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His look was incomprehensible. I couldn't tell if he was scared or just tired. He looked like he didn't see anything. Putting his hands around the blanket, he opened his mouth and made a soft sound like a cough.
"Where is the water?! Why is it taking so long? Is there really no water on this planet anymore?"
As soon as I raised my voice, Sennhandd closed his ears and began to scream. This scream was unexpected and too frightening. So, as if it hurt him.
"What has he been through?"
"Cryolalia, please bring some warm water. And maybe something to eat."
Covering his head with his hands, he bent down on the floor and continued to scream until a cough caught his breath.
"Where are you all? Somebody bring the water!" I shouted and immediately heard a soft knock on the door.
Anger awoke in me. And Moonlight still stood before my eyes with a guilty expression on his face.
I imagined that he was behind this door and he came for me, for all of us. This thought made me run towards the door faster than Theron.

But no, under the dark sky and icy air there were two people in long raincoats.
"Oki, it's okay. This is Venice," Cryolalia said.
"We haven't seen each other for a long time. I am very glad that everything is all right with you."
All my attention was on the other person who was standing behind her.
"Is that the Wizard?" I asked, sensing the presence of this creature.
"Yes. He is my Wizard."
Taking off his cloak, the young, almost just created Wizard looked at me as if he saw a monster in front of him. Big brown eyes looked at me from under the bangs that covered almost half of his face.
"Make my wish come true," I said and thereby surprised him. "What? Can't you?"
“Justice is not a slave,” Venice said and took his hand.
"I just need a glass of water!"
"Okinizeus, your screams don't make it any easier!"
Returning to Sennhandd, who was lying face down, I felt that he had a high fever. "Please, he needs water. Maybe he'll get better. Just one wish."

"It's not difficult for me," the quiet answer was heard.
In the blink of an eye, Justice fulfilled my wish and handing me a glass of warm water, quietly said, "If you need something else, I am ready to help."
Seeing the water, Sennhandd snatched the glass from my hand and began to drink it greedily. Several times, he even choked.
I was right, when he finished his water, his eyes became more alive. But he wasn’t going to talk.
Looking at the fire, he just froze and did not even blink.
“I think he needs to be left alone. He has been in that aquarium for too long. I think now, he will get used to this world again. He just needs time,” Venice said and tapped me on the back.
I knew that I had no right to be angry with all these people. Because the only person I can be angry with is myself.
"Dinner is ready. I think we need strength. Well, it won't hurt us to keep warm. Venice, would you mind letting your Wizard make some hot food for us? It's so cold in here," Luca said, pointing to a small round table in the corner.
“I want to help them,” Justice said in a low voice.

And then the aroma of hot dishes filled the whole room. Feeling hungry, I left Sennhandd and sat down at the table.
How long have I not eaten anything delicious. But I didn't have time to enjoy the food. And I just started eating what just appeared out of nowhere.
We all ate in silence and no one raised their heads until there was nothing left in the beautiful plates.
But Justice created some more dishes that included different salads and hot lentil soup.
Putting my bowl of soup and carrot salad on the tray, I walked over to Sennhandd, who continued to stare at the fire.
"You need to eat. Here you go."
It seemed to me that his muscles were too weak to hold a spoon. How hard it was to see him in such a depressed state.
And the worst thing was that he seemed much older than before.
"You need to gain strength. I know you can hear me. Sennhandd, look at me."
His gaze was blank. I have never seen such emptiness in my life.
"What have they done to you?"

I realized that now there was just a ghost by my side.
He didn’t want to eat, to understand, this man didn’t want anything else.
But this was not just a man. After all, this is the one who created immortality, who conquered death. So why is everything so unfair? Why does everyone like him always become ghosts?
I could not understand this, just as I could not understand this look, which was talking about something.
Putting a tray in front of him, I sat down next to him and could hear the others talking about their plan.
"You know, Kazimir and Lain want to return death to this world. They got the formula from somewhere that can make everyone mortal. I don't know how, but they were able to take over the whole world. And now, we have a new government. Humanity is in hands of those who can control the destinies of millions of people. Of course, we have a plan. More precisely, Luca says so. But look at us. We are few and we do not know anything. But I still want your name to always be synonymous with the word great. I do not want this world to drown in the desires of several selfish people. Although, perhaps, humanity is also to blame. All these people after all allowed to be ruled. They forgot you, all benefactors. And instead of rejoicing for eternity, they chose the way of bullying themselves and those who are weaker. They themselves are to blame for the fact that everything turned out this way. I wonder what Tesla would say if he saw all of us now? And really everything will end this way? Really, humanity will never be able to be free enough to live peacefully?"
I knew that he understood me. I wanted to know and believe it. And so I continued to speak.
"Moonlight became part of Lain's plan. I saw him recently. He was dressed as a patrol soldier. I don't even know how I feel now. How hard it is."
Catching his gaze, which tried to ask me without words, I brought the spoon of soup to his lips and this time, he did not push my hand away.
"I will save you. You will be all right. This world cannot destroy you. Not you."
“Okinizeus,” he suddenly said my name. But he succeeded with difficulty and soon, he began to cough again.
"Yes. It's me."
Taking his hand, I felt tears on my cheeks.
"It's me."
"Okinizeus," he repeated my name and now a little surprised. As if he was surprised that he could say something.
"You better eat all this soup. You need strength," I said.

Slowly, but more confidently, he began to eat. Life returned to his heart and to mine too.
"I love Moonlight. You know? I still love this creature. And I guess I don't care that he became part of the community Three and Seven. I don't care. The main thing is that I saw him. Sennhandd, why did you create the Wizards? Although, without him, I cannot imagine myself."
I think at that moment, everyone heard my words. But I didn't care.
"I'll do anything to stop Lain. I'll do it for him. And for you."
“Okinizeus, I think you need to hear about our plan,” Luca said.
"I trust you. Let's just stop this."
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