Astro Girl

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She ran into the woods. She wanted to get away from everything, from everyone. Suddenly, she saw a light falling from the sky. Hold up! Lights don't fall! She walked slowly towards it. "What the hell?" She said once she saw this weird looking rock that had a strange purple glow coming out of its holes. "No! No!" She said to herself. She didn't want to end up like Ben 10 or Susan from Monsters vs Aliens. She back up from the rock. She was about to sprint home when she heard the growling. 'Maybe the forest wasn't the best option' she thought. As the growling grew louder and closer, she walked backwards. All she remembered next was stumbling and colliding with the space rock. ********************** Nabila Heights, a young girl who is tired of her foster family had only one goal: graduate highschool and run off to college. An argument that forces Nabila into the woods changed her life forever. She tried to dismiss the voices in her head, the ceiling kisses, her absence in class and the burn in her eyes but she couldn't. Nabila later realizes that everything that happens in life has a purpose and maybe just maybe, her life would only have meaning if some alien lifeforms intervened.

Scifi / Drama
Jojo Quinn
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My name is Nabila Heights...

I was ten years old when my parents were taken away from me or more like I was taken away from them.

My Mom had a severe bipolar disorder and because of that she killed my father. She was arrested and locked up in a mad house. I had to find a new home to live in.

I spent my life moving from foster home to foster home. Why? Because each home had a problem that forced me out.

I thought I had found the perfect family with the Gribsleys but I was wrong again. I made up my mind to forget about happiness in my life and just go with the flow. I had to deal with an alcoholic foster father and an overly religious foster mother. How did this two even meet?

Their kids were terrible but my worst was their first son who was nothing but a pervert. Like seriously, I'm your foster sister?

We got into a big fight. I ran out without my phone or flashlight and somehow I ended up in the woods. Let's not go into the details of how I embarrassingly fell into my new life.

Weeks after the incident, I discovered that there was a whole world out there. A world where people needed hope and for someone like me who had one of the worst upbringing, I never thought I could be hope.

With the help of a not so relative uncle and some friends with really impressive IQs, I changed. I became hope. I became faith. I became life. I became love. I became a half alien.

I became...Astro Girl!
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