Our Twist In Time

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Bree Habiger moves into the opulent Greens family, and meets her new stepsister, Sofia. Bree and Sofia figure out a secret about their stepdad- that he is more than just a regular inventor. He invented time travel.

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An Unexpected Moving Day

By noon one day the strangest things started to happen. Well, it started when I woke up this morning. A few hours ago, I woke up to an empty room, and now, out of my window, I saw a moving truck pulling up to the house when we’re not even moving! Both my brother and I were unsure of this, but we didn’t mind at all. Nothing strange or mysterious ever happened at home, and nothing cool and exciting things happen like in my favorite movies and books. It’s always plain boring, but my mom said that the simpler things in life are great.

My younger brother Beau walked into my room, where he noticed everything was gone as well. “Bree, this is getting very strange,” Beau muttered. “Everything that was in my room has disappeared somehow. I see the same thing happened to you.” I took Beau and we walked around the house. Everything was gone, including Mom. “Where’s Mom?” Beau whined. “I love adventure and all, but this is getting scary.”

“We’re going to find her,” I told Beau. “I’ll bet my skateboard we’ll find her.”

“Might just hand it to me now,” Beau responded, folding his hand out to take my skateboard. Beau and I looked out the window. Two people were talking outside. One seemed to look at someone I knew. “Mom!” Beau bellowed. “Bree, Mom’s here!” Beau’s smile turned into a frown. “Now I won’t get your skateboard.”

We ran downstairs and out the door and saw my mom and the person that was probably driving the moving truck. As Mom gave the truck driver some money, Beau dragged Mom away.

“Mom!” Beau exclaimed. “Lots of weird things have been happening today. Do you know what’s been happening? Why is everywhere in the house empty? Why were you just paying a truck driver?”

Mom groaned. “I’m just so busy,” Mom muttered. “Bree, Beau, I understand why you might be curious. So come with me. We’ll sit on our couch. Well, where our couch used to be.” Mom walked to the living room, and Beau and I followed. We sat on the ground, where our family meetings used to be.

“Mom?” I asked. “What happened? Are we moving or something?”

“Actually, yes, Bree,” Mom replied, “we are moving.” Mom pulled out a beautiful silver ring with a little diamond glinting on her finger. “I got engaged a few months ago,” Mom announced. “We both agreed not to tell the children, you guys, and his children until we decided it was time to move in together. We got married two weeks ago, on Saturday, when you went to a sleepover at the Jensen’s.”

“Now it makes sense,” I replied, “when you agreed to that sleepover and told us not to call, or FaceTime, or even ask their parents what you were doing!”

Mom stood up. “So, now we’re going to be moving,” Mom explained, “and that’s the reason the house is empty. Any more questions?”

Beau slowly raised his hand. “Who did you marry?” Beau sang, teasing Mom, which by his facial expressions after saying that, was a bad move.

“I married the person who invented this,” Mom replied, pointing to a video game device that Beau was holding. “And I’m not lying.”

“You married Spencer Greens?” Beau asked. “The famous inventor, Spencer Greens?” Mom nodded as Beau and I held hands and jumped around saying, “We’re related to Spencer Greens! We’re related to Spencer Greens! We’re not lying! We’re related to Spencer Greens!”

“I know it’s exciting and all, but we need to get the last things in the moving truck,” Mom announced, and Beau, Mom, and I left to get the last things we needed in the truck. We worked for about ten minutes, and soon we got everything done.

“And that’s the last of it,” Mom announced. “Good work, kids.”

“Finally,” Beau groaned. “Can we meet Spencer Greens now?”

“Okay,” Mom replied.

I looked back at the tiny house behind us. We were leaving it. The only home I had ever known. “Can we go into the moving truck?” Beau asked. “My video game’s in there.”

“Yeah, and my camera is in there,” I added.

Mom moaned, and I knew that she was deep inside hoping for an electronic-free car ride. “Fine,” Mom groaned. “They’re in your suitcases.”

Beau and I ran inside the truck and began rummaging through the uncountable number of bags, suitcases, furniture, and food.

“Where is my scrapbook?” I asked Beau as he shrugged. “That’s Mom’s suitcase, and that’s yours. Oh! There’s mine!” I grabbed her blue suitcase and threw Beau’s suitcase over to him.

“I found my scrapbook, now where’s my camera?” I asked myself. “ Wait! It’s in my purse!” I went out of the truck and took a picture of the house and wrote, “ Moving out today” on the picture. I stuck it in my scrapbook and slid it into the front seat of my mom’s car, and followed it.

“Found my game!” Beau exclaimed, and got in the car as well.

The moving car took off, so Mom got in the car and started driving. We were leaving our home, and not looking back.

Mom got Beau and me some McDonalds’ on the way to our new home. Mom married a wealthy inventor named Spencer Greens two weeks ago, and now we were going to move in together. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

“Mom?” I asked. “Does Spencer Greens have any children?”

“Yes, Bree, he does,” Mom replied. “He has a daughter named Sofia who’s just about your age.”

“Does he have a boy?” Beau asked.

“He does,” Mom replied. “But he’s currently at college.”

Beau groaned loudly and went back to playing his video game. I also got my scrapbook and started looking at the pictures I took. Even though I want to save the memories I have, I want to have more adventure.

Soon enough, Mom pulled up to a giant marble house with what looked like a giant backyard, with probably lots of floors. Our new home had only one word to describe it- spectacular.

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