
"It just hurts. I went through a lot of things. I loved, I wrote, I searched and I just lived. But in the end, I became nothing. Because I betrayed myself. This is my whole story."
"Each of us has experienced pain. But it is you who look like that, as if you gave up. You know that everyone in this world gives up. Almost everyone just gives up and starts living like everyone else. You did the same. But you don't like it. And therefore, you are sad every day," Cryolalia said and took my hand.
Her hand was warm, gentle.
Once upon a time, Moonlight was the most gentle. Once upon a time, and I was like that.
"Do you really want to continue living like this? Oki, you were a famous writer. You wrote so many books. You wrote about this world. Tell me, did patrol soldiers do something to you for this? You were scared? And that's why you became like this? If yes, then you need to fight further. Nobody has the right to read minds, and even more so, to destroy your personality. These are your books, this is your vision. Nobody has the right to tell you how to live. Do you hear me? You have to fight. Do you want me to help you? You have to return your world, yourself."
"Quiet. Aren't you afraid of being taken away? Your thoughts are too dangerous for such a happy world. I don't want you to be in one of the aquariums. You don't know what danger you might be in."
"I'm not afraid of anything. No one will take my thoughts from me. And even more so, no one will make me stop thinking. Listen, let's return all the life that was taken from us. Stop living like this. Is there really nothing that we can do?"
"The opportunity is always there. You just need to be able to look and listen," Theron's voice was heard.
“The robots are so smart,” Cryolalia said and smiled at him. "Theron is right, there is always a possibility."
"I'm talking about a real opportunity. Okinizeus, I recently met a man named Luca. You should know him. He is the son of the minister Kazimir. He is gathering an entire army to go against his father. I agreed to be part of his plan. You are not listening to me!"
Grabbing my collar, Theron wanted to hit me for the first time.

"Stop it! Theron!"
"What's the matter with you? Why do you look like you're dead? Okinizeus? Do you even know who you've become?" he shouted these words right in my face.
“Don't scream. My head hurts,” I said and pushed him aside. "Do you think a few people can change everything? Do you even hear yourself? Don't be so ambitious."
I knew that he would hit me and hit me to such an extent that I would pass out.
For the next few minutes I just lay there. Unconscious. But when I opened my eyes, I was alone.
The hologram screen was turned on and someone was talking about the latest news from around the world.
My head still ached and, in general, it seemed to me that I was dying.
"On Hero Street, Scientist Sennhandd is being attacked. You can see people trying to break the glass. See? This man almost made a crack. Does everyone really hate Scientist Sennhandd that much?"
When the TV presenter in a green coat said this, all the pain passed and I returned back to the world of the living.

No, this world could not have become more absurd. It's impossible!
I didn’t notice how I left the house and probably new powers appeared in me, because I ran so fast that I was convinced that a person could be anyone, if only there was a reason to continue living and fighting.
They saw only the enemy in Sennhandd. They believed in all those words spoken by Kazimir. They believed that Sennhandd wanted to destroy this world. But how could they believe it? How could they hate a man who always wanted only the best?
When I reached the street where Sennhandd was, I was again among the crowd.
Nobody said anything. Everyone was just throwing sticks and stones towards the "monument".
I'm tired of being weak. I'm tired of hiding and feeling sorry for myself. No, it wasn't me.
Stopping in front of Sennhandd, who was sleeping peacefully, I shouted as loudly as possible, "What are you doing? What wrong has he done? Why has he suddenly become an enemy to you?"
Now I saw what people had become. Immortality, strength, all this spoiled them. No, they weren't people anymore.
Without saying anything, they just continued to throw stones and one man hit the glass with the iron hand of the robot, and made a crack.

I didn't know what would happen if Sennhandd was out of this aquarium. Can he die?
Covering the crack with my hand, I tried to stop them all. But what could I do? Just shout, "Stop! He created immortality for you! What are you doing?"
"Move away if you don't want to be taken away!" someone shouted and threw me away from everyone.
I couldn't let them kill him. He did not deserve such an end.
Against everyone's will, I got to my feet and just started walking forward.
It hurt me, I felt how they were trying to defeat me, but I was reaching out for a person who, with a peaceful face, continued to soar above everyone.
It was real chaos. And I needed help more than ever.
As if by magic, at the moment when someone thrust a knife into my back and I fell facedown right into a puddle, Cryolalia came to the rescue.
In her hands was the most ordinary sword, which was used many centuries ago, and the strangest thing, I was wondering where she got this antique from.
"Okay, get up!" It was Theron.

"No. We need to save him. They want to kill him."
“Now Luca will come,” he said, and covered me with his hands from the attack of the whole crowd.
"He's a robot! Catch him!"
"I'm not the weak robot!" Theron exclaimed, and at that moment his eyes lit up with a red light.
“I need to save him,” I said and made my way through the crowd to the glass monument, which was about to be shattered into tiny pieces.
At the moment when it did happen, when the glass cracked so hard that all the water began to flow, like a waterfall, I tried to grab Sennhandd's hand.
There was too much water and soon, I just fell to the ground. Millions of shards of glass flew in my direction.
Somewhere voices of patrol soldiers and a siren were heard. A siren was too loud, after which everything became quiet.
But without noticing it myself, it turns out that all this time I was holding Sennhandd's hand. And when the water just drained out, he fell on me. I didn't know whether he was alive or not. But when I felt his body rise and fall, I realized that he was breathing.

"Okinizeus, let's go," Theron said, and with ease lifted up Sennhandd, he ran towards the car. I followed him. But something made me look back.
Something or someone.
I just looked back and I saw Moonlight.
Yes, he was standing close to me. And it was him.
Only he was in the uniform of a patrol soldier.
"Moonlight," I whispered, but when Theron dragged me into the car, I lost sight of him.
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