Tethered Twins

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Chapter Forty One

Tobias Zen

Tobias knew it was time. He had waited for this day for years and now he could lay his past to rest whilst taking control of his future.

He stared at the glow of his computer screen. Fifty seven documents were open. They connected Mr King to the Separationists and proved he had funded their experiments. It was enough to destroy him and Tobias was ready to push the button.

Tobias checked everything was in place. He had bank records and private emails. It would be plenty. He zipped up the files and added them to an email which was sent out to every major news journalist in the world. It was 6:00AM and the sun rose on what Tobias knew would be a new world.

Mr King had known this day would come. Not just since his meeting with Tobias five months prior but even since the 20 Day Siege. He had done his best to hide the truth but Tobias had too much information on him. As he stepped into the office he wondered if today would be his last day as a free man.

Mr King looked out of his top floor window at the TethTech building. “I gave you everything,” he said.

“I’m sorry sir but there are men downstairs to see you,” one of his guards stood in the doorway to his office.

“Tell them to wait.”

“I don’t think that will be possible. There are journalists, police and the Board of Directors.”

Mr King froze at the last part. It was the Board of Directors he feared the most. If they were here with the police then they must know the truth. He opened up a search engine and typed in his name. As he saw the top results he knew that it was over.

“Glenn King Funded The Biggest Terrorist Attack In History,” read the top story.

He would be lucky to make it out of the building alive. An angry mob circled around the base of his tower. His staff were evacuated through the back exit and were allowed to leave after checks had been made to ensure Mr King was not amongst them.

There was no escape. “Send them up,” said Mr King, as he prepared to face his fate. All he wanted was another week of freedom. Another day of denial. But that wasn’t to be.

Tobias read the news stories with glee. He received an alert on his monitor every time a news story was posted with Mr King’s name and he read every one of them with a big grin.

Mr King had been removed from his position of power and the company had been shut down for the day whilst the board appointed a new leader. The plan had gone perfectly and Tobias was ready to make his next move.

He sat down in a large leather seat and placed a headset on. Two clamps moved in around his chest and he closed his eyes. When he opened them two orange pools had formed in his eyes and he was now truly ready for change.


Emmie Keyes

The alarm rang out through The Deck’s hideout.

“It’s the sound. We have the sound,” said Jill running from room to room and waking each of us up.

“What?” I asked.

“The frequency we found on the DualCam. It’s been detected and we’re running a trace on the location now.”

If she had found the signal then that meant that another Siege could be about to happen. Only this time it was an entirely new sound wave. Its effects were not known and that worried us even more.

“Ok everyone,” said Gabe “It’s time to do what we prepared you for. Grace is the Skin 2.0 ready for our disguises?”

Grace nodded as Jill dashed back to the computer panel. “Ok. Let’s see where you are you sneaky sound.”

She rapidly tapped a pencil against the desk as she watched the computer zoom in. When the location was revealed she dropped the pencil to the floor and raised a hand to her mouth.

“Grace!” she shouted. “Turn off the Skin 2.0.”

“But don’t we need disguises?” I asked.

“No,” replied Jill. “It’s located in a place no-one sane would ever go.”

“You mean?” asked Gabe.

“Yep. London.”

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