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Chapter Two


"That's the third prospect this month? Beast really? I kind of need my prospects to survive going out on a detail with you or we're gonna run out of people" Jackson looked down the table at me exasperated, I just shrugged remaining to stay silent.

Thankfully since Wolf had retired she was always around to back me up in meetings, especially after I may have accidently killed someone who definitely had it coming. "He had it coming" I muttered cracking my knuckles. What a waste of my time.

"Beast please let me handle this. Jackson, while I do of course understand your end of the argument you must understand that we are only wired one way. Beast protective instincts are through the roof and-"

"-So Kassi was in danger when you killed this prospect?" Jackson stared at me and I gulped "No not exactly but-"

"So you killed one of my prospects again because he said something to upset you?"

All eyes were on me as they waited for my answer, I squared my jaw staring directly at Jackson "Yes and I'd do it again. I didn't appreciate how he was talking about her" I shifted in my seat "No man should talk about a woman that way"

Wolf patted my shoulder gently "Jackson Beast is sorry for what he did but like I said we are wired differently and the main thing is Kassi made it home in one piece safe and sound"

Jackson rubbed his temples letting out a sharp scoff "I wish I could say the same for my prospect Isabella he has a family. A family! He was a kid! and now we have to pay for a funeral for him and explain to his family how he ended up dead after being in my club a week. A week Isabella. A FUCKING WEEK!"

Everyone was on their feet now, Jackson looked like he was about to explode "If that brute doesn't stop killing my men because it suits him then he cannot stay here. We are not that kind of club anymore. We have enough blood on our hands because of you- you people. After we wiped out that last club I swore no more death. Three fucking Prospects"

Jackson sank back down into his chair rubbing his face harshly "This is your last chance Matt, one more person dead without orders and you're out. I mean it" I nodded silently and turned to exit the room, being careful not to rip the door off of the hinges.

That brute

I've been called many things in my life but brute wasn't one of them, does my Kassi think I'm a brute? Is that why she hardly speaks to me? Do I scare her?

Of course you do, You're a monster.

Don't ever forget that.


I stomped through the clubhouse, marching past Kassi who sat at the bar. I felt her eyes follow me as I stormed out, slamming the door behind me it rattled in the frame. Fuck I hate this, life was so much more simple when I didn't care what others thought of me. When I was alone.

"Hey Beast! Hey stop!" Wolf called behind me but I ignored her heading straight for the gym that the club had built on site. When we arrived we told them we needed a gym to keep our fitness up or our reflexes would lack. Wolf would be in here a lot since she had to retire a couple of years ago after she went on her murdering spree. Yet they all forgave her for that no questions asked, shit they wiped out an entire fucking club for her because she was looking for her long lost sister.

Yet I accidently kill a couple of puny prospects and all of a sudden I'm the devil incarnate and no longer welcome at the club. Pussy's didn't deserve to draw a breath anyways. Uncle made us to be the superior species and so we will be, until the end of time. As will any children we bare, we are superior in everyway and if you can't handle it or keep up that's not my problem.

I hung a punch bag up and danced around it as I delivered blow after blow. Stupid fucking humans. Think they can control me and talk to me like I'm shit. Uncle would be disgusted if he knew we had turned into lackies for puny humans. He's probably turning in his grave. The bag started to crack with each punch I landed on it, sand dripping out onto the floor. One last punch sent it to the other side if the gym, without skipping a beat I hung another one and began my dance again.

"Need a partner? Looks like you could do with blowing off some steam" I turned to see Bear standing in the doorway, arms folded, cocky smirk plastered on his face. I grunted at him but made my way to the fighting ring none the less. Perhaps some hand to combat will help me focus my mind more.

"Talk to me big guy. What's going on in that oversized head of yours?" Bear took up position across from me bouncing on the balls of his feet stretching his neck from side to side rolling out his shoulders. "Nothing" I grunted taking up a fighting stance ready for him to make the first move.

I dodged his first couple of punches, landing one of my own to his ribs. He stumbled backwards briefly before regaining his composure quickly "Whoa? Nothing? What's with the brute force?" without thinking I lunged at him, pining him to the mat I got into his face "Never call me a fucking brute again" I spat at him. He tapped my arm, I released him. Standing up, breathing deeply I tried to bury my fury back down again. Bear might be able to take it but I didn't particularly feel like killing him, he was family.

"Ah so it's because of what Jackson said then?" He nodded at my grunt, I stood in front of him hands on my hips breathing deeply.

"You know he didn't mean it like that, they know what we are. it's just an adjustment for us all that's all, and out of the three of us you never had much exposure to the outside world" Bear took a drink of water, I rolled my eyes "Still makes me a brute though doesn't it?"

I walked over to the corner of the ring and sat in the stool "We're not normal Bear. So how can we ever expect to be? Even Wolf struggled with it, shit she's still struggling with it!" Everyone knew Wolf was going crazy since retirement "She baked the other day Bear.... baked!"

He shivered "Yeah I know she made me try it, Girl really needs to stick to killing people because she cannot cook. But look Wolf is different she's a mom now, she's got a new project" I stared at Bear like he was loosing the plot, he shrugged his shoulders at me "look I'm not saying go have a kid, I'm saying find another way to channel all that pent up aggression and energy so that you don't kill all the people in this club that's all"

"Is that all that's bothering you? Or is it the fact that Kassi is dating anyone but you?" He barely blinked as I leapt to my feet and came face to face with him. "I do not have feelings for her" I practically growled at him, he wiped the spit from his cheek before responding "Sure you have me convinced... Not. Look we all know you have a thing for her so why don't you do something about it?

"Because she deserves to be with a human, not a monster. You know what I've done. The enemies I have. We have. She would never last in our world. Maybe Jackson is right, maybe I don't belong here anymore" Bear clapped a hand on my shoulder looking at me intently.

"If that's your decision you know Wolf and I will always support you, but don't feel like you have to make that decision because a human called you a name you didn't like one day. Just refrain from killing anymore prospects and you'll be fine" I nodded in response choosing to stay silent.

We made our way back to the center, a bit of sparring will be good to burn off some of my pent up rage. Maybe Bear is right, maybe I need to find a hobby instead of killing people.

Or maybe I just need to leave, She'll never love a monster like me and since when did I care what someone thought of me?

It's a times like this I wish I could go back to the compound.

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