Tethered Twins

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Chapter Forty Six

Grace Wilkerson

As Grace rode her motorbike towards the town of Smyth West she tried to think of places Emmie would go. She checked her home, the police station where Emmie had trained and some of her favourite shops. There were no clues.

In desperation she knocked on the door to Rex and Rufus’ home in the hope they might know something. No-one answered. She tried both of their places of work and didn’t find them there either.

It was as if Rex, Rufus and Emmie had disappeared. As she was about to give up her phone rang.

“Grace?” asked Jill.

“Yes it’s me,” she replied.

“We’ve managed to hack into Emmie’s phone and we’ve found something that might help. The last message she sent was ’Hide and Seek?’ Does that mean anything to you?”

“It does,” replied Grace, knowing that there were only three other people who would know what the message meant. The same three people who were missing. She jumped on her bike and rode towards the abandoned army base hoping she would make it in time.

She reached the base and saw Emmie’s bike waiting outside with another bike next to it. I’m not too late, she though.

Dashing inside the large concrete structure she saw that the lights had been disabled and that the room was pitch black. Grace called out to Emmie, Rex, and Rufus but heard no reply. She removed her phone and turned on its torch. Grace dashed through the stone corridors looking for Emmie and hoped she wouldn’t find a body.

She looked down every pathway and saw a glowing control panel in the middle of the base. In all her years of coming here she had never seen the panel activated before. On the screen glowed a view from outside of the base. Someone had activated a camera.

Grace pressed redial. “Jill?”

“There’s no one here. I’ve found a control panel with recorded footage. Any chance you can hack it from there?” asked Grace.

“Sure can!” Jill replied, eager for the opportunity. “Get back to the base and I should have the footage by the time you get here.”


Emmie Keyes

The motorway drive felt like it took forever. As we passed other cars I hoped they would see me and help but they were oblivious. The orange eyed men now wore sunglasses to hide their true allegiance. For anyone looking in, we were just another car on the road.

I tried to break free but their arms were so strong. R&R were not muscular but it was like they had an extra force giving them more power. Wherever we were going I wouldn’t be able to escape.

On the horizon I saw an unmistakable sight. Large metallic pillars loomed ahead of us. Their orange circular tops and the humming sound that grew ever louder as we drove forwards could only mean one thing. We were going to London.


Grace Wilkerson

Grace arrived back at The Deck’s base and dashed inside. “Do you have anything?” she shouted to Jill.

“Oh yes,” she replied. “Emmie was escorted into a car and then driven away. I’m passing you the footage.”

Grace looked at the screen and saw the recognisable figures of Rex and Rufus. Yet something wasn’t right. She saw their eyes had an orange glow. “No! But how?”

“We don’t know. It looks like the TethTech demonstration from earlier but that’s impossible. Tobias said it can allow one twin to control the other but someone else is clearly controlling them. There are more of them too,” Jill rewound the footage to show the dark blue saloon car driving up. Grace saw another two orange eyed men in the front of the car.

“There’s four of them then!?”

“That we know of. It’s hard to tell just how strong the technology is. Being able to control four twins is unheard of. There’s nothing like that in the documents March provided us with.”

“That’s because Tobias didn’t want us to know,” replied March. “Everything we were building was just a piece in something larger. Only he knew how they fitted together.”

“Can’t you guess? You’ve seen all the files,” asked Grace.

“I have tried but Tobias has been working with Tethers for over twenty years and planning this for a long time. He’s got far more experience than I have. I’m sorry.”

“Just tell me we can stop him?”

“It’s possible. The blue light we used on the crowd at Tobias’ press conference forces a Tether event to occur, that’s why it stopped them from moving. It’s possible we could recalibrate the light to disrupt a Tether event instead.”


“If we could find where Tobias has his base and then apply a large quantity of the light it could be enough to break whatever machine he has built. But we don’t know where he is.”

“Actually we do,” Jill pointed to a screen that showed Emmie getting out of a car. “I tracked the car on hundreds of other cameras and it’s just stopped here. This camera is recording fifteen miles away from the general area of the sound wave we intercepted earlier. It’s too close to not be a connection. If we find the sound wave then we’ll find Tobias.”

“And Emmie,” interrupted Grace.

“And Emmie,” confirmed March. I’ll contact Gabe and we’ll get a team together.

“What about the blue light, won’t it take weeks to build what we need?”

“It won’t be an issue. We still have the light box from the helicopter. Jill and I have been modifying it for weeks. It should be perfect. If it isn’t then I’ll fix it when we’re there. We don’t have time to lose.”

Grace hoped it was enough. If the light didn’t work then she’d find a way to kill Tobias herself.

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