All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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"Do you know him?" Theron asked when I got into the car.
My heart stopped pounding.
"Who was that?"
"It can't be."
"What? What are you talking about?"

"He's alive, isn't he? Theron, maybe you need to wake him up?"
“I don’t think he will wake up so easily. I don’t know what was done to him. But it seems he will sleep for a long time.”
"Are you okay?"
How bad I felt at that moment. How I wished it weren't true.
Why is there so much pain in this world?
"It was Moonlight, wasn't it?" Luca asked.
I couldn't speak.
"Leave him alone. Just take off already."
What was it? That was the only question at the time.
"Is that him? Your Moonlight?" Theron asked in a whisper.
"Yes. It was him."
"What are we doing anyway?"
"Oki, are you all right? You don't look good."
"Tell me what you want to do? What is this anyway?"

"Calm down! No need to panic. We have a plan."
Sennhandd, almost dead, lay next to me, and water was still dripping from him. I looked at him and saw the injection marks on his skin. Many marks and small wounds.
“My dad just inspires everyone with his thoughts. He wants to seem like a great man. So he destroyed Sennhandd and others. He just wants to be the only one in this world,” Luca said, stopping the car.
"Where are we?"
“Oki, you have to calm down. No need to be afraid. Although, no, we're all scared. But that's okay. Just trust us,” Cryolalia said, still holding the sword in her hand.
"It doesn't make sense. You're just wasting your time."
“If you don’t like something, then just leave. We don’t hold you,” Luca said to me.
There were so many thoughts in my head. And yes, it's incredibly good when you have the freedom to think about what you want and how you want. It turns out that thinking is the same as breathing. But some people just breathe all their lives.
"Let's talk later. Sennhandd needs some rest. Maybe he'll wake up soon."

When we approached the stone house, which looked like a house from ancient times, I suddenly remembered the house that Higgdalf once showed me.
"What kind of place is it?" I asked, feeling that Sennhandd began to breathe faster.
“It's just another dimension. There are not many people here,” Luca said and took the key from his pocket.
The same smell of flowers and rain, the same asphalt similar to the shell of a turtle, yes, this was the place where I once wandered and dreamed of the past.
"Enter the house carefully."
Putting the scientist on the carpet, I covered him with my jacket, which was covered in blood.
The house had only a fireplace and nothing else.
The flame of fire quickly made everything visible and soon, we all sat around Sennhandd and just watched the fire burn.
We all had fright on our faces.
"My dad, he's just a terrible person. He has one plan and wants to be a great person. I heard him talk to Lain. They're always together. They have a common plan. But there are others. They are all in the community. Three and Seven. I've never seen anyone else. But I know it's not just Lain and my father here. But everything is done as Lain says," Luca said and covered his eyes with his hands. He looked very tired. There was only pain in the voice. And he continued, "The government killed all the scientists. They told everyone that Sennhandd is a bad person. And you know what's worst? Lain has samples of one virus in the laboratory. This virus can cause people to start aging and die again."
"What? But it's impossible! Sennhandd said that a person now has the strongest immunity, which can never get weaker."
"Listen to me. Now that they have this virus, they are going to want to release it. Lain and my father, this is their main plan. They will make everyone mortal."
"But why do they need it?"
"Do you not understand yet? Of course, in order to control all of humanity. They always wanted this. Well Sennhandd was always on their way. All scientists were a hindrance to them. Now, in this world there is not a single scientist left. Nobody has a clue what is science. Nobody knows how the simplest robot works and where the Earth is and that the Sun is actually a star. Yes, nobody knows anything. Knowledge, it just died. Yes, it's true. Don't look at me like that. You don't believe me? Well, then soon, when everyone starts to die, you will remember my words."
“I believe you. Of course I do,” Cryolalia said. "But what should we do? After all, someone has to stop them."

"We speak like children. Do you really believe you can go against the whole world?"
"Okinizeus, I think you should leave."
"I will leave. But I advise you to leave too. All this will not lead to anything good."
It didn't matter to me.
And I was so tired that I just wanted to start living like everyone else.
"But then why did you save Sennhendd? Why did you bring him with you?"
"Guys, I will fight. Well, or at least I will try. We have Luca and he has a plan. Luca, tell him. Maybe then he'll believe."
"I need to prove everything to him? Who is he? If he doesn't believe, then let him stay aside."
"I know that he is not that kind of person. I know that you are still that Okinizeus who lives by his own rules and who still remembers how to love and appreciate this life. I know that. So, just listen," Cryolalia said. "Luca is Kazimir's son. And he has a key that opens the safe where this virus is stored. Oki, this is all serious. Wake up. Look at him. This world was too unfair to Sennhandd. What about Albert? I know everything about you. And your mom, she's in danger too."

"I don't even know where she is."
"Maybe you will soon find out. You need hope. Okinizeus, we need you. You are the only one who has not forgotten what life is."
"We have no right to keep him against his will."
"Luca, it's okay."
While we were trying to speak as quietly as possible, Sennhandd began to wake up. Noticing this, I rushed in his direction.
"He opened his eyes."
"Get some water."
It was too cold in the house. From this, we all soon began to tremble and I could no longer feel my fingers.
“It is too cold here,” I said, and lifting Sennhandd with ease, walked over to the fireplace.
Although the fire burned, none of us could feel the heat.
"Sennhandd can you hear me? It's me, Okinizeus."
For the first time in so long, he opened his eyes. And when he began to breathe more vividly, it became so easy for me that, like, a new hope came into my life.
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