Tethered Twins

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Chapter Fifty Two

Grace Wilkerson

“We’re approaching the Houses of Parliament,” said Grace to Jill.

“Perfect,” she replied.

“Have you detected any more sound waves?”

“Nothing yet. Hopefully the next one will help us determine the source. Then we should be able to stop everything. The main sound wave is still going strong but doesn’t seem to be causing any deaths at the moment. It’s as if the goal is something else.”

“Any idea?”

“Control?” pondered Jill. “Whoever did this loves being in control. The sound wave is designed to take over people’s bodies. As for their end goal, I have no idea.”

“That makes two of us,” said Grace. She hung up.

Jill looked at the phone. “One day she’ll end a phone call by saying Goodbye to me.”

The Houses of Parliament entrance loomed up ahead. The Deck walked past hundreds of people hoping that they wouldn’t change. Knowing that someone could attack them at a moment’s notice.

Gabe kicked open the door and pointed his gun inside. “Everyone switch to non-lethal weaponry,” he motioned for them to follow him.

Grace walked behind Gabe covering him with her gun. The team moved as a single unit, breaching each room and checking the corners for people.

When they reached the large chamber that housed the sick they swept their guns around them. The blue light did nothing. Everyone here was human or at least as human as they could be. “This is horrible,” said Grace. “We can’t let this happen again.”

“We won’t,” replied Gabe.

Tobias watched them through a monitor. “How long will you chase me?” he said. “Time for me to chase back.”

The servers around Tobias flickered on and orange lights activated one by one. His body struggled as he attempted to control so many people at once. Fifty separate voices filled his head and he started to shake uncontrollably.

He thrashed his arms around and another man appeared from the shadows to hold him down. “You can’t do this without her. You have to stop,” said the man.

“Just lower the frequency!” shouted Tobias and the man obliged.

Tobias started to control his breathing again and twenty of the lights went out. “It’ll still be enough,” said Tobias. He still had the power of thirty people and that would allow him to test his new found power.

“Look!” shouted Grace as she saw the eyes of the crowd flicker to a dark orange. One by one they saw all fifty people get taken over and then saw lights flicker off and on as Tobias wrestled to control them all.

“What’s happening?” asked March. “This shouldn’t be possible. No one could sustain this many Tethers. It’s impossible.”

“I don’t care what is possible,” shouted Gabe. “Just aim your weapons.”

The ten members of The Deck did their best to cover the thirty opponents they now faced. With each person they covered with blue light another one would be left exposed and free to attack.

“We can’t cover them all!” shouted one of the team.

“Then run!” said Gabe. They dashed towards the door at the far end of the corridor but one of the orange eyed men jumped down and knocked Gabe to the floor. Another five people climbed over the railings and stood in-between The Deck and the door.

The remaining orange eyed people circled around them blocking both the entrance and exit.

“We have to shoot!” said Chris.

“No,” said Gabe. “These are innocent people.”

“They’re already dying!”

“None of this is their fault. Stand down!”

Chris switched his gun back to its blue light.

Without warning an orange eyed man jumped at Gabe kicking him to the floor. They stood over him and reached for his face. Grace kicked them off him and they landed on a wooden table. “Back off!” she shouted.

One of the team looked back to see what was happening and moved his gun away. This released an orange eyed woman from the blue light who used the opportunity to dive at him. She grabbed the solider by the throat lifting him up into the air. It was far beyond her normal strength.

“That’s impossible!” shouted Grace. She shone her light onto the orange eyed woman leaving her standing in her current position. Two of The Deck released the grip she had and set their friend free.

No sooner had their friend dropped to the floor than another two orange eyed people made their move. They ran towards Gabe with their arms outstretched. Gabe punched one of them, knocking them to the floor. Grace punched the other.

As they fell down two more people emerged. They trampled on their fallen friends like they were nothing. There was no loyalty amongst them.

Grace tried to fight them off. She elbowed one of them in the face and dropped to the floor so she could kick another one of them over. It worked but it left her exposed. A third man grabbed her and pulled her over. Gabe tried to save her but he was attacked by an orange eyed woman who kicked the back of his legs sending him downwards.

The remaining orange eyed people rushed in all at once. Their attack was perfectly coordinated with military like precision. They focused on the team members who were shining blue light. As soon as one of them got hit with the light and was stunned, another one of them would attack the soldier and bat his gun away.

“Forget this!” said one of The Deck’s soldiers. He switched his gun to bullets, seeing no other option. “I’m sorry boss,” Before he could even fire an orange eyed man snapped his neck.

Grace kicked her legs frantically trying to get rid of her attacker. He sat on her chest and held her arms down. She couldn’t save herself.

Gabe could only watch Grace get attacked as he was dragged along the floor by his attacker.

Grace tried to raise her arm but it was smashed to the floor by her attacker. She lifted her head to look for help but every one of The Deck had their own battles.

Suddenly the attacker on top of Grace was kicked to the floor. “Who?” asked Grace. She saw the face of the man who had saved her. It was no one she had ever seen before but his eyes were a pure blue.

Gabe felt his legs fall to the floor. He was no longer being dragged along. He too turned around to see he had been saved by a different unknown man.

He looked around and saw many people attacking the orange eyed men. The stalls were no longer full. Every single sick man and woman was helping The Deck and fighting to stop their friends.

“This isn’t you James,” said one of the men to his orange eyed friend.

“Why are you doing this?” Asked a woman to her identical twin, whilst she pinned her down.

Grace was taken aback by such a heart-warming display of friendship and family. It was a reminder to her of exactly what they were fighting for; the ‘have-nots’ who refused to give up on life.

The Deck joined in and started to pin the orange eyed people to the floor. It wasn’t an easy fight but the extra numbers helped.

“You go on,” shouted Chris to Gabe.

“You got this?” asked Gabe.

“Yeah. You need to save Emmie.”

Gabe and Grace ran out of the large chamber.

“Jill? Do you know where we can find Emmie?” asked Grace over the phone.

“Yes. There’s a small trace of the audio signal coming from underground at your current location. It could be Emmie or it could be someone else. Either way you need to find a way down,” said Jill.

Grace hung up the phone and they soon found a spiral staircase that led down underneath the Houses of Parliament. As they ran down the last step they were both knocked to the floor by two unknown attackers.

“What do we have here?” said Vlad, his orange eyes pulsing stronger than ever.

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