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Chapter Three


It seems my little incident with the prospect had gotten around the club, so now everyone avoided me for fear they would piss me off and join him in death.

Everyone that is except the prospects wife who screamed at me like she wanted to murder me with her bare hands. Had to give it to her she really held her own, most people who'd learned that their husbands had died because of a punch to the chest from a brute killing machine would've back down and groveled for fear of facing death themselves but she didn't- even threatened to kill me herself.

That made me chuckle she was the size of a small teenager and the width of a toothbrush but I admired her spirit. Probably shouldn't have chuckled directly into her face though, that bitch slap across the cheek stung like hell. It was then that Bear interceded and broke things up... before she really did join her husband in death. He muttered as much to her as he led her from the clubhouse bar.

All eyes were on me as I made my way to the gym once again, seemed I spent my life in here lately. Doing nothing productive, killing no one, just working out and watching Kassi flirt with pompous pricks who only wanted sex.

What the hell had become of my life?

This isn't what I was created to do, this isn't what Uncle wanted for us. We once infiltrated governments and tore them apart piece by piece, shit Wolf even continued killing after she left the compound becoming a hired gun. And now? Now we were just some motorcycle club's bitches to be used whenever and wherever they deemed fit.

"Stupid fucking pricks" I grunted as I punched the bag over and over again "think they can tell me what to do those motherfucking assholes"

The bag creaked under the strain as I unleashed all of my frustrations onto it, I was so lost in my rage that I didn't hear someone come in behind me. Rookie mistake.

"Unkie Eastie?"

The bag shattered across the room as I delivered one final blow before turning around and seeing her. Wolf and Reaper's two year old daughter standing there in her pink princess ballerina dress.

I bent down to scoop her up, she nestled into my arms "Hey Ivy what're you doing out here?" she giggled as I tickled her playfully "Let's get you back to momma"

She shook her head so vigorously I thought she'd give herself whiplash "No I say wiv Unkie"

She looked just like Wolf with her tanned skin and dark hair but she had Reaper's eyes dark grey that can almost see through to your soul.

I sighed heavily "Alright then what do you want to do Ivy? You hungry?" She nodded happily, wrapping her pudgy little arms around my neck as I carried her back to her house.

Heading into Wolf and Reaper's kitchen I set her down in her highchair and wandered about the kitchen. It was clean and modern looking, nothing spectacular really, marble countertops, chrome fittings and light grey cupboards.

They had built their home within walking distance of the clubhouse in case anything happened and they were needed urgently. Ivy watched me silently from her high chair, we weren't sure if she'd be... different like us. Thea didn't want to start doing tests on her until she'd begun to display any symptoms or signs. She said testing too soon would only cause trauma and Ivy would never go near a doctor again so long as she lived. So we just waited, so far she seemed like a normal toddler.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked her again, she was banging her little palms on her highchair "nanas nanas"

Admittedly it took me a while to figure out what she was saying, it was only when she began screaming at the top of her lungs that I frantically began pointing at random fruits in the bowl until I got to the culprit... Bananas

Really hope she learns how to speak soon, I'm not sure how I feel about a two year old making me appear stupid over something as simple as bananas.

I was still grumbling while cutting up her fruit when Wolf and Reaper walked through the front door, closely followed behind by Bolts, Luna and Bear.

Great a real family gathering then.

I put the plastic plate of chopped up banana in front of the now excited toddler and merely grunted a response to the cheery hellos I'd received as they entered.

"Hey baby did you have fun with Unkie?" Wolf tickled Ivy in her high chair as she squealed in excitement, I froze halfway to the sink before spinning around to Wolf's knowing glance.

"You sent Ivy into that gym on purpose didn't you?" I barked at her, the others stood in silence as Wolf and I stared at each other waiting for the other one to crack.

She broke first, rolling her eyes reaching down to unstrap her toddler from her high chair "Don't be so ridiculous Beast how could I possibly have sent her in there on purpose? She's two"

I didn't buy her innocent act for one second "Easy you open the door and nudge her in" I folded my arms across my chest, noticing the others trying to hide their knowing smirks at my realization.

"Oh that, yeah I did that" Wolf shrugged her shoulders, setting Ivy down on the floor who toddled over to me clutching at my leg bouncing on her toes mumbling "Up Unkie Up"

I scowled at Wolf bending down to pick Ivy up "Why?"

She shrugged "you needed a change of scenery and I knew you wouldn't listen to anyone else"

"So you sent in your two year old?"

"I knew you weren't going to hurt her"

"HOW?" my shout had surprised Ivy and she jumped a little in my arms staring at me. My breathing was heavy and ragged staring down Wolf across the countertop.

"Listen here Wolf-"

"There is a child present brother just reminding you" Bear piped up and for a moment my eyes snapped from Wolf to him then back to Wolf.

"What you did was dangerous. I- I could have hurt her"

"I knew that you wouldn't so all in all I think it was rather successful. It got you out of the gym and here with your family" she waved around the room. Bolts and Luna had sat down at the dining table both watching me silently.

I guess she had assumed right, for some strange reason her daughter had taken an odd liking to me and seemed to cling to me whenever I was around. Which admittedly wasn't much but I had done that on purpose.

I prefer being alone. Always alone. That's the way Uncle intended me to be. That's why he made me this way.

"Hey some of the guys are heading to bar for drinks tonight and to break the prospects in. You up for it?" Bolts looked at me eagerly, having me there usually meant he wouldn't get into trouble from Luna or Wolf because he'd have someone to sit with while the other clowns attempted and failed to catch some tail for the night.

I rolled my eyes and handed Ivy over to Bear who held his arms for her "Yeah sure whatever"

I'll just sit in the corner like usual, keeping on eye on everyone making sure no one causes any trouble.

What's the worst that could happen?

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