Tethered Twins

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Chapter Sixty Seven

Emmie Keyes

I felt everything.

I awoke with a jolt and could feel beads of sweat all over me. I ran to the bathroom and tried to cool down but felt a hard thud at the back of my head. It was followed by a sharp pain in my stomach that caused me to gag over the sink.

My body felt cold and I started to shiver. It was a cold that started in my stomach and spread over me quickly. I’d never had a fever like it and I let out a blood curdling scream from the sudden pain.

When the cold reached my head I could feel pressure building in my brain and I passed out, hitting my head on the sink as I went down.


Emmie Keyes

“Emmie? Emmie?” a voice came from outside my door. “Are you ok?” It grew louder.

“I’m … ok…” I said weakly.

I slowly stood up and put on a dressing gown. I opened the door and saw Rex.

“Oh my God. What happened to you?” he asked. “You’re bleeding.”

He walked me to my living room and sat me down. “I’ll get you a bandage.”

As Rex walked away I felt dizzy and could feel the room spinning. Suddenly there was a flash of light that darted across my eyes. When the light had gone my vision had changed.

My apartment was gone, replaced by a brightly lit room covered in white padding. It felt familiar and as I tried to think back to where I had seen it I could feel a sharp pain in my head.

I tried to look around for more clues but couldn’t move. Whose body is this? I wondered.

My eyes began to adjust to the light and I could see the padding on the walls much clearer now. I had seen this place before. It was identical to the room where Tobias had been tortured.

As I tried to understand the body I was trapped in and who was being subjected to such torture a door in front of the room opened and a tall man entered.

It was a man covered in facial scars with a large deep cut across his neck. A man I had never wanted to see again. A man called Vlad.

Vlad entered the room with a knife in each hand, which he scraped across each other, sparks flying outwards. He took one look at the body I was trapped in and said four words that changed everything.

“Are you ready Will?”

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