Tethered Twins

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Chapter Sixty Six

Emmie’s Father

“Does she know why she survived?” asked Emmie’s father.

“No,” replied March, “and we have to keep it that way.”

“So she has no idea that you didn’t remove the core that was inserted into her in Birmingham?”

“That’s right,” replied March. “and she doesn’t suspect that we were the ones who implanted it into her originally.”

“That really was a fantastic Tobias disguise,” replied Emmie’s father. “Well make sure she stays that way. The core saved her life today but I pray she never finds out the true purpose behind it.”

“She trusts me,” replied March. “I’ll make sure she never finds out.”

“Excellent. Now go cure Gabe. We’ll need him going forward.”

“Ok boss.”


Emmie Keyes

We watched Tobias for the next three hours but his vitals showed no sign of improving. He was alive but only just. March said it was probably a coma bought on by the pressure of controlling all those people but I had a different theory.

In my last moments in Tobias’ mind I felt connected to him in the same way I had felt in control of the other orange eyed people. So when I was awoken it felt like a part of me still had that control; that I was the one who was not allowing him to wake up again.

If that was the case I had no intention of ever allowing Tobias to hurt anyone and I vowed to never use the technology again, even if it could be used for good. If there was a small chance some of Tobias lived on inside of me then I couldn’t risk the chance of setting him free and allowing him back into his body.

If Tobias was trapped in my brain then he’d be staying there for a very long time.

Jill removed the virus that Tobias had been using to communicate with the world and March dismantled the technology Tobias had been using in the Olympic Park. We removed all traces of the technology that we could, to try and prevent this ever happening again.

The Deck took Tobias’ body back to their base for safe keeping. I made them promise not to experiment on him. He had been through enough. My father agreed and said that his days of experimenting on Tobias or anyone were long over.

On the nights that followed my father opened up to me about what had happened twenty one years ago. About the guilt he felt for hurting Tobias and the blame he placed on himself for my mother’s death. He had done a truly horrible thing in the past, there was no doubt but he had put things right today and I hoped that would ease his conscience. He was a good man and I was prepared to try and trust him again, he was all the family I had left.

March had also earned my trust. He had saved me so many times and I was thankful he had operated on me all those months ago. I dreaded to think what would have happen if he hadn’t removed Tobias’ device. The love I felt for him had only grown stronger and I longed to be with him again when I recovered. March suggested I rest for at least a month to help my brain recover from the ‘mental trauma’ as he put it, so I decided to obey Doctors orders for once but only as they came from him.

It was Rex and Rufus I felt the biggest debt to. They hadn’t deserved a part in any of this. Everyone else had joined The Deck in order to fight but they were innocent. After we’d moved Tobias to The Deck I returned home with R&R and Grace who promised to help me recover. We spent the next few weeks catching up and laughing more than we had done for years.

Life slowly began to return to normal. Well as normal as things could be in our world of haves and have-nots.

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